Tolle’s Teachings: The Power of Now versus Conscious Creation – ‘To Be or not to Be the Ego’?

It was probably close to two years ago now that My brother’s girlfriend suggested I read Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’, that I would probably relate to most of the material.  I asked her if she enjoyed it and she told Me she found it a bit difficult and didn’t finish – but she thought I might appreciate it.  So I picked it up and started reading.  I won’t criticize too much, as I do resonate with much of what Tolle writes, but when I got to the part where Tolle described Descartes “I think, therefor I am”, as the most critical philosophical error, I put the book down.

Before I begin, I would like to first acknowledge Tolle’s work and the wealth of wisdom he brings forth.  It is evident that Tolle has a deep, heart felt desire to assist others in finding the peace he has, and in many ways he does an exceptional job of this.  However, I feel that Tolle’s work undermines one of the most important aspects of ‘being’ – the art of ‘becoming’; and for this reason I feel the wisdom shared by Tolle is similar to many other outdated spiritualists who make enlightenment sound like a complacent and indifferent attitude about the physical Universe, removing the individual from accountability, responsibility and their power to transform the physical Universe and/or themselves.  Tolle talks of the illusory Universe and the ability to transcend problems in the physical reality by discovering the essence of being…  But, discovering the essence of being is only the very first step in the wonderful, transformational process of becoming.  Tolle may be enlightened but I don’t think he ‘gets’ it; there are some critical flaws with Tolle’s work that bring his credibility as a spiritual teacher into question.

Tolle’s argument is that We are not Our thoughts, We are the consciousness observing the thoughts.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  Tolle seems to be forgetting that We are three part beings: mind, body, spirit (or being) – they can’t be separated, not if You are going to exist in the physical reality.  The experience of ‘being’ as described by Tolle is the essence of spirit, the ‘true’ self.  Tolle describes it as perfect joy, radiant love, and quotes the Buddha’s ‘end of suffering’ as an exceptional expression of the experience of enlightenment (a point I will discuss in more detail later).  But one cannot be in this state at all times.  The moment a person comes out of the enlightened state of being, they once again become their thoughts, the ego.  There is no other way to exist in the physical reality.  Tolle himself admits that he had taken on a new spiritual identity after several years, he had become ‘spiritual teacher’.

This is My greatest fundamental problem with Tolle – most of his teaching is about the experience of enlightenment and how those who do not have this experience are missing out on life, beggars.

“Those who have not yet found their true wealth, which is the radiant joy of being and the deep, unshakable peace that comes with it, are beggars – even if they have great material wealth.” – Tolle.

This quote is very near the beginning of Tolle’s book and I don’t feel it is anything an enlightened person would write.  However, considering he promises he can give it to You, You just have to read his book…  Sounds like a good way to scare a lot of people who have material wealth, loving relationships and an otherwise perfect life into buying your book.  Get people who are happy in the physical reality to think there is something wrong with their happiness so Tolle can fix it…  Have I gone too far?  See, I’m enlightened but I still have an ego!

This comes at an appropriate time in My life because I can relate to Tolle and his inner longing for everyone to understand the magic he experienced – but it was for him.  I desperately wanted everyone to know and understand this incredible wisdom I suddenly had to share – but it was for Me.  Only after three years did I finally manage to ‘let go’ of My ego’s need for My family to understand.  Not everyone is ready for the experience, not everyone has chosen to have it, not everyone can handle it!  Enlightenment is not a cake-walk, some will end up in a psyche ward!  You will want to give every material possession away, You will want to quit Your job, You will want to tell everyone in the Universe the meaning of life and won’t have a clue where to start…  And You will return to Your bills, Your spouse, Your kids, Your family, Your job…  Your life: body, mind and spirit (being), it’s a package deal.  But Tolle doesn’t tell You that.

My teaching is a little different.  I will tell You You are Your thoughts, You are the ego.  I will teach You that thoughts are the most powerful tool You have to will the things You desire into Your Universe, even if they are wealth, love and material possessions – for all I know, You will need to experience all of these things so that You can ask for more still…  And I will tell You that every dream You have in Your mind is on it’s way to You even now, so long as You know it to be true.  If You do, then know that all things are coming to You and be happy now…  Watch the physical Universe bend to Your will…  And You don’t have to be enlightened, You just have to be happy – NOW.  That is the true power of now, conscious creation.

To be continued…

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