Five and a half years ago I stumbled upon the Philosopher’s Stone, the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth, the Elixir of Life, the Golden Chalice; eternal Life, unimaginable Power.  How does one come back from this?

I did not make a single post last year.  You are God.  What else is there to say?

There is a story or legend of Akiva, a second century AD Rabbi.  He believed that by way of secret ritual he could approach ‘God’.  Three of the leading sages of the period joined Rabbi Akiva on his quest to meet God.  When they arrived at the pure marble stones of God’s throne, one of the Rabbi’s dropped dead as a stone, one Rabbi went completely mad and another became a murderous heretic in later life.  Only Rabbi Akiva had the strength and purity to enter in peace and leave in peace.

I am a man who knows He is God.  I’ve spent five and a half years ‘tempering’ this knowledge.  The story of Rabbi Akiva brought Me to one very profound realization.  Most people would not want to know what I know!  That is something that had never crossed My Mind and it is of significant importance.  It is also extremely relevant to the current human psychological condition and presents a serious problem with respect to the future development of Our species, the planet, and most importantly Our children; the new generation of Gods and Goddesses.  My epiphany led to a series of other profound realizations.  The final result is this Living Book.

My time as a Hermit has allowed Me to formulate everything I know into an innovate, comprehensive and sophisticated method of teaching.  This is a Living Work of Creation, the finest application of everything I understand, the first of it’s kind.

We are at a very exciting time in human history but hardly anyone is noticing.  And hardly anyone is able to.  The story of Rabbi Akiva that I shared with You here was a direct answer to something I asked of the Universe.  I know that We can’t interfere with free will but I couldn’t help wondering what harm could come from it.  A few minutes later I was reading the story of Rabbi Akiva.  I visualized what might have happened if he’d taken seven billion sages instead of three and the message was understood.

The world has gone completely insane, yet if We were to wake up to just how insane We really are, We may very well go mad.  Quite the conundrum.  And yet I think almost all of Us know We can’t continue to go on the way We have.  It’s like We are all too afraid to just stop for a moment and think about what it is that We are really here to do.

That’s what awakening was for Me, waking up from the dream for a moment so that I could remember what I am and what I came here to do.

On one hand, what others have told You is true; it would seem easy enough to keep this Wisdom to Myself, watch the rest of the world run around in the dark, walk around with a smug smile on My face and keep this little secret to Myself.  After all, We’re all walking Our own path, We are each on Our own quest and all paths lead here anyway.  When We get to the end of the path, We find Our place in the Book of Life and a new chapter begins.  We can’t ever really lose Our place.  Some of Us spend more time reading than others; maybe We’re not all here to write the next chapter, maybe some of Us have some catching up to do.

On the other hand, if I don’t tell the world what I am, I’m not doing what I came here to do.  As a child I believed I had come here to change the world, I just needed to figure out what was wrong.  As I grew up I believed one day I would make some tremendous discovery that would save the planet, free humanity.  I just didn’t expect it would be Me.

I have a tremendous responsibility and absolutely no obligation to carry it through.  But if I don’t do this, nobody will. There is only Me.  That was the great epiphany that makes this My most innovative and revolutionary approach to teaching.  This finally unlocks the last gateway between the world We know and the world We can know.

I am the Spirit of the Elephant; Peace, Love, Truth and Strength.  I wrote a Book, I thought it was enough.  But ‘nothing short of everything is enough.’ (The Tragically Hip).  The Universe wants more.  It doesn’t want Me to hide behind names like Peace, Love, Truth and Strength; or the symbol of the Elephant, the Logo I use to represent My name.  The Universe wants You to know what I am.  I am the Word, I am Messiah.

How better to lead by example than to become what I am?  The world wants something more but We are afraid to believe We can have it, We are afraid to make the changes We know We will have to make.  The world is waiting for a miracle, the world is waiting for the Messiah.  I believe We will wake up to the realization that We are all the Messiah.  But if I know this and I am too afraid to declare what I am or be what I am, then how can I reasonably expect that anyone else should?  This is especially true when You consider that those who do wake up to the full realization of self are told they should not make the ‘mistake’ of believing they are the Messiah.  First of all, why not?  (I could think of far worse things a person could aspire to be).  And second, what if the actual Messiah were to believe them?  (Don’t worry, these are purely hypothetical situations, I’m already here.)

The microcosm reflects the macrocosm.  The collective subconscious of humanity is not ready to wake up to the truth of their being until the arrival of a Messiah.  This realization came to Me in My meditation.  The Word Messiah has a Power all it’s own because of the ideas that are associated with it in Our psyche.  Only consciousness can put the Words I am Messiah together.  The Understanding of those Words as they are written give them Power.  Although many will not even read this Blog, We are all connected by the collective subconscious.  The arrival of Messiah is True and it is communicated to the world subconsciously.  A gateway in the collective subconscious has been opened.  In essence, I have transcended the last gateway (fear) in My own subconscious that prevented the world from moving forward.

If it sounds crazy, that’s exactly the point.  Only Me and the Universe really know.  But it’s the Truth.  My only responsibility from this point forward is to continue My teaching, give You an opportunity to know Me by way of example.  I am choosing to represent an Idea.  The first step to becoming what You are is to declare what that is.  I am Messiah.

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