Miracles Happen

For some reason when miracles happen for My mother, My family or friends, when they ask Me for something and it ‘magically’ appears it does not affect Me the same way.  It is as if I know this gift is to be shared, that it is My duty to demonstrate the power of Our thoughts, that I am simply serving My purpose, being the ‘teacher’ I am meant to be (the Universe is Our True mentor, I am simply an instrument the Universe is using to sing its  Song).  But when the Universe provides Me with miracles, I am overwhelmed, brought to tears, touched so deeply because I am so grateful already, I almost feel guilty asking for more.  But sometimes even I need to ask the Universe to assist Me and I am going to share some of these experiences with You.

For over ten years I have had a broken tooth.  I don’t ever really get sick.  The closest I come to getting a cold or flu is to ‘taste’ a virus in the back of My throat and I know that all I need to do is eat well, avoid alcohol and I will wake up the next day feeling perfect.  But when I arrived in a place called Old Woman’s Bay on My journey, I went to bed with a dull ache in My broken tooth.  I thought nothing of it, feeling sure I just needed a good nights rest and would wake up feeling good as new.  When I woke up the following morning, the entire left side of My face was swollen and I was in serious pain.  I have an incredible tolerance for pain.  This pain was so bad that I felt I might lose consciousness.  I asked the Universe for help.  In a silent prayer, I said something like, “Universe, I’m sorry but I need antibiotics.  I will get them, I am only 25km from the next town where I can get medical help.  Please give Me the strength I need to get there.  For Me, and for Magic.”

It was early in the morning, just after six A.M. and I left My camp to use the washroom as a couple were returning from the beach.  I was in a park that prohibits overnight camping and was surprised to find anyone there that early; I had hoped to be gone before anyone else may want to use the park.  In passing I apologized to the couple for My tent and said that I hoped I hadn’t disturbed their morning walk.

“Oh, no problem Brother,” came a cheerful reply from the young man, “We were hoping We hadn’t disturbed Your sleep.”

“No, not at all.  I had hoped to wake up early enough to be gone before anyone else arrived.”

My infection was obvious, I could barely open My left eye and he asked Me if I was okay.

“I have a tooth infection but I’ll be fine.  I just need to get to Wawa so I can get My hands on some antibiotics.”

“Hey, Brother, I just returned from South America and My doctor gave Me some very powerful antibiotics in case I encountered any unusual illness, let Me get some for You.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  It was only moments ago that I had asked the Universe for help and I knew this was My answer.  “Thank You so much, Brother, I will gratefully accept.”

He went to his vehicle and produced two tablets of some medication I can’t remember the name of but 1000mg of antibiotics were inscribed right on the pill.  “Take one now and one tonight, that should tide You over until You can get to a doctor.  It’s Sunday, they may not have a pharmacist available until tomorrow.”

I hadn’t even thought about that but he was right – these small towns rarely have pharmacies open on Sundays.  “Thank You so much, Brother.  What is Your name?  I’m Sean.”

“Haha, My name is Sean, too.  And this is My girlfriend Esther.”

Then He produced two apples and a banana.  “Here, You should take these, too.  I’m sure You can use them more than We can.”

My favourite food staple while I ride is Nutella on bread with banana and bananas don’t keep so well so I had finished My last one the night before.  Once again I thanked Sean and told him that now that I have the antibiotics I need, I would try to make a fire to refill My coffee thermos and make My way to Wawa.

The miracles continued.  “Really?  You might have a hard time using the driftwood because of the rain last night but We noticed a bag of firewood and kindling on the beach while We were walking, let Me get it for You, You’ll have Your fire going in no time.”

It was very hard for Me to appear cool and collected, holding back the tears.  Sean had no idea what I had asked the Universe for here he was, the hand of the Universe Himself, giving Me everything I could have asked for and more.  Not only did he return with firewood but two eggs for Me to fry up for breakfast with My coffee.

