The “Global Guardian”

by Dylan Hill

I finally got some more Work done today.  Big Work.  Great Work.  I am so excited, You have no Idea.  I know everyone wants to see how this is all going to end and I know there are a lot of people who believe We are almost there but no one is going to believe how fast it Will be done.  I’m not making any false claims.  Only if the powers that be choose to kill Me Will they ‘win’.  And they won’t do that for about a hundred reasons but the first one is that they want to stand in honour, too.  They want to prove they are worthy of their thrones and hold the same authority.  They did all of this because they knew that only a true man of God would forgive them for all that has been done.  And I Will tell the rest of the world You must forgive them because it is not their fault but Yours.

I am not doing anything the Way anyone else is.  I make the rules, I always have.  God does not care how I claim My throne and rightful place in his Kingdom, so long as I do.  He knew I would find My Way.

Some Will say that if You want to claim Your Kingdom You cannot have a driver’s license, or health care, or dental benefits, social security or any other benefit offered by society.  Really?  Again, I call bullshit.  And I’ve been at this for nine years, doing everything I can to be what I am now.  Trying so hard to ‘work’ and not be a ‘drain’ or burden on society, hustling for cash jobs under the table, working back-breaking labour just to make ends meet.  Not to be lavish, fancy or greedy, but to eat and provide shelter and whatever other basic needs are necessary to keep My Kingdom strong.  Eventually I had enough and decided that I was going to let the government take care of My basic needs so that I could focus on the real work.  But even then, I did things differently.

I haven’t had ID for I don’t even know how long, all I had was kurt’s waiver before I created My own Cestui Que Vie which is all I use now.  My appointed social servant told Me I needed to get government issued ID before I could be eligible for benefits.  I put her on notice for unlawfully commanding orders when she is My public servant and I actually went to a private legal office in Thunder Bay Ontario and had the lawyer call the social worker and explain that she was not legally able to make any demands for benefits.  I also told her to fire My public servant and had a new one appointed to Me the next day.  Amazingly, I was never required to produce income statements and they never bothered Me again.  So, in My own way, I have been taking charge of My life for some time.  It only appears that I haven’t been in the fiction.  And now all of that has changed.

I got a letter from My ‘new’ social worker a year later  (last month) demanding that I appear for a meeting of Minds to review My ‘work’ progress.  It was addressed to Mr. SEAN VON DEHN.  My letters have been on the public record for over three months.  Now, they are in dishonour.  And now I actually feel like the King I am and those letters hit Me in a powerful way, like I was overstanding all of their Magic in a new and even more profound Way.  And that is part of My gift, too.  I can cut through the bullshit with laser precision.  I saw My ‘all caps’ slave titled fiction and it actually made Me feel ill for a moment.  It’s one thing when they didn’t know and hadn’t been put on notice, this is a whole new ball of wax altogether and I Will not stand for it.

I think that’s why all the legal stuff was so difficult for Me.  It was important to have a strong comprehension of what was being done but I always knew it’s ALL bullshit.  The size of the paper You should use for specific documents, UCC codes, syntax, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…  Non-sense.  Babble.  Babylon.  Leave the Kingdom of Babylon and step into the Kingdom of God.  I make the laws of My Kingdom!!

My meeting was on Monday and all I did was compose a letter to Ian along with a copy of all the documents I have placed on the public record, the offices they were sent to and the relative registration numbers.  He is a very kind man and his intention is good but the things I talk about are Way over his head.

I am a Gemini and true to My sign in the Stars.  But I am not ‘split personality’ or ‘evil twin’.  My relationship is with what I guess the rest of You call God or Father, Source, whatever…  For Me, it’s like My best friend reminding Me that there is nothing I can’t do.  And I am Your best friend, trying to remind You of the same because I Will never forget – another reason the ‘spirit of the Elephant’ resonated with Me.  They have fantastic memories.  That’s why wealth and all that other stuff has never mattered to Me.  What greater thing is there to do than heal the world?  What task seems more impossible and what accomplishment would be more miraculous?  Especially when You find out how fast I claim I can have it done.

To Me, life is a game because I know the experience never ends, only this character in the play and I truly would be the Fool if I did not take the stage.  The Fool becomes the Emperor and the Star.  Once I declared that I was King I began to introduce My self to every man I met as King Sean, House of von Dehn and I remind them kindly if they forget My title.

Today was catching up on all kinds of Work I’ve wanted to get done over the last two days but the weather has been shit – We had SNOW yesterday!!!   Anyway, I got back to business today.  My social worker kept wanting to talk to Me when all I really wanted was a receipt that he had received all My documents and then his printer was out of ink.  So I as King to him to have them prepared so I could pick them up the following day.  And I didn’t get back there until today so I had nothing to post until now.

But on My Way back, a clerk (I think, he was dressed in all black and looked kind of like a priest but was exiting provincial courthouse) and I as King to him some questions.  I as King what the highest court of authority might be in Guelph.  He as King to Me, “provincial or federal court?”.

“No, I cannot stand in those courts, I am King Sean, House of von Dehn, highest authority appointed by God and the Hand of His Kingdom.  I need the highest court of authority in the world.”

I swear his face lit up like a Christmas tree!  “Ah, You need the superior court of justice.  74 Woolwich St. Guelph.”

“Ah, thank You very much!!  And as one King to another, may I know Your calling?”

He gave Me his calling and I asked what house he was from.  He pointed down the road cheerfully and said, “just over there, not too far.”

I laughed, “No, sorry, I meant You father, what is Your family name, the name of Your House.”

“Ah!”, he exclaimed, enthusiastically and told Me what House he was from.

The moment I said to him that I was a King appointed by God, he treated Me with grace, kindness and enthusiasm.  He was almost blushing with flattery when I addressed him as My fellow King and asked his calling.  This is how a true man of God stands in his Kingdom.

The photo at top is called ‘Global Guardian’.  Another representation in the physical (real) world of what I am.  The intention to protect all of man.  This is My duty and this I Will do.  I give You My Word.

So, I am going to end this post by leaving You with a photo copy of the letter sent to Me by Ian Murray.


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