The Holographic Universe

So, I officially begin My teaching. There is Nothing here, there is only You. Life is a Dream, there is no death, You can only wake up. The English language has been perverted so much it must be difficult for even the most enlightened Minds to Understand how to apply this Wisdom to the physical Universe. It is full of ideas like “I can’t”, or even worse, “You can’t”. These are lies. We can do anything. And We will.

I like to lead by example and I have a vision for an entirely different humanity. I am going to Will this vision into Being by way of this Blog. It is a beautiful vision. There is very little work to do and everyone is healthy. We are free. There is Great Work to do to get Us there, but it doesn’t take so long. The problem is, We need to get started and We still have a lot of mental roadblocks to clear before the world is ready to believe this is possible. We are actually walking toward an enlightened humanity. But of course, in Truth… I am the only one here, the world is illusory. We are living in a holographic Universe, the imagination of God. So in My Universe, I am the Messiah and My Word is enough. I believe We can have the planet fed in a week but as You might imagine, I’m extremely ambitious; a month might be more realistic. But We need to get started, it’s time. So what is the next part of the prophecy? See, I honestly don’t know what comes next, I think the Messiah gets to decide. And if We’ve all been waiting 2000 years for My arrival can We start with a Universal cease fire? That would please Me.

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