Summary of Recent Posts

Hello and thank You for being here.  Over the last few months it may seem as though My Blog is less focused on spiritual Truth and the evolution of consciousness than public declarations pertaining to My own political and legal ambitions.  The Truth is, one does not exist without the other.

The Dalai Lama has been denied entry to South Africa three times in five years.  Denied entry…  By whom?  South African immigration authorities?  And this is a man who is considered by many throughout the world a spiritual leader – one of his visits to S. Africa was to attend the 14th world summit of peace laureates.  His visa was denied, his trip was cancelled and the Dalia Lama has done nothing to correct this injustice.  He is not a free man, he is a bonded slave who must ask permission to leave his country.  All the spiritual wisdom in the world and he can’t escape his own shackles.  It would seem reasonably clear that the Dalai Lama is not a threat to S. Africa, so why would he be denied entry?  To show the rest of the world that wisdom is nothing without knowledge.

If the Dalai Lama knew the law, he would revoke his bond and servitude to oppressive governments and stand in his own power and sovereignty.  Does anyone have the right to deny a man entry to another country?  No.  That’s the Truth.  But there are a ton of deceptive laws in place designed to give Us the illusion that all the land of the earth is owned and that We require permission to use it.

Jesus did not obey Roman law, nor did he accept any authority but God’s.  I believe that Jesus is just a fictional character but the message is powerful and his example is the truth, the light and the ‘Way’.

I have Written My letters and published copies of them here.  I have not yet received a response from the Crown and no longer expect one.  The amount of research I have done over the last six and a half years has been exhausting.  I’m done Writing letters, though I may contact the media.

Virtually every living man on the planet has been duped and is the victim of a well thought out, constructive fraud.  People don’t want to hear that they own nothing, though that is the reality for most.  99% of the world’s people don’t even own their name and worse, most don’t know they don’t own their name.

My goal now is to be as transparent as possible with everything I do to achieve My purpose.  I am going to visit the appropriate legal offices and meet those who claim to have authority over Me face to face.  I have some ideas for moving forward, including the use of media.

Constable Michael Wong of the Toronto police has called Me twice since My letters were sent to the Toronto police department, harassing Me and threatening Me with arrest if I refuse to turn My Self in, despite the clarity of My letter.  He is aiding and abetting a constructive fraud and I’m tired of being harassed, I’m tired of bullshit warrants associated with My name and I now want to hold those accountable, responsible.  I will keep You all ‘posted’ (pun intended).

Love and blessings.

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