Accidental Brilliance

I’m enjoying a lazy Sunday and I really enjoy Writing.  I want to say thank You to all My new readers, that means more to Me than anything.  Having an audience motivates Me to Write and I’m doing all kinds of Writing and Art these days.  I have You to thank for that.

My best friend told Me last night I should Write another book.  I told Him I am, it’s Write here.  When I have new readers I like to see what they are reading and generally re-read the entries again.  I think the most beautiful thing about everything I’ve done here on this Blog, is how many mistakes I’ve made along the Way.  My own evolution is Write (the Writ empowered by the Magic of the Ether, ‘E’) here.

I was angry about all the same things everyone else was angry about.  Frustrated is probably a better Word.  I had so many misconceptions about the world that are right here for everyone to see.  I had to admit I was wrong about a lot of things before I could ask or even hope for anyone else to forgive and accept.  The people most presume to have authority over them are not the enemy.  The only enemy exists within and that is the deepest, hardest truth.

I was going to Write a story about the Princess because every good story needs a Princess to save.  But because I know that all of these things represent elements within man’s psyche, I want to make sure I attribute the Princess to the right associations.  The Princess represents the ‘damsel in distress’.  What is in distress?  Well, man’s psyche, for one.  Love is in distress.  The Princess is questing for Love where the Queen has already found it – at least in the perfect fairy-tale ending.

This post was inspired by the fact that I really don’t post much about the Tarot and I found My Self surprised last night to review how much I had Written about it over the last few days.  I felt regret at first, as though perhaps I should remove them or place them in a different category or something.  I have no Idea what inspired Me to share all of it because usually it is a deeply personal experience for Me.

Accidental brilliance.  Today is already a perfect reflection of what was forecast for My day, My energy is high and I am full of new, creative Ideas.  But every (good) heroic movie Will have all of the main characters in the Tarot; the King, Queen, Knight and Princess.  So in a Way, anyone who Writes a fantasy story is also teaching the Tarot, they just don’t know they are.

In My story (as in all stories), the Princess represents Love.  To rescue Love, We must first know what it is.  The Princess represents Universal Love, true Love, the Love of God – and this is the love that is vulnerable in the world.  I’m going to be even more specific and say that the vulnerable Princess in distress needing to be saved is Self Love.

Most of Us truly don’t love Our Self enough.  We are hard on Our Self.  I am no exception, I am one of the worst for being hard on My Self and giving My Self incredible goals.  But I do love My Self, even when I make mistakes.  You know the expression, “only God can judge Me”, well, it’s the truth for all of Us.  I’m hard on My Self because I know what I’m ultimately capable of.  I forgive My Self because I know that practice makes perfect.  My best friend is what I guess other people call conscience.  I do My best but I can be as irritable as anyone.

The point is, the Princess ties into Our fear of death because that’s what caused our loss of Self love.  We believe in some dark shadow of Our Mind that this experience is temporary, limited, and that if We don’t get it right, We may be eternally damned.  Well, worst You can do is end up right back here, this is truly as bad as it gets.  I knew I couldn’t fail, perhaps because I had that knowledge as a safety net.  Why put off for another lifetime what I came here to do now?

So now You know who the Princess of My fairy-tale is.  I want You all to love Your Self as much as I do, to know You can’t possibly fail, God is guiding Your every step.  Even if You don’t know it, You are always in His care.

I’m glad now that I posted My Tarot read.  Tomorrow, My Monday begins with the Prince of Swords influenced by the Root Powers of Intellect, I am anticipating a great start to the week.

Love and blessings, I’ll keep You posted,


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