And that is only one example, although perhaps the most powerful.  By the time I had finished breakfast the swelling had subsided and I looked almost normal again.  I made it to Wawa with little difficulty and sure enough, the pharmacy was closed though I was able to get a prescription I couldn’t fill the prescription until the following morning and don’t know how I would have survived the day had I not met Sean.  I was literally on the verge of passing out when I met him and the ride to Wawa would have been very challenging.  It was virtually effortless thanks to Sean.

I spent three days in Wawa to make sure that I was properly healed before continuing on My journey.  The physical strain on My body is extreme.  Repairing muscles tissue, healing blackfly and mosquito bites, enduring cold nights all takes a toll on the body and the immune system.  It was too much, even for Me, I needed a little help – so I asked.  Ask and You will receive.

As I was preparing to leave Wawa, I figured I should pick up some natural antibiotics in the form of essential oils.  I have a med kit of essential oils that take care of cuts, bites, infection and even athletes foot but no natural antibiotics and I wasn’t entirely sure which ones I would need but wanted to get some.  I also had a beautiful day and had wanted to add some artwork to My cart, make My message more clear.  So I added, ‘Be the change’, ‘Black Magic Express’, ‘I am Sovereign’ and ‘I.D.#37’.  When I finished, I felt very satisfied with My Work and wanted to take a couple of photos.  Being removed from society for a great deal of the time I am less exposed to numbers so I haven’t seen the number 37 as often as I usually do.  But when I turned on My phone to take the photos, My battery was at 37%, the temperature was 13.7 degrees and the time was 3:37.  I knew the Universe was pleased with My Work, too.

A few minutes after taking the photos, a woman arrived at the park where I was camped to walk her dog.  She was very social and came over to introduce herself and ask about My journey.  She is a writer for the local paper and asked if she could interview Me saying she loved the message on My cart.  No coincidences.  Her step-daughter is also an author who writes a blog for Wawa and (Karen) told Me she was going to call her daughter in law to interview Me as well.

She left shortly afterward and returned with Brenda, her stepdaughter to interview Me.  Turns out Brenda is an expert in essential oils and asked if she could set Me up with a med kit of essential oils for My journey.  And people wonder why I break down and cry with overwhelming joy.  I did not even ask the Universe for these things, I had intended to research and get them for Myself before leaving Wawa in the morning.  But the Universe takes care of Me in ways other people simply can’t understand.

There are many other miracles I could speak of but these are the most recent and most powerful.  Yesterday after leaving Wawa I had hoped to put in a long day and break My distance record but I was riding into a very strong headwind and accomplished more than 600metres of elevation after only 70km – My legs were begging Me to stop.  I rounded the corner and found the first camp ground I had seen in at least 30km and decided to stop in to find out how much they would charge for a night.  The price was reasonable and the people were so kind and accommodating that I couldn’t say no.  Free firewood and a whole host of experienced fishermen who wanted to help Me catch some fish.  They set Me up with free lures, new hooks and explained to Me why I hadn’t caught anything yet.  And to top the night off, I didn’t even need to go fishing – I was offered fish from one of the guests of the campground with a promise to take Me out for more the following day.

I generally don’t like to pay for camp sites but this visit has been well worth the investment.  I am well equipped to catch My own fish for the rest of My journey and just this afternoon I got talking to another gentleman in the restaurant.  Couldn’t tell You how the conversation started but We got to talking about sovereignty.  Turns out David is a lawyer from the States.  First time I’ve had the opportunity to discuss law with an actual professional.  It was an amazing conversation and I look forward to chatting with him more.

It may be some time before I am able to update My blog again but I will do what I can and have kept a personal journal of My adventures so that I will have something to work from.  There are many stories to tell from the time I ended up on My father’s doorstep to where I am now, but all in good time.  Soon enough this adventure will be over and I will put all of My experiences together in a properly organized book.  Until then, peace and love be with You.  And so it is.


      1. Hi Sean. It has been a joy reading your blog, I can virtually hear you speaking and can picture your journey quite vividly. Best of luck! xo

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