The Divine Principal

Ah, Fibonacci.  Things are going to start moving forward much faster now.  I read over the beginning of My Book earlier today and was actually kind of amazed to read some of the things I had Writ, how I had talked about a Divine Plan that was in the works that was far more beautiful than the world could yet perceive.  And now I know how close it actually is.

The Book secured My Intention and made it permanent in the Universe and everything I ask is done for Me.  I am a Master teacher and My number is 37.  It was given to Me after the completion of My Book, the Universe’s Way of letting Me know that I had done good Work.  For My friends, I am Magic man.  A girl I was renting a room with had her phone ‘malfunction’ in some crazy way, just endlessly printing nonsense while she was at the club and she came home in a panic saying ‘Sean, the thought came into My head that You would be able to fix My phone and You said anything I believe You can do, You can do.  I really believe You can fix My phone, please?’

And I can back all these stories up but of course I said, ‘yes’, and she handed Me her phone.  She told Me she had tried everything, even restarting, nothing works.  I as King her to leave Me for five minutes and Will be done.  I powered down her phone and just placed it on the table waiting for her to come back.  She was SO happy!!!  I also showed her a YouTube video of some guy who is clearly on some serious drugs filming a rainbow (it is SO funny I’m going to see if I can find the link).  She found it pretty hilarious, too and then said, (using that voice girls use when they want something from You), “aw, I’ve never seen a double rainbow, I’d be pretty happy, too…”

“Aw, really?  Okay, I’ll make sure the Universe lets You see a double rainbow.”

The next day she ran into the screaming about how she had just seen her first double rainbow.  And for Me, it’s kind of hilarious because it has nothing to do with Me.  It’s all her belief in her own creative Power that she doesn’t yet fully understand.  She knows I do and God wants her to know Him through Me so anything she believes I can do is done.  And just about everyone who has truly known Me has always believed that one day I would do exactly what I am doing now.  They too have just been wondering how I would pull it off.  You Will see.  Tomorrow Will be a busy day for the new King.

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