More Weapons Training

In My last post I explained what each of the weapons represent but I didn’t explain how to use them.  This was to give You some time to get comfortable with the weapon You chose.  Understanding what the weapon represents unleashes its potential.  As silly as some of this may seem, I will be explaining the significance of some of these techniques.

Each of the weapons represents a particular element, each element represents particular characteristics.  We each contain all of these elements in equal measure, though seldom are all of these elements in equal balance.  Only You know which element best reflects Your personal character.  Some will be more inclined to choose a weapon that best reflects their natural personality.  Others will be more inclined to choose a weapon that seems unfamiliar.  In this way, Your choice of weapon can reveal something about You and Your sense of adventure.  Are You more inclined to stick with what You know, or do You like to venture into the unknown?

And this is how a simple fantasy story can help Us to learn more about Ourselves.  Everything We choose reveals something about Us.  Because You chose the weapon to help You on Your own personal quest, it will also offer You advice in achieving Your goal.  If You chose the Staff (fire) and feel that You are not very motivated or confident, then visualizing the Staff along with Your chosen attire when considering Your objective will give You the confidence You need to accomplish the task.  On the other hand, if You chose the Staff and You are very confident, motivated and sure of Yourself, this may suggest overconfidence and perhaps this is advice to slow down, stand quietly in Your power and wait for things to play out.  The danger of too much energy and motivation, too much fire, is that while not much will stand in Your way, You may burn everything in Your path on the way to Your quest.

However, the effect of the weapon You chose is the same even before I explain how they relate to You or Your current situation.  The confident, motivated individual who chooses the Staff is also acknowledging their own power on a subconscious level.  The subconscious knowledge and realization of Your own power is enough that it does not need to be expressed so much in the physical Universe.  The same is true of a person who chooses the Amulet of Protection and feels it is the perfect match for them.  The Amulet of Protection identifies with the individual’s capacity for generosity and kindness which are often taken advantage of on the physical plane, but rewarded infinitely on the spiritual plane.  This intention actually empowers the Amulet and creates a sense of confidence when worn.  If You have applied these techniques You will already know the benefit of their power, now You understand how they work.  The confidence You feel is real; and thus, so are the weapons.  Welcome to the world of Magic.


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