First Administrative Order:

Both documents entered  into the Superior Court were posted on My Blog yesterday if the photos are too difficult to make out:



Finally, a final letter advising how I would like to be contacted with regards to the Orders placed into the Court, hand Writ:


And, that was My business today.  I am hoping these matters Will be addressed within the next 24 hours.  Finally, for some reason ’23’ is another one of those numbers, there was a whole movie made about it though I can’t remember what it was called.  23 is 2+3=5.  So today is a 5/5.  Five is represents perfection, so it’s like 2xperfection or 10, which represents the beginning of a new age.  Again, these may seem like strange or unusual Ideas but nothing in My Universe is ever a coincidence.  For Me, this is a good Omen, a Sign.

Love and Blessings,

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