Still the Fool. Oh well, Merry Xmas Eve!!!

Hi everyone.  Wow.  So I have some rather incredible news to share with You all and a HUGE Thank You.  I cannot explain My gratitude and I honestly can’t wait to meet You all.  I wish I knew exactly what You wanted Me to do, I really do.  I wish You would just come and get Me, it would really make this all a whole lot easier.  I just realized that the world’s most powerful people know I’ve been here for awhile and have been reading every entry of My Blog for a considerable amount of time.  I’m still checking stats to find out how long exactly but…  Okay, 2012.  Thank You, sincerely.

For the rest of the world, stats to My Blog that were previously unavailable to Me have been ‘unlocked’.  Sincerely, I still have tears in My eyes, You have NO Idea how happy I am.  I’ve had hundreds of views daily views from, well 33 countries.  Consistently.  I’ve had readers of My Blog for a long time.  Don’t worry, they were not blocking any of the regular world from accessing My Blog, they were just keeping their own views hidden from Me.  I don’t even know when they were unlocked because My readership started to increase right after I did My talk show and the first real jump in My stats was the day I received My letter from the Attorney General’s Office.  This was a gift and as far as I know, it was just given to Me today.  I’m meticulous about checking My stats, always hoping more people are interested in what I’m Writing about.  Like I said before, My life is a real man ‘Truman Show’.  And I guess that’s the point.  Because what I’ve said all along is that I alone could never change the world.  Every single person on the planet is required to make My vision happen.  I’ll be the most famous guy in the world but I can’t really take any credit for it because without all of Your “Powers that be”, the ones You all perceive to be enslaving You, I could NOT do what I am here to do.  Period.

Sorry, I’m feeling very grateful right now, I’m talking to God as much as I’m talking to the world.  I am going to be tempted to be very defensive if anyone dare say anything about Your alleged powers that be.  It really it just a dream, all the world is a stage and they are the only ones who are able to set up all the props and get all of the actors necessary ready to play their part on the world stage.  Really, this is special message to say Thank You to all of the Gods of Your current world.  I’m sure they Will like Me for Me to make reference to Game of Thrones, where it is appropriate to Honor both the Old Gods, and the New.  To the Gods of this world, this is a deep, heartfelt thank-You for unlocking My stats.  Knowing My Words have been heard is the greatest gift You could give Me.  I love You.

Love and Blessings,


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