No coincidences. Reading Tarot

So I did a reading today for the first time in a while.  I’ve been painting the Prince of Wands because this is His final crusade to the finish line now, guided by the Star and the Emperor.  The date has been established, 2017 06 05.  Now, any Tarot readings Will give Me insight about the events between now and then and the different roles I may play on the Way.  I even considered removing the Prince of Wands from the Tarot because His position has changed.  But as the True transformation does not occur until June 5, I figured I should leave Him in.  Also, I don’t really fully know how they have developed such a sophisticated system of Magic and I don’t really want to mess with it.  One card less is an incomplete Universe.  Microcosm is the Macrocosm and the concept is the same with Tarot.

So I performed the first operation as I always do, then decided I liked some of the new interpretations of the Thoth deck (I only have Crowley’s on My computer) from other enlightened Minds and figured I would see what Google had to say:

“tarot thoth deck opening of the key”

Star and Snake was the second hit and it spoke (like on a wheel of life) to Me, so it was the first site I picked. Take a Look by Clicking on this Sentence.  The page Speaks to Me immediately with the Prince of Wands as the ‘Star’ of the page!  No coincidences and this is how the Tarot speak to Me.  It is not so much about the cards themselves, but which part of My psyche each deck is connected to in relation to the physical Universe and where the cards take Me.

S- for Spirit and Source of God, Fire:  5 of Cups, Disappointment

E-the Ether, Eternal Love of God, Water: 0 The Fool

A-the Alpha, the Mind of God, Air:  III The Empress

N-the Nature of God, the Physical, Disks:  3 of Swords, Sorrow

Already the site speaks to a couple of things I have said I was specifically looking for, alternative Ideas to the Book of Thoth that compliment the Golden Dawn tradition and teachings.  I use a site called Corax for (abbreviated) interpretations of Cards as I read along with the Star and Snake.  Very similar to what I do and I didn’t change My method, I had already done the first operation before going to the site.

Fire in Water.  Or Water on Fire.  This is essentially the ‘Spiritual Trick’ and not a coincidence it speaks of ‘the Power that exceeds the 4 (foundation)’:

“In the sequence of the cups, the Five is the logical consequence of the Four. The grey tristesse that was lurking behind the luxury’s glamour is now exposed, the ‘truth is out’.

The Five of Cups implies the loss of illusion, the realization of a deception. It hurts, but is necessary when we don’t want to spend the rest of our lifes with our heads in the sand. The 5 is the quintessence, the power that exceeds the 4 – Geburah is motion and changing, the power of destruction.
To put it plain: we have to learn how to crawl before we can learn to walk.”

I’m not going to go through My whole reading with You, just an intro while I get started.  Many would probably be concerned if these cards showed up, I never am.  You can use the sites as I’ve listed them here to do Your own reading or check out what this might have said to Me about My next stage of the journey.  I Will tell You where I find My significator, though I expect it to be in the N pile.  I’m not always right, if I were there would be no point in asking the Universe for guidance.  The first card makes perfect sense related to the information provided above, the first source I found for explanation of it’s meaning, which is the true Voice of the Universe, listening to Intuition.  The power of destruction, the end of the old world, perhaps disappointment for some but not necessarily Me.

The Fool is a perfect second card for Me because that is in the “Love of God” pile and 0, the number of the Card represents true Source energy, the Abyss, the Nothing from which all things have come and My desire is that Man learns to Love the Abyss, what He calls Death is Rebirth.  This is what the site has to say about it:

“Pisces going to Aries, on the other hand Uranus/Mercury standing for curiosity, spontaneity, madness
Element: the Air
Tree of life: Kether going to Chokmah
Element: Air
Number: 0 as nothing and begin of it all

The Fool is the symbol of true innocence, a perfect state of joy and freedom, the sure feeling to be one with the spirit of life, at any time.

The Fool has the number 0, for someone ready to go in any direction, open to all possibilities. He belongs nowhere, has no past, but an infinite future. Every moment is a new beginning. In arabic letters the 0 has the shape of an egg, the symbol for the origin of life. The Fool is change, motion and the readiness to jump into life, with no cares ever. The Fool knows no difference between possibility and reality, the zero means a total lack of hope and fear, the Fool suspects and plans nothing. He reacts directly to the current situation, nothing is calculated, nothing is hidden.

In most decks the Fool is shown with an animal, as a symbol of nature, the animal soul in perfect harmony with the spirit that just follows its instincts. The Fool is courage, optimism and the belief in life and himself. When times are hard, and we suffer the pressure of ‘being reasonable’ or denying our instincts, the Fool reminds us that our inner person knows best what to do. ‘Always trust your instincts’…

In its negative aspect, the card can say that its qualities are blocked or reversed. Irresponsibilty, mad projects, recklessness – the careless human who covers himself with some artifical madness, for distrusting his instincts and fearing standstill and silence.”

Then there is the Air pile, the Mind of God and the Empress is on the Mind of God.

“The Empress is the friendlier, more approachable aspect of the female archetype. She stands for maternity, love and mercy; at the same time she’s a symbol for sexuality and emotion. She is pure feeling, absolutely unintellectual, but basically life. The Empress is the Great Mother, representing the beginning of all life. She is the power of nature, causing change, renewal, major plans.

The Empress also stands for passion, a phase in which we cope life on an emotional and joyful basis, rather than on the thoughtful. This could mean great satisfaction, but in a improper context, when actually more analysis is needed. The Empress can also stand for a reflective, emotional attitude, refusing to accept reality. It also could stand for a person who is greedy for joy and abundance when actually just more self-control is needed.
Drive: Devotion and maternity, Mother Nature, creating something new in connection of both inside and outside

Light: Maternity, love, trust, fulfilness, the joy of great abundance

Shadow: Greed, envy, jealousy, laziness”

This goes along well with the influence of the Fool.  Major Arcana are Mage-Or Universal Influences over the character.  Minor cards not so much but still relative.  Let’s see what the 3 of Swords says for the physical, which would represent My pen, perhaps; My current Ideas in the physical, material world:

Tree of Life: Binah through Air
Astrology: Saturn in the 2. decan of Libra

With the Three, the Swords are entering Binah, the fields of understanding, of perception and realization, and they reveal the dark side of understanding – or the truth behind the common saying that idiots are the happier people.

It is the curse of the Swords to be so clear and honest, to analyze what others prefer to ignore, to put in plain light what others hide in the dark. They are not like the Cups who are lucky when they understand themselfes, the Swords are the Mind and when understanding what they see, they dive into melancholy.

So the Three of Swords can talk of a painful realization, a hard decision that has to be made, the melancholy of Saturn when recognizing the unveiled truth. They also can stand for a disappointment, the loss of an illusion, or the detection of a treachery, a lie, a deceit.
Drive: Melancholy, facing up a painful truth

Light: Understanding, sobering, losing beautiful but false illusions

Shadow: Disappointment, pain, sadness, separation, sorrows”

I didn’t even read the interpretation until I had copied and pasted it here and I laughed.  Seriously, how could one perceive all things to be a coincidence?  It gives further depth and understanding of all the cards in this read so far and My significator, much to My surprise, was in the Spirit pile.  I was expecting it to be in the Earth realm because I have established God’s Kingdom now.  But I was found buried on the very bottom of the Spirit or Source deck.  The rest of the read I Will keep to My Self.

Love and Blessings,





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