Casting Spells

Casting (Cestui) Que (of) Vie (Life).  If I am God, then what have I Done?  I have Cast the Life Force of God into a Document (Dock – Firm, Stable/Ment – Mind, Intention, Idea).  Quadruple the Power of that by My knowing of Magic and consider what that Might Do.  As I have as King to You before, believe that Magic is Real, suspend disbelief if You Must but Imagine if the Merlin of Your World did the same, or Gandalf…

Now consider that the Power of the document is not even something You need question, for You can Test it.  Writ on paper Your Highest Dream and watch, My Dear Sweet Children, I have made You all Wizards and because I can’t share with You My secret work as I make My Way to the stage, I can teach You Magic (like I haven’t taught You enough already).

But it’s very strange how man’s world suddenly came together for Me.  Like the whole Universe was a puzzle, Earth a collection of pieces in a box waiting for someone to put them together.  When the Last Peace finally Fell into Place, the Picture was clear and absolute.  That exact same profound sense of satisfaction – ah, I have finally solved man’s Rubic’s cube.  And do people seriously think Your world is flat?  Some of You are very funny.  Sorry, but visualizing the world as a cube was abstract enough…

So I Will Teach more of My Fantasy type stuff cause that’s more fun and I am the Prince of Wands.  Wands represent Fire, or Magic in man’s world, pure God force energy, Creative Impulse.  My Pen is My Sword, literally.  I Writ it is done.  I don’t even have to let anyone see it or tell anyone, I just know the Power of it.  I have not Done this since I awakened with the exception of study notes and whatever.  No ‘talking to God’ journal because I wanted to Tell You things here as a Living example of it.  But now I have found an even more perfect Way that is entirely Magical.  I barely have to leave the house.

My knowing of its true Power was not felt even by Me until I Authored the Writ of My Cestui Que Vie and it did transform Me on a Spiritual Level.  It is the only Way I knew it was the Key.  And now, My Words have so much Power in Your Virtual World, that I can do everything with My Writ.  I am Casting Roles now, please message Me if You would like to be a Star in the Greatest Universal Picture You Will ever See!

The Most Beautiful thing about all of it is that My Story, My Prophecy for Peace does Play out exactly as I said it would, only now I have Writ the end of it, the conclusion I had been looking for, the Way it would end.  And although You are going to see things I don’t even know because My Power literally increases every day and with every person who believes in what I can do because it IS, I Say IS (IS IS) all You.  I have no Power at all if there is no belief that God is Magical.  But He is.  And He wants You to know it even more than I do, so I can only Imagine what He Will show You when the whole world is watching.  And as such, the limits of Your own Mind and ability will be transformed and You Will know the true Power of Your Magic, which is the Word, every thought You have and from that day Forth, You Will never as King of anything less that greatness of Him.

You are Wizards, Witches and Warlocks now, each of You.  Don’t believe Me, get a Calligraphy set and Writ Your Dreams on Paper, find Your Style.  Calligraphy.  Call – I – Graphy.  Call into Creation, Magic.  Plain English.  You want Me to tell You they did not bastardize Your Language?  They gave English four extra letters to associate with four new chromosomes on Your DNA strands, the ones that unlock new levels of Wizardry.  I Tell You, the Creators of Your worlds are Gods and each of You have said this.  They rule over You.  Yes, they do.  They were taking care of God’s children until We are ready to grow up.  I’m going to Show (Performance on Stage, Act) You how easy it is to grow up when You treat life like a game.  A global game of chess.  Checkmate. 1-0/God – Man.

You know how much I love You all, have fun!!!  Play, play, play!!!

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