The United Kingdom of God

Alright world, the continued development (building on the Ideas of Heaven already Established), Involves a Deeper Foundation for the Expansion of Kingdom.  We must know God’ Kingdom before We can choose to Enter it.  This is the final example of the microcosm and macrocosm I Speak of so often in My Book, how what We are as individuals is reflected in the Universe around Us in every perceivable Way.

The Kingdom of God is a United Nation, a man who is whole and complete in Body, Spirit and Mind.  Your Nation is Your first Name which is represented by Your physical Body, the Promised Land Given by Mother (the Promised Motherland).  Your last name is Your House, the Mind, the Ideas that Will be placed on the Land of Your Mother.  The Middle name is the Spirit, Soul, or Will, the Energy required to build the House, or even the Wealth required to build it.

The real wealth is the #GreatWork, the things We Create with the Time and Energy We Invest.  It is only the openness of Our Hearts that Will determine when We can learn to share it all with one another.

As I explained in one of My previous entries, if We all know Our true wealth and claim God’s Kingdom, We are wealthier than most could Imagine because everything You can see or Imagine in the world around You Will be free.  I know, probably still seems completely unbelievable.  But I’m telling You, nothing is a coincidence and it is called the common wealth for a reason.  And the United Nations were Created and Established for a reason, with Intention.  The Intention has always been Divine because it has always been known by those who have micromanaged the macrocosm of Your world that We are each United Nations.  The panel and Idea for what We are already exists, We just need to become what We already are.

The United Kingdom of God is the United Kingdom We each Spend every moment of Our waking life in, it truly is.  We can’t see it for the money.  We believe in human rights but We somehow believe that it requires money to do the stuff We need to do in this world.  We don’t, We need the Will of the world to say We want Peace, then We network how We Will do it.  There is no money, only a Will and a Way.  If You believe in property and wealth for self gain, You may not enter the United Kingdom of God, it’s just that simple.

Love and Blessings,

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