The Travellers

Welcome back and thanks for joining Me. I’m going to ask You once again to visualize where You are, the Temple of Equated Forces. I won’t describe it in much detail because I want You to know it like Your own room or whatever peaceful place You spend the most time. This room is important because it exists beyond space and time, it exists whenever You choose to visit along with all Your travelling companions. If You are having difficulty picturing the room, start with the First Key and continue to read until You can visualize the marble table and the Philosophers Stone in the center.

You will notice that I am seated at the marble table, facing the white wall of the Temple so that I am facing You as You arrive. To My left is Venus, on My right, Aphrodite and across from Me, is J. Everyone here is beautiful!

Venus has dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes. The handle of her sword is just barely visible above her left shoulder where it sleeps holstered in its sheath. Her armour is impenetrable black leather but is concealed by a long, white, silk gown. She appears deceptively innocent; but She is a highly-skilled warrior and her greatest tactic is the element of surprise.

Aphrodite’s garb is equally beautiful but looks nothing like armour. She wears a long, fiery silk robe as red as the curtain to My left. She has flawless, almost luminous pale skin and a bright-blue pennant hangs low on her neck, just above the crossing of her robe. It’s some kind of magical stone that shimmers in the light; to look at it is to feel as if one is looking at all the waters of the world captured in a single stone – the effect is hypnotic. But there is no innocence in her smile, only wisdom and reassurance.

J’s garb is similar to that of a monk; a modest, thick, brown robe – only the sleeves appear as if they were torn above the shoulders and it is tied around the waist with sturdy black rope in a formidable knot. He is not tall, but sturdy. He has a thick frame, menacing shoulders, massive arms and a heavy club hangs from his waist. The only thing not intimidating about this man is his face. He has shaved his head and his expression is that of kindness and contentment. He gives one the impression that he is contemplating a joke or perhaps about to tell one.

I am barefoot, wearing only loose-fitted red shorts that appear as if they may be made from burlap, cut just above the knee and slightly frayed. Around My waist is a black leather belt with a silver buckle. My complexion is fair but the sun has graced My skin with a dark, reddish-brown tan. I am average height, slim but muscular with an athletic build, long limbs and a short torso. I wear a golden crown, but not the crown of a king; the crown of a prince. It is set with four beautiful stones – black onyx, blue sapphire, pearl white and ruby red. My hair is light brown and falls just below My shoulders. My face is kind but silver-blue eyes can communicate My intention and cause most would-be adversaries to reconsider. In My hand I hold a staff intricately carved with Elephants made of solid Oak. At My feet lies a majestic beast called Kira; a sleek black panther with green eyes and a black leather collar studded with the same stones as My crown… But no leash. Like all My companions, she has chosen to join Me on My travels and is free to leave at any time.

Beside J is the girl with the Sword. Her armour is light and has a magical quality that allows it to change colour and form to suit her needs. She is a powerful teacher and trainer for the rest of the group who shares her own adventures with wisdom and enthusiasm.

And these are the travellers who are with Me now. In Our day to day lives, We appear as common as anyone else. Yet secretly, We know Our powers. We are keenly aware of Our inner strength and press on tirelessly toward Our goal.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey; the people We meet, the new characters that enter Our story. When We meet next, I will continue to tell You more of My personal adventures as the Universe has gifted Me with time for reflection, Creation and new opportunities to evolve My spirit to accomplish My quest.


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