Listening to the Universe

Hello and welcome back, I’m so pleased You can be here. One thing I neglected to mention last time We met was how grateful I am to have all of You here with Me, Truly. There really isn’t much point in the quest if I can’t take all of You with Me. I did come here to share something with You and this is where I truly exist. In You.

Today I am especially thankful because I have an audience. It’s modest, but somehow that seems appropriate. The Universe is asking Me to tell You a story and when I came here to share it with You, I noticed something in My stats that hadn’t occurred to Me before. “Becoming a Student of the Universe” is My most popular post of all time and it was Written over three years ago. It is the first ‘other’ post that new readers link to after reaching My homepage, so I wanted to know what I’d Written. I’m very thankful I did because it feels like the perfect prequel to this story. We are declaring what We are and choosing Our Destiny in each moment.

A couple of days ago, the same day I returned to My Blog to write of the recent reunion with My father, I was sitting in the garage after having already accomplished some work and a trip into town. I wonder if it’s too late in the day or if I should get start on a new painting of Jack White, so I check the time. It’s only 1:37 in the afternoon, plenty of time to start a painting. The portrait struck Me immediately and has been saved on My laptop for some time. It’s been in the back of My Mind for a few days but I hadn’t had the opportunity; the space, the solitude, the time. I sketch and paint for a couple of hours and wonder if perhaps I should take a break… I check the time – 4:37. I smile and begin to wash My brush. I study My progress and notice that the handle of the cane I’ve painted looks a lot like an elephant. So I study the original again and notice it IS an elephant! Of course I felt that I needed to paint this! I wonder if I should be sharing all of this with You. ‘Draft saved 11:37:22’ flashes in the corner… And so I continue.

After noticing the elephant in the painting I feel I should read a little more Paulo Coelho and decide to check the other books in My collection. I mouse over ‘The Way of the Bow’ – ‘date modified… 11:37’. I finish the book and feel compelled to read everything he’s Written, or at least everything I have on My computer. I think to Myself, ‘If only I could Write like Paulo Coelho, My life would make a great Book’, and My Blog comes to Mind. Once again, I look at the time – 5:37. I smile and prepare to head down to the house to start dinner.

I’m listening to the Universe and I’m sharing My story with You. Much has happened since the reunion with My father and things are not always what they seem. Unfortunately, I will have to save that story for next time. Today, the Universe asked Me to remind You that it is always speaking to You in it’s own unique way if You are paying attention, if You can learn how to listen. The more You listen and the more You pay attention; the more You will hear, the more You will notice.

I will return shortly. Until then, be blessed. And so it is. 😉

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