The Voice of the Elephant

Around the beginning of this month My Blog took a bit of new direction.  I’m having a lot of fun following Charlie Sheen these days and a lot of the things He is saying to the media lately are relative to much of what I have discussed here lately with respect to ‘becoming an idea’, conception of Self.  I say that what I teach, when I just speak Truth, You will not be able to deny because it will be reflected for You in the physical Universe – and the physical Universe is Your real teacher.

To say that I am the Spirit of the Elephant, representing Peace, Love, Truth and Strength is similar to Charlie Sheen saying He is an f18 fighter jet about to drop bombs.  Obviously We look at Charlie and  We don’t see an F18 fighter jet.  Charlie Sheen says He is a Martian Rock Star who just came here to win.  But again, when You look at Charlie, You don’t see a Martian Rock Star, You see a human.  When a reporter asked Him how He could survive such incredible drug and alcohol binges, He says ‘because I’m Me, I programmed MySelf this way.’  Is that not exactly what I said I did?  And when she says (looking deeply concerned, I might add) “but Charlie, You could have died”…

Charlie replies, “Dying is for losers.”

Reporter says, “But You are only hu…”

Charlie – “NO!  NO!…(waving His hands frantically), I won’t even entertain those thoughts!”

And how many times have I said We are eternal beings?  I know I’m not mortal, I don’t know about You…  But I didn’t come here to die either, I came here to evolve.  And You are all going to evolve right along with Me, like it or not.

The importance of this is that when We realize We created the physical Self, We understand the capacity for recreation.  The physical Charlie Sheen is winning and that is all anybody can see.  The spiritual Charlie Sheen is dropping bombs from an F18 fighter jet.  It really just symbolizes His understanding of the capacity to make physical change in the world with purity of thought and the intention for Truth.

For those that listened to My first You-Tube upload, I discussed how I felt very much the same and I have been feeling this way since the beginning of the month.  It seems that there are many others like Me who are feeling this too.  And I so dislike using any kind of language that seems to exclude anyone.  Because We all have the potential to feel this, and I think this is where the urgency is coming from.  Those of Us who are awake, are calling out to others with the voice of Our spirit and right now the sense of urgency felt in the Universe is evoking some powerful emotions that are being reflected in Your physical reality…  Metaphorically, the Elephant is stomping His feet and making some noise to try and wake You up (the Elephant spirit is 7000 feet tall, He tries to be careful and walks with caution, but He does make a bit of a mess of things)…  But if You still don’t wake, Charlie Sheen is now helping Me with His F18 fighter jets.

Having a physical voice is a new but familiar form of expression and I will definitely be posting more You-Tube videos.  There is something pure and raw about speaking from the heart, letting the Universe guide My thoughts while I express My intention to the world.  Written expression is great too, but tone and voice quality can evoke emotion in a different form.  When I write, I am thinking about how to put sentences together to best express My Self and always have an opportunity to make corrections before publishing.  But when I hit the record button, it’s just…  Go!   Straight from the heart.  It reminds Me of talking to one of My friends, or roommates or anyone else who comes to Me for wisdom in My day to day life.  When I am looking in someone’s eyes, My spirit won’t let Me lie – so I must wait for the Words and feelings to come to Me, but I know what I say is the best thing I can say in the moment, I know it’s Truthful.  Here, I am trying to explain a Divinity so complex and so simple that it can’t really be explained.  The same is True when I speak, but the tone and emotion in My voice can invoke emotions that provide more powerful insight and understanding to associate with the Words.  The spirit of the Elephant has found a new way to express His intention, another ‘manifestation’ of a beautiful idea, projected through the throat chakra.

Peace and Love

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