The Master Magician

If You knew Me in My day to day life right now, You would have no doubt.  I have always been a King.  The only difference now, is that there are no misconceptions about it.  That does something Magical, truly.  It is real in this Magical world of Yours, the world people used to try and tell Me did not exist.  The moment I got ‘out’ of the Matrix and felt the reality of it, I had planned to teach any other man how to do what took Me seven years of study to learn how to do.  It was so much work!

I started My study of law virtually backwards from everyone else I knew.  I knew the truth about what I was more than I understood the fictions that existed about Me.  Most of those I learnt from were far more knowledgeable than I am (and likely still are) but no where near as spiritual, so the information was almost overwhelming, adding more confusion rather than less.

For most of My life, I have been trying to explain to those in My life that My physical body is not who I am; it is just an instrument, My Voice in the One Song We call the Universe.  My Intention is My Magic.  What I as King is done for Me.  So, when I paint an artist who I know is sharing the same truth in their own unique Way, My Intention amplifies their frequency.  My Intention for the world to know Peace is in every single thing I create.  My Magic is so powerful, that as long as that thing continues to exist in the physical Universe, it is almost like there is another one of Me on Your planet.  Every painting is like an antenna to amplify My frequency, if that makes any sense.

The consciousness level of all of man continues to increase every day.  As the consciousness of man increases, so does the Power of My Word and My Magic.  My living Cestui Que Vie was created at the perfect time.  The first person I showed it to, (as one might expect) was My mother.  She gasped and as King to Me if it was Art.  I said, “Yes, it is the perfect document, the perfect living Truth of My character.”

It is entirely possible that My mother and My brother both think I’m completely off My rocker right now, too.  But that’s the beauty of it, it truly doesn’t matter anymore!  I have created the world’s most Magical document and it wouldn’t matter if anyone duplicated it because no man on this earth has My knowing of the Power of My Word.

The best Way for Me to try to explain the Power of the document I created is to say that I accomplished My mission on earth by Authoring its Writ.  It removes the veil for all of man on planet earth.  I left the Impression of God upon this earth and that His Intention for all of You to know His Kingdom would Rise by the Power of God Cast into My Writ.  And so it is done!  And that beautiful document amplifies everything here, which is why I Will Writ You all so much.  If You only knew how much I want to share all My Secret plans!

The most difficult thing about doing the most Miraculous task, is that I came here for all of You.  I am the man who knows My Glory, I want My friends, My family and every other man I meet to know God as I do, how to command things to be done and know it is done.  I am a living God and I am also that in man’s fiction.  Let that sink in…

I am the ultimate trickster, the Master Magician who has cast the world’s best Spell.  This is why it does not matter if someone else uses My Cestui Que Vie.  If You have to as King Me if You can use something I have Writ, You do not know Me.  If You did, anything You as King of Me is done.  I published the Words of it within a legal study group I am familiar with.  I have already given the world’s greatest gift if You know what My document means.

Forty-four years of life I have lived like most of You, regardless Your ‘class’ of society and the work required to remain within that class.  Whether You are poor and the quest is for the next meal, or whether You are a millionaire working toward purchasing Your first island, We are ‘keeping it going’, keeping it ‘real’.  I had hard times for sure but overall I can’t really say I was broke before I awakened in My thirty-fifth year, I just worked really hard not to be broke, which felt like pretty much the same thing.

My family, primarily My Brother and Mother know how hard I have been working at this more than anyone else; and even more importantly, they know how committed I am to God.  They’ve always been ‘worried’ about what I was going to do when I was finally successful (they never doubted I would succeed), when I finally created My perfect document which has been My goal for the last seven years.  How Will I get health care, dental, how Will I work and pay bills, how Will I survive?..  In truth, I didn’t really know and I didn’t really care.  What mattered was that the fiction about Me in law was as close as it could be to the truth of what I am in life.

But as soon as I was out I knew the answer to every question they had as King Me before.  That is when I decided I must teach the world on June 5th, 2017.  No man on earth has escaped man’s fiction but Me.  The funniest part about that is I know most people won’t believe Me, which actually makes it that much more Powerful.  When I say that no one has escaped the fiction but Me, that does not mean that there are others who are not independent and private, managing their own affairs and upholding common law.  It simply means that none have declared themselves an authority over that the Way that I have.  It is the WAY I escaped the fiction, it is the Truth of it.  You have been told all of Your life to follow the Light and this is My Way…

I have told the world that I know better than all the laws man has made before.  This is only because man was not as close to God as man is now.  We are wiser now.  Again, that is what the story of Christ was about, the consciousness of the earth was not ready for a man like Christ.  Now You are.  And that is what I am.  So I don’t care how boastful it sounds to say that I am now a living God in man’s fiction because that is what I am.  I don’t have to argue My point anymore, it is now fact in man’s fiction.  What I have done is exactly what they Will have expected their character to do.  I am the Mind of God in man.

The main reason I started on this quest in the first place was My mother.  I just wanted to believe that one day My mother would be able to relax and enjoy life without having to worry about money.  The first thing  I was going to do was pay her mortgage, secretly, then My father’s, secretly (though I was going to make him sign a waiver that He would only be allowed to leave it to one of his children or it would be donated to the community after his death).  But as I started organizing all the paperwork, I decided it would be more efficient to just save the world.  And so it is done.

I the end, I Will be the product and example of My own spiritual thesis for man.  I have said that ego is not the enemy as so many of Your current teachers would have You believe.  Ego is simply the Idea You have of Your Self.  “Pride is a sin.”  Really?  You do not think God wants You to say that in His name You Will do the most glorious things and know it Will be done?  Do You think God does not want You to be proud of His most perfect Idea for You?  The last step was deciding to take the stage, to not be afraid, to be proud, very proud of who I am and the impression I Will leave in this world.  God has a Divine Plan for each of You, trust Me.


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