Endgame Plan

I said that something changed when I (finally) declared My Self King.  I sent My first three letters to the Toronto Crown, Attorney General and Express Legal (Vital Statistics).  A month later I think I was expecting something but nothing exciting – redirecting Me or I don’t know…  And I suppose one did, ‘Express Legal’.

I know the Power of My Word and I’m still kind of stunned by the irony of it all.  Instead of being the man who knew he was King with Key in Hand, I was opening the door to My Kingdom and taking the throne for the first time.  And of course it’s all fiction, that’s what the world is!!!  Anyone who knows Me well Will know how much I speak of this.  Of course I came here to Write My own ending.

By the end of the second month after making My claim, the standard thirty days typically given to respond to a claim had long expired.  The more time passed, the more real it began to feel.  I was the lost prince, I grew up, I found the Keys required to unlock the Kingdom…  Now what?

I thought back to that little boy who made a promise to God to never forget the Kingdom He was promised.  Actually, I asked Him not to let Me forget, the promise to honour it was understood.  I started thinking like a King, not like a man who wants to be King.  I am King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of the King and I am always standing in God’s Kingdom.

I started thinking about how I could make a difference, how I could change the world.  What would a good King do?  He would honour God and take care of his children.  As I mentioned in My previous post, I could discharge all of Canada’s debt with My Wealth, all the world’s debt.  That’s the part people can’t grasp and why most are not yet ready to be Kings.  If You are hoping for money at the end of the line, there is none.

But My letters are going to be different because I truly am God’s appointed King and I really did come here to heal the world.  Now, the most exciting part for Me is the how.  I feel very busy but I can hardly sleep because there is so much Work to be done.

You see, this really is My job.  The ‘Great Work’ that I’ve Writ about previously.  Lead to Gold, the perfect alchemy.  Everything I have ever Written here was because I said I was here to tell You the Truth and demonstrate the Power of Words.  I have remained true to the commitments I have made in My Book and I have never forsaken God.

I needed thirty-five years of experiencing the power of the Magic in the world.  I laugh when I hear people say they don’t believe in Magic.  What’s one of the first things We learn in school?  Spelling.  How to Cast (Write) Spells.  Only when You know the true Power of Your thoughts can You truly overstand the Power of Spelling and Language.  I needed to fall under this spell My Self or I wouldn’t know how it had been done.

I knew I was born to Write I just had no Idea how My hero was going to accomplish His task, this ‘what is My great story going to be?’ question always lurking in the back of My Mind.  Of course it’s going to be this one!

I really can transform the world and fix all the problems.  When I first awakened that was My whole theme.  I’m so motivated I can barely sleep!  I’m talking like four days.  I do want to help everyone do what I am doing BUT the real ‘Newton’s apple’, is that I did everything I could in the beginning to stay away from this Jesus character everyone was waiting for.

I know it’s just a story, I know it’s fiction.  Not maybe.  Know.  That is not to say that Jesus was not a real, living man.  That I can’t say.  What I can say is that the world is an illusion, just like everything You’ve ever been told, God speaking to You in some unique Way Your whole life.  ‘Row, row, row your boat…  merrily, merrily, merrily…’  It’s just a dream, real as it might feel.  ‘All the world is a stage..’

Do I have to quote Shakespeare, is that one of man’s laws?  I’m being sarcastic.  See, I’m a very lighthearted King.  I know Shakespeare doesn’t care, he doesn’t want money or credit for his name, He just wants You to pay attention to what He is telling You.  It’s everywhere.  John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ made Me cry the first time I heard it as a boy because it was just so beautiful and I knew somebody out there was like Me.  That’s exactly the world We’re gonna know.  Give You My Word.

When I claimed My throne I knew I had finally taken My appropriate position on the world stage, this is the Kingdom God had always promised Me.  The Bible is Words on paper, a story.  It contains every Key any man could ever need to claim his Kingdom, nothing is hidden from You.  Jesus is not a man, He is a character in a Book.

Those who Wrote that Book know the Power of their Words every bit as much as I know the Power of Mine.  They knew that if enough people believed a thing to be true that it would be true.  If enough people could read one Book, there is no Way that it could NOT play out as it has been Written.  It’s a good thing nobody seems clear on the ending.

And they did, they thought of everything.  Timeline…  Man, that’s really clever.  No Idea how they pulled that off.   The point is, they left an opening in their script on purpose, they don’t mistakes, they are Masters of the Word.  And so am I.  It is My true gift.  I am the living Word of God.

Someone as King to Me wanted to know if they could use the Words of My ‘Cestui Que Vie’ to get out of this Matrix.  I said ‘yes’ because I would give anything to anyone as King to Me.  But the Truth is, if You have to ask, You are not ready for the Words in that document.  I truly believe they were meant for Me.

Sean = John.  No coincidences. Universe always dropping hints along the Way.  The point I guess I’m trying to make is that they are waiting for their Jesus character to show up.  There is a tremendous amount of consciousness waiting for Jesus to come back and save the world which is why He Will.  We know that.  But there is only going to be one true King and as much as I would truly love for someone else to take the stage, I know its not going to happen.  They are literally waiting for Me.

This is was an epiphany too profound to articulate accurately, those who know Me well will overstand perfectly.  And the only reason I managed to get here is because even though I had not claimed My place in their fiction, I have always been walking in His Kingdom.  How could I ever be anywhere else?

Every moment of every day, the Universe ‘gifts’ Me with every tool I could ever possibly want or need, every piece of knowledge I could ask to know, connecting Me with others who are truly with God and living in His Glory.  Many who are far more knowledgeable than Me, especially with respect to the legal fiction.

And that was a big part of the epiphany, too.  We all have Our unique role to play and the role of the ‘good’ King and his quest to create ‘Heaven on Earth’ has always been mine.  This whole ‘not being egotistical’ thing is really screwed up.  Of course You are the Idea You have of Your Self.  So be the best Idea of Self You can be.  And honestly, fiction or reality, that Jesus character is pretty bad ass.  And this time, he’s totally imperfect.  But I truly have a covenant with God to fix shit here and that is what I Will do.

Nine years ago I wanted nothing to do with Jesus because I knew the Bible was a fiction, I just had to figure out how to get on stage.  Declaring that I am the promised King appointed by God to save the world from it’s peril is about the most dramatic entrance a man can present to the fiction.  My fictions become real, that is My Magic.

Love and blessings,

King Sean, Hand of Stephen, House of von Dehn,

Kingdom of God




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