Pen is Mightier than the Sword

In My last post I said I was done Writing letters.  I’m not.  It would have been more appropriate to say that I am tired of Writing letters without remedy.  One of the key things to know and overstand about sovereignty is that it is not something that can be granted by any external authority, it is Our true nature and only You can declare it.  That being said, it can also never be taken away or lost.

There was a very specific intention behind creating the new category ‘Universal Announcements’ from the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’.  Although every soul is truly sovereign already, legally, it is just an idea for most.  Heaven is not a real thing, it is a beautiful idea that exists in the Mind.  Sovereignty is a real thing but for most it is just an idea.  As a spiritualist it is frustrating to say that We are born kings and queens, Gods and Goddesses, if it is not something that can actually be known and experienced in Our ‘reality’.  The new categories reflect My intention for the idea to manifest on earth, ‘as above, so below’.

I am Willing to do whatever it takes to make what I know to be true, true in the legal fiction We call the ‘real’ world.  The only way to do that is to Write letters, declare Your status and then notify the appropriate offices.  I’m working diligently to get that done, though I am not entirely sure what government agencies I need to Write.  The legal fiction is also deliberately designed to be deceptive and complicated, yet the basic principals are very simple – it’s all commercial, contract law and it’s all constructive fraud.

Ironically, I think the only way I will manage to elicit a response from the offices I Write is to actually make a claim for damages for the true (common law) crimes that were committed by the state (Ontario, Canada).  It took Me a long time to arrive at this conclusion and the arresting officers were excessively aggressive – it was very tempting to hold them personally accountable.  However, police are just following orders and probably had no idea they were breaking the law.  They are a symptom of the problem, not the cause.

I’m quite sure the only reason constable Michael Wong from the Toronto police called to threaten Me with arrest is because I made it very clear in My letter to the crown that the officers responsible may be charged with kidnapping, harassment, etc.  That same letter was also forwarded to the Toronto and Guelph police.  He’s probably scared he’ll lose his job if I do press charges.  And, if I had claimed to be the subject of his warrant on that call, I’m quite sure he would have come to arrest Me.  He doesn’t because he can’t.  At the same time, that doesn’t mean they won’t.

Although the intention of documenting everything I do to accomplish My task is to potentially make this easier for others choosing this path, I do not advise attempting to do any of the things I am doing or have done unless You truly know what You are doing.  I can speak the Truth I express in My letters with as much confidence as I do in Writing.  I also know how they trick people into accepting the commercial character by way of ‘presumed consent’ which is really just a nice way of saying entrapment.

I also mentioned that I have not received a response from the crown and no longer expect to.  Has the case been dropped?  Not likely, I would have received some kind of notice.  But that does not mean the letter has had no effect.  I hand delivered copies of My letters (Toronto Crown, Attorney General, Canada’s Vital Statistics) to the Guelph police station, insisting they fax copies to the Toronto police (where the two warrants were issued).  I had to explain to police officers that they needed to send these documents to the Toronto police to inform them that My status is now on the public record and that they had no right, authority or jurisdiction to arrest Me and have since reclaimed My estate.  You can imagine the response from the officers, it was not immediately cordial.  Every officer within ear shot surrounded Me but remained a comfortable distance, though they were visibly agitated.

“If Your name is Sean von Dehn and the name on the warrant is for SEAN VON DEHN, then the warrant is for You!”, said the officer I was handing the papers to.

“No, I’m sovereign and I told the officers in Toronto the same thing at the time of My arrest, My Word should have been enough.  I walked in here by My own free Will, I am not hiding and I never have; I’ve tried to turn Myself in several times but they won’t take Me.  If You truly believe You have the right, authority and jurisdiction to arrest Me I will not resist but I strongly encourage You to read My letters first because I don’t believe You do.”

She just kind of glared at Me for a moment, then turned her attention back to My documents… “Okay, do You mind sitting in the lobby while We read these over and fax them off?”

And that was pretty much that.  An officer did come out to chat with Me but he was very kind and actually asked Me if he could call Me by name before doing so.  This is the power of Writing letters.  Today I Wrote a letter to the city of Guelph’s MP, Lloyd Longfield via e-mail.  I will publish that letter here also.

Love and blessings.






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