Philosophical Application: Being the Elephant, Part 4

“I think, therefor I am” – Descartes

We are back to the root thought, pure Creation – Love.  This is My gift.  It is My gift because I understand it.  It is the wisdom I try to share with everyone I know because You all have this gift and You use it continuously.  You think, You create.  Most are confused by the illusion of time and that is why I have to teach from a fictional perspective.

I chose to be Love and I am blessed with the same creative power – I declared that I should experience a world that knows Peace and  I started with the root thought.  I considered the things in the world that were keeping Us from Truth.  I decided there should be no more money, no more countries, no need to go to school, no need to spend Your entire life working to earn Your right to exist, no laws, no religion, no social classes – only Truth and Freedom.  And this is the world I created, it is waiting for You.

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