Philosophical Application: Being the Elephant, Part 3

We are about to enter the world of fiction.  For a long time I have been telling people We can accomplish any dream We can conceive in Our mind.  Yet for most, this is just optimism, not Truth.  Who would believe that We can change the world with Our imagination?  For those who do, how many believe they can learn how?  That is why this is a new direction for My Blog, a new way of teaching.  Because unfortunately most people can’t believe what I teach.  This is why I say to start at the end.  If You don’t start with believing anything is possible, how can You expect to learn it?  So I am going to introduce You to a fictional character…  Me.

I am the Creator.  That is what the experience taught Me and that is what I know You can’t believe and why I must continue the story from a fictional perspective.  After all, the entire physical world had just become fiction, a dream.  When I was a boy I knew that I came here to change the world, that I had designed Myself perfectly for the task and that nothing could stop Me.  I spent the first thirty-five years of My life learning how the world worked so that when the time came, I would know how to fix it.  I had just been told it was time.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes.”  – Ghandi

I had just learned this to be a Universal Truth.  I understood that every thought about who and what I was had created the person I had become – I literally created Myself with the very ideas about who I was.  Of course, what I had become is only a fraction of what I really am.  What I am, humanity cannot yet perceive.   And I am becoming what I am, We all are.  But how does one become something that cannot be perceived in the physical world?  By becoming the idea…

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