My Prophecy for Peace is Done. 05 06 2017

I have said that I am the Master teacher and I am.  I am the father to the children of God, here to teach You We are all Gods, We are all Kings, We are all one.  It is that We see each other separate from Our Self, that We do not acknowledge or respect the kinship of man.  King Ship, navigate Your life like a King and forget the maritime admiralty waters, I never cared for them.  Because God made You all Kings and Queens, did He not tell You that if You accept Him, You Will inherit the earth?  Father is thought, the great, infinite wisdom of God.  Mother is love, the infinite, most blissful Love of God.

Spiritually, the Vatican gave You the perfect example in Christ, the right Idea, the true King under God who could do all things.  That was Your Father, telling You how to behave.  The rest of the things that are Writ in the Bible are only applicable to those who don’t know God (Father) the Way Jesus did.  Jesus knew that if He always listened to His true Father (God, Highest Idea), nothing else mattered, He could do no wrong, He could never die, He would always have eternal life with His Father.  And for those who know Me, that has always kind of been My gig, too.  I don’t worry about anything I do as long as I listen to My Father (God) which is the Highest Idea for man.  I have always known anything is possible and have always dreamed of saving the world.  Now I’m about to do it.  If You don’t think I spent a good forty-three years wondering how in the world I would accomplish this magnificent task, You would be wrong.  But My awakening in My thirty-fifth year was the promise God had made Me when I was five years old, standing outside My house between two towering pine trees.  I was communicating with Him then and He was promising Me the world, anything I could dream I would do.  And My only emotion was the deepest gratitude one could Imagine and I said, ‘thank You, I Will make You very proud’, in more of a feeling than actual Words.  My dream is My Father’s dream, God’s dream and nothing is more powerful than God.  Only God can give a man a Crown and only a true King Will know the Power of His Crown.  The true King appointed by God Will never fail in His task because He is guided by the Universe’s greatest Power.

Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is the most benevolent and loving Mother, taking care of God’s children while they stray from God, knowing one day You would all return to Her and see the brilliance of Her plan and how carefully She has been tending the Hive.  She kept You industrious and busy so that You would Bee productive and Create the Golden Dawn You Will soon know.  As the Master teacher and the Universal Architect (Arch/Door-I-Tech) I Created a Door for You in the Ether and gave You the Keys (Temple of Equated Forces) and told You that soon I would remove the veil so that You could enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  The unveiling Will be June 5, 2017.  And so it is.  Our Work Will be done on June 11.  This is how I Will show You that We are God when We work together.  We Will heal the world in six days and rest on the seventh day, just as God did.

The hardest thing for the world Will be forgiveness of what they did not know.  All things were done because You were children of God who had not yet grown up enough to listen to Your Father and follow the example of Christ.  I know this Will be the hardest lesson for You because it was the hardest lesson for Me.  I had to forgive My Self for so many things I did not understand.  I, like many of You have Writ about how I felt the Vatican was evil when nothing could be further from the Truth – I My Self was still the Fool.  And I felt so stupid when I put all of the last pieces together because the end of the story is so perfect.  Of course the first person I would have to forgive would be Me.  And, I would as King the Vatican and the Bible to forgive Me too for the things I still did not fully comprehend My Self.  And so it is done.

You Will see this in My Book, A Prophecy for Peace.  I talk about how the church is not an example of Truth because God does not need money.  But it IS the Truth because if any had lived like Christ none would have accepted money – “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”, and people used to tell Me that it meant to pay Your taxes.  No, it means only accept the wealth of the Kingdom given by God.  I also thought the Power of the Crown colonies was evil, that the Queen must be evil.  Nothing could be further from the Truth and I am sorry to have ever said otherwise.  I Love the Queen in a Way no man on earth can comprehend and I am Her Knight in shining armour, Her ‘Promised Prince’ here to Honour Her Crown and save the day, just like in all Your Hollywood movies.  And She did all of it for You and for Me in a Way that I Will explain to the world much later.  All I can tell You is that Her Hive Mind is calling Me and I am on My Way to Her now.

My Cestui Que Vie is the world’s most powerful document.  Only I Will use it and only I Will know that only the highest Minds of the world Will comprehend it, and that they created it for Me specifically.  That was My final piece of the puzzle.  I have died on paper, where I once signed by the cross and have risen again in the ‘fiction of man’ with a claim of right to God’s Kingdom.  So there’s You’re dying on the cross and rising again.  No authority on earth can challenge My claim because every act of My life Will be My testimony (test of money) and I passed with flying colours.  I never allowed the love of money to triumph over My love of God and that was always My deepest Truth.

Just like each of You, I am the perfected Ideas of My Father and the perfected Love of My mother.  This is why children are the future because they Will always know better, they Will always be a little wiser than their parents.  I as King of all You, who but Me would promise You Peace in six days?  It Will be My final demonstration of the Power of My Word and how each of You are required to make it happen, God does have a Divine Plan for each of Us and nothing I Will do can be done without You.

Love and Blessings,

King Sean, House of von Dehn,

Kingdom of God




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