All You Need is Love

Well, the journey continues, the blessings too numerous and grand to include in the short time I have to Write this entry.  But, I have said before that We are all superhero’s with Our own arsenal of weapons designed specifically for Our special task or quest on earth.

Sunday will be eight weeks since I left Gravenhurst on My journey to British Columbia.  I have cycled 2097km since that day and still have roughly 3000 more to go.  I am also officially out of cash.  Incredible considering I am a pretty modest human being and don’t really have extravagant spending habits.  But I’ve been good to My Self.  VERY good to My Self.  If I want a burger, I get one.  If I wanted steak, I’d have some (mid-rare, please).  98% of My cash was spent on food and I burned through just over $3000 in the last eight weeks.

I’ve met numerous people on this journey, including one incredible young woman who is making the same trek on a horse.  She decided to embark on this adventure with no cash at all.  That had been My initial plan, too and how I had started this journey last year before arriving at My father’s.  However, being stranded there for six months gave Me an opportunity to work (however begrudgingly as I sincerely believe that if You are paying taxes You have no right to complain about Your government or the wars they wage because You are financing their efforts – I knew I was part of the problem).  However, I also knew it was for a limited time and that once I was done, I would not go back.  The next and final chapters of My life would begin.

Subconsciously, I think I wanted to run out of cash.  Nobody likes to be broke and yet the Universe always seems to provide for Me.  When I first awakened I occupied the Vancouver Art gallery steps and lived more abundantly than most people would ever have believed.  I still reflect on those days as the most magical in My life…  Until now.

I came here to change the world and I believe I will.  Crazy as it sounds, I came up with a plan.  I would never have come up with this plan if I still had money.  Yet I believe I will live as abundantly or more abundantly than I have even with all kinds of cash at My disposal.  Do not underestimate the power of the Mind.

Last night, I came up with a plan.  I had several ideas.  I could teach law, sovereignty.  I could do Tarot readings or provide spiritual counsel.  But so many people are not ready for these things and don’t want to hear about them.  So I considered what My real message might be.  What is the Truth?  The Truth is Love.  It may not be the kind of Love most people think of when they hear the Word – but the Universe knows My intention.  So, I am going to use what I have at My disposal.  A couple of tubes of paint – black and gold.  And rocks.  I will paint My symbol of the Elephant on rocks and I will paint enough of them to spell the Word Love.  And I will sit these rocks out on top of My tarp and sit with Magic, explaining to people who ask what I am doing that I am travelling to BC to promote a message of Love.  It will be My currency.  On some sign, perhaps with chalk so that I can change the items as necessary, I will list the items I need for My travels in order of priority and ask people to give what they can in exchange for an Elephant rock, which symbolizes Love (Peace, Love, Truth and Strength, actually – but Love is enough).

Perhaps it sounds crazy.  I have not tried this yet.  But the moment I had the idea, I threw My arms into the air and gave a huge “thank You” to the Universe for this Divinely inspired idea.  I believe Love can change the world and I know this is the message I want to share.  I believe it will work beyond My wildest imagination.  And so it is.  I will keep You posted (literally, as Blog entries are called ‘posts’). 😉

I have said to people before that You can do anything You Love doing and make it work if You apply Your creative Mind to the task.  This is the example I want to be.  Such a small idea, so simple and yet so much potential.  Peace and Love be with You.  And so it is.

I love You all.

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