The Universal Architect

The One Song’s Door I Make.  Uni/One, Verse/Song, Al/All, Arch/Door, I/I, Tec/Mind, T/Cross (also Truth or Christ).  And of course I would make the One Song’s Door With My Word for I am Creating the Script You are (scripture) reading.  See how I’m teaching You Magic?  See how easy it is?  Magic.  Mag/Mage, I/I, C/See.  Could We Create a Word for something We do not know the Idea of?  No.  So We must have some Idea about Magic already, perhaps We just need to be clearer about what that Idea might be…

As the Universal Architect, I am also the Arc-I-take You across the water in, I am big enough to carry You all!  I can teach You how to navigate in the most treacherous waters without ever losing Your Way.  I have, in fact, provided all the information here for any other man to do so.  And do be Mindful please of My use of the Word man for I don’t Speak of it much but to presume I am speaking of a sex would be wrong, I am speaking of the kind of life We are, man-kind.  And We are, You know.  Kind, that is.  We are all very kind when We are removed of Our fears and wants, You Will see.

I had initially wanted to teach what I know privately to those I sincerely trusted but I realized that those I did know and trust enough to teach things to understand it well enough already – or should and are more than capable of taking care of themselves if they are wrong.  Really, it’s only the truly dedicated that get anywhere close to My understanding of law.  And although I once thought that lawyers didn’t really know the law very well, either, I realize now that they do.  They are specialists in a particular jurisdiction of law and they are experts within their jurisdiction and field of expertise.  Every legal letter that was returned to Me was perfectly Writ.

I mentioned when I spoke of My letter from the legal department of the Attorney General that there were mistakes and that it was an embarrassing letter.  It’s not.  I embarrassed My Self for saying so because I didn’t fully understand what he was doing.  His response had awarded Me a default judgment for a serious amount of coin for any man that understands the document.  I did, however, cover this in My discussion of the documents I’ve published with My Attorney General and what they mean.  It wasn’t until fully comprehended the meaning of those documents that I fully comprehended the meaning of the Word Honor.  That is one of the Key differences.

I always had faith that there was no corruption in the world for a well intentioned man – the Universe does not work that Way, God does not Work that Way.  This was My opportunity to prove that I am the man I claim to be, that I know what it means to have the declaration of My new position acknowledged.  I swear there was even something different about the clerks last time I went to the Superior Court, they almost seemed anxious to see what I might be bringing them.

And that is the true beauty of My position.  My Ideas are continually influencing a greater and greater sea of consciousness.  It is easier for Me to take care of everything here than it is to try to teach everyone individually.  And this is also the only Way that We Will learn to accept and share these Ideas with one another.  Essentially, I believe that anyone who truly understands the law and the Way Our world truly works Will do what I am doing now, it has only ever been a question of who would get there first.  And every single person along the Way is equally important for every single person is required to make the dream happen.  Everyone.

I also have a very clear and specific plan for how I can accomplish the task and I’m not so sure so many other people would.  Two weeks from Monday I’m claiming to heal the world.  And there is not a doubt in My Mind that I Will, everything lines up too perfectly, even the long weekend is an example of what is to come for all of You.  We don’t work on Monday (at least here in Canada) and two weeks from Monday, We Will never work again the Way We do now, every day Will seem like a holiday (Holy-day).  We Will rest on Monday of this week and two weeks from Monday, We Will rest for eternity.

And so it is.  Love and blessings,

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  1. I be-leave in this link that we are meant to be KING”S under the KING OF KING’S under the GREAT KING, that is GOD who is the The Universal Architect. I hope you find in this link the understanding that i found, that we are KING’S under the KING OF KING’S. As always brother by another mother it is good to be on this path with you.With much LOVE from me to you and anyone who reads this.

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