Well, I have been on the road for just over a month now.  Began My cycling adventure to British Columbia on May 17th and it has been a truly transformational experience.  It is roughly a 3500km journey and I want to share as much of this experience with My readers as I possibly can because it is a perfect metaphor for life and what We can accomplish.  Remember, We really are superheroes in disguise.  There is nothing You can’t do, You simply need to believe in Your ‘Self’ and Your ability to overcome anything…  And You will.

I have had some incredible experiences.  The most memorable challenge I’ve encountered so far occurred with the best intention.  A couple who had offered Me a place to pitch My tent along the way suggested that I avoid the highway for one leg of the journey and take a scenic side-road.  I turned down the road and after only twenty metres or so the pavement ended and I was riding on hard packed dirt.  Not ideal, but manageable.  A couple of kilometers later, the hard packed dirt turned to gravel.  Less ideal but still manageable.  About five kilometers later, the gravel was loosely packed, the road was full of massive pot-holes that I had to meander around and the hills were short but steep.  The gravel was so loosely packed and the hills were so steep that I could not get enough traction – My back tire would spin out, sending gravel into the cart I am towing behind Me and I would be forced to walk.  Even walking up the hill was a challenge because My feet would slide out from underneath Me.  I fell flat on My face three times over the course of the day and took a break every time I reached the top of one of these ridiculous climbs.  And that wasn’t the worst of it.  It was hot, which I like – I’m made for hot weather, My muscles respond better, the heat doesn’t bother Me but I could not escape the blackflies and mosquitos and I could not justify putting on jeans and a sweater thick enough to prevent them from biting.  So even taking a break was hell.  And with Me, I have Magic – at the time a nine week old kitten.  I kept thinking of turning back but I was already more than ten kilometers along this road and it would be just as maddening going the other way.  I was frustrated, perhaps even angry; but not unhappy.  I embrace these emotions.  The fury I was experiencing empowered Me, gave Me the strength to press on, to push My bike and cart up these crazy gravel hills and I knew that eventually, this too would come to an end.  40km.  That’s how long the gravel continued.  But to see the gravel transform to packed dirt and a paved road shortly ahead…  I can’t even explain the exhilaration and excitement.  I had renewed energy.  Not only was the road paved, but it was perhaps the smoothest paved road I had had the pleasure of riding on in My travels thus far.  Soon enough I felt as though I was flying along the road and managed to reach the day’s destination of Parry Sound earlier than I had expected.  When I finally set up camp later that night and pressed the ‘stop’ button on My gps unit, it rewarded Me with a series of chimes, ‘congratulations – longest ride 83.5km’, then again, ‘most elevation – 835metres’, and one last time ‘fastest 40km – 2hrs, 10 minutes’ (not very fast for an ex-road racer but very fast for a man towing 150lbs).  What started out as one of the toughest and worst days ever had turned into the most triumphant ride of My journey.  And those records still remain three weeks later.

I am no longer the man I was when I left.  My upper body has diminished, muscle mass has disappeared and I barely recognize My own physique when I look in the mirror.  My upper body has virtually disappeared.  But when I look down, My legs are something from a marvel comic book; thick, every muscle fiber can be seen.  I would shift My weight from one foot to the other in absolutely amazement.  My body has become exactly what it needs to be for Me to be efficient on a bicycle.  My upper body may be light and wiry but the extra weight would only slow Me down.  My legs have become powerful pistons that can push pedals with incredible force.  I climb hills with little effort enjoying the breathtaking scenery as I make My way across the country.

This is the greatest example of ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ that I have ever experienced.  My body seems like an entity entirely its own.  It requires no thought, it just goes.  My Mind wanders, considers the obstacles I have overcome and the obstacles I have yet to overcome.  The Spirit silently observes the interaction between the two, moving Me closer and closer to My destination, still unknown.  And the Universe smiles on Me in a way I can feel in the deepest part of My soul.  There is nothing to interfere with Me and Divinity.  And miracles happen.


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