God Speaks, I Hear

You have to be a close friend of Mine to truly know how the Universe answers My every question.  The more I share with all of You, the more I can show You that what I tell You is true, there are no coincidences.  I told You just yesterday how much I was as King for to establish the Kingdom of Heaven and as I told You, it was done.  Yesterday was Friday, and the new lottery prizes were listed (listen, God Speaking) just this morning:


I could not make this shit up.  I am also offering $5,000,000.00 as a Gift from God for the first organization to help with the Foundation of God’s Kingdom to be divided by each of the shareholders – that was already expressed in My private letters with the financial institution manager I am currently dealing with.  Today is the perfect day for foundation because it is the perfect month, 05, and the perfect day 13 (1+3=4), 4 foundation of My Kingdom.  And if You want to know how the $250,000. fits in, My Porsche won’t cost more than that, the rest is for God’s Work.

As always, Love and Blessings,

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