Inspiration for Everyone

Maybe I’m nuts.  Maybe I am crazy.  But if the way this world lives is what the world calls sane…  I’ll take crazy – I’ll embrace it!

This video is for everyone I Love and an intro to My new You-tube channel which I will continue working on.  It will be full of informative videos that support My teachings.  May You all find Your way.

So, I don’t seem to be able to link to the video on My You-Tube channel yet (vonDehnVision), but this is the one I wanted to share.

Peace, Love, Freedom…  MAGIC.  Warlocks of the world, time to wake up – there is a revolution coming!


  1. Sean:

    I don’t think you are crazy in the sense that you can assert non-responsibility for your actions. Since none of your 233 other ‘friends’ care to engage you in discourse here, I’ll see what I can do.

    You have established a pattern of making a claim, “I am Jesus,” followed by retraction or some equivocation. First you are a great teacher, then you have nothing to teach. Did you really perform a ‘miracle’ or maybe that isn’t quite what you meant?

    Did you cause the earthquake in Japan? Did you at least predict it? I can tell you that somewhere, someone feels that he knew the earthquake would happen, someone is sure she made it happen.

    Did you cause or predict the Arab-revolution? Your writings mention Japan and Arabs, but you never mention an intention to create catastrophe or revolution in those contexts. You were predicting Peace.

    Your core claim is that you are Enlightened. While you are undoubtedly seeking enlightenment, you are far from there. Your belief that you have already achieved enlightenment is perhaps your primary obstacle.

    By definition, we share but one Universe. Where you have written ‘Universe’ you mean ‘Experiential Life.’ You are of course experiencing your own life, and this is not as remarkable as you suggest.

    Be careful of those ‘friends’ who stoke your self-esteem by offering you the mantle of Jesus, Gandhi, etc. Don’t believe it. You are simply an ordinary man, and as such you have plenty to offer.

    1. Again, thank You Bud. Bud, You do not have to believe I am enlightened. You do not have to believe I know anything at all. But, I can prove My work and if I am not enlightened, Your physical reality rates Me a genius, top ten percent of the global population. Every time You write Me, it seems We are struggling with comprehension. You don’t understand what I teach, and that’s okay. Maybe You came here to be average, I don’t know, only You do. I came here to change the world, and I am telling You here that I already have. You want to see miracles? Keep paying attention because it is only Your perception that prevents You from seeing what is happening in the world and I am here to help change that. Yes, I perform miracles. That is not necessarily for anyone who reads this to believe, but those who know Me, who experience living with Me for a time, they know I perform miracles and they don’t think it’s strange. And if You were to ask anyone I teach, they would tell You that I am always trying to show them that they are the ones creating the miracle by believing they can exist. But, if You came to Me and asked Me to perform a miracle, You would be disappointed because I reflect Truth and Your doubts are stronger than Your faith.
      As for saying I’m Jesus, then retracting it… Again, You have misunderstood the whole message. I was hoping to convey that the experience itself gives one the sense of Jesus, if a person had heard of Him. It would just as easily have been the Buddha, Mohammed, Shiva, Ganesh or any other man who lives for the Universal intention that You will know Love – just depends on Your life experiences prior to awakening. In fact, You can’t ever not know Love, You have only forgotten Love.
      Did I ask for the earthquake in Japan? Yes and no. I already told You the Universe is conspiring to ensure My dream is a success, I cannot fail. But this meant asking for change, big change… And, frankly, I’m a little impatient. So this was declared almost three years ago by Me and by many others that I’m sure awakened long before Me. My own awakening is the result of someone’s consciousness asking Me to wake up, telling Me it is time. I feel a very, very deep sense of compassion for the People of Japan and yes, Bud, I did know. In fact, You may notice this new section of My Blog started at the same time. Because I didn’t write the People in Japan that I know, I didn’t warn them. When I left Japan I told the People I knew, including the children I taught and I told them to be strong and know that My intention would keep them safe. But that was over a year ago and all I could tell them was that it would happen in early 2011. These are the kinds of People who call Me Buddha, or ‘Christo’ as they liked to call Me in Japan. I deny these titles, but for those who believe I am that, I am – and nothing that I can say changes it. My roommates here know how hard a time I had when I learned about Japan and I had ‘coincidentally’ been listening to music that was given to Me by People I met while in Japan. I felt sadness and longing for these People two days leading up to the event and I ignored ‘that voice’, the voice of My heart that was screaming for Me to write them and warn them.
      As for the Arab revolution… Again, yes and no. I asked for change, for People to stand against their governments, to demand freedom and liberty and to do this free from fear of death or oppression. For Me, this is a reflection of My Divine intention being made manifest, as are all the other countries revolting, the pilots deflecting, the west warmongering… These are opportunities. Opportunities for change, opportunities for You to see how corrupt Your government is… Or the refusal to acknowledge this and be the change that is coming. Either way will produce the same result in the end, but it is the collective conscience that will determine how and that is what I am going to be influencing. I will next be writing a post on Umin and Thummin, about choices and learning to listen to what the Universe is telling You, You should give it a read.
      As far as determining I am not enlightened… Okay. This is a perfect example of why I can’t teach You. Are You enlightened? If You were You would understand all of this. But after a time, Bud, around forty years old, it becomes difficult for the human brain to accept new ideas. Your reality is already hardwired into Your subconscious. When You want to tell Me about something, You send Me a link to wikipedia with the definition. Again, perfect example of how You are programming Your reality with information that already exists, lettting someone else determine Your reality. How can You embrace new ideas when You have no imagination? That is what happens. You have become so limited in Your perception that the neurons from Your subconscious mind that are responsible for innovative, creative thinking have shut down. You never used them, they were limited to the reality You allowed Yourself to perceive and so the capacity to expand it died. But anyone can reopen these neurons, anyone can activate the dna strands necessary to embrace the impossible, to once again believe in dreams but You, Bud are going to need a lot of faith.
      One thing to be cautious of when writing Me, is telling Me what I mean. You have no clue what I mean! Not a clue, Bud! When I say Universe, I mean One Song. The one song all of humanity sings in their heart, the music You learned to stop hearing.
      You encourage Me to shut out the People who encourage My dreams? What kind of sense does that make? Would You shut out friends who were trying to encourage You to do something great? I don’t know Bud, My heart is really reaching out to You… I feel deep compassion for You.
      Yes Bud, I am out of My mind. But, I still feel that is better than being trapped in Yours.
      Peace and Love, may You discover Your destiny, too.
      Oh, and as far as telling Me I am just an ordinary man… If there is one thing I am not, its ordinary and if there is only one thing that I am, it is extra-ordinary. I’m an ordinary man with an exceptional mind and an unstoppable spirit.

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