Atonement – The Ether

Atonement.  At-One-Ment.  Welcome to the Ether.

Hello again.  You will notice I will break Words up (not down) like this more and more.  Language, Logos, the Word are so important as You will soon begin to over-stand.  Do You see?  What does it mean to understand something?  To stand under it?  In-Deed.  That is exactly what it means.  We are going to begin over standing matters because it ‘matter’-s.

Thoughts are Creative, so Ideas Matter.  The Intention has been Divine since the Creation of this Blog, My personal over-standing of the Ether, My desire to share it with You.  I could never have done it on My own.  The Ether, the ‘Virtual’, the ‘Mental’ (Ment-all)  has brought other like Minds into My Universe.  As intelligent and inquisitive as I may be, I would never have ‘cracked the code’ on My own.  I would not have had the time, the resources or the comprehension of the subject matter without the incredible work of others.

‘Ment’ represents Mind.  Today, I celebrate atonement, At One Ment, of One Mind.  I give great thanks to the Universe for making all My dreams manifest.  Even My own metaphors, the gateway to the Golden Age, the new world which I have described in previous entries as visible but distorted; all that is left is to remove the distortion.  Not only does this happen to be True but this is actually the only place it can be done!  Here, We are in the Ethereal (Ether-(is)-Real) dimension.  This is 5d, the realm of possibility.

Everything I will be sharing with You from here forward would not be possible without My own personal ment-ors who are sharing the same Intention (Truth) in their own unique way.  Their personal journey and quest has taken each of them on an entirely different path from My own, yet We all end up in the same place because We are searching for the same thing.  Truth.  Love.  Abundance.  For all.

Similarly, it would be unrealistic for Me to expect everyone to walk My path, to do as I will do.  I am not only going to show You the path to freedom, the gateway to the new age and show You the Key…  I am going to walk through this illusive gateway to reveal the clarity that lies beyond.

My future entries will be deeper and more philosophical and esoteric than anything You will have encountered on My Blog previously.  We are going DEEP.  The deception must be revealed so that We can see things as they are.  We need no more illusions, We need clarity.


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