Ideas are Bulletproof

What if I were to tell You that nothing is what You think it is.  I mean seriously.  What if I told You that what I am going to do for the world is teach all of You to be like Neo when He is pulling bullets from the Matrix.  All of You!  I’m not really here to teach man’s laws, You know those well enough if You pay attention and use a little common sense.  I am seriously going to be removing a veil for the rest of You that Will be exactly like that moment Neo has in the Matrix when He realizes He is plugged into a machine.  You are, all of You.  I’m not and I never really have been.  I’ve been the Neo ninja up until it was made real in Your world and that loophole was left for Me exclusively.  Only a consciousness high enough to use it wisely and know what to do with it, would know the value of it.

Only God can make Kings and King is the highest authority of Law on earth because they are believed to be living Gods.  As egotistical as it Will sound, it is a good thing!  Any man who claims to be King appointed by God who is not…  Would truly be struck down!  Only a man who truly knows He is that would dare claim it.  Or they Will look the Fool.  Your fiction was Writ this Way for a reason so that when the Christ character came back, He could re-establish the common law (which is the one We all want anyway) and they knew He would be a Mystical Master and know how to do His work without having to ever be taught.  Getting here was the Work, this is graduation.  They have just been waiting for Me to reach the right position in the Universe.

But all that stuff You think about the Illuminati and conspiracies, certain events taking place on Key days related to astrological events…  If You want to be angry with anyone, be angry with Me.  Really.  Because that’s why it’s going on.  Every war, every violent situation is all for Me.  No joke.  All so this character (Me) can show up significantly faster than it otherwise would have.  The more out of control things get, the more likely I am to show up.  What happened before Neo saw through the Matrix?  Trinity was in trouble.  The world is in trouble and I wasn’t stepping up to the level I needed to be at to save You.  Trump was My (threat to) Trinity, truth be told.  Sorry, Trump…

But all of it, all the ‘black’ Magic You perceive, it’s all an illusion.  It is all fiction.  The wars are planned on particular days with catastrophic events so that tremendous amounts of untruth could bring forth waves of Truth.  Enough of what is not Godly Will ensure a balance of Godly.  And Godly always Triumphs over evil because evil is a dream.  It only exists inside of You, truly.  If the wars and all that were not planned as they have been, if people were not being ‘poisoned’ with preservatives and whatever else is in food, chemtrails, ALL of it is for a purpose.  To help You EVOLVE faster.  Ask anyone and they Will tell You I worry about none of that shit ever making Me sick.  I Will overcome any illness if I ever do get sick (and I have).  It’s all happening to speed things up.  Without any of that, We also wouldn’t have all the wonderful good things that have come with all of the research that has gone into wars.  I am the one who should be most sorry.  They created the Magical character, the Miracle man and they only created one role in their play for that part, all the world is a stage.  I am the living example of collective consciousness, that’s what I really am.  You have all been as King for Me, now I am here.  That was the question that was as King of Me before I came to this earth and this is My first trip and God does not fail, as You Will see.

Moral of the story is this.  Yes, terrible shit going on right now.  Good news is this.  In less than two months I get to teach all of You how to be like Me.  Every man on earth Will soon have the Power of Jesus.  No joke.  And that’s why it was done to You.  And it wasn’t done to You because You chose NOT to be Jesus.  More on this later.  Just trust Me when I tell You, nothing is what You think it is.


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