The Immaculate Conception: The Perfect Idea

Well, this Will be My last Post Planting Seeds of Thought for God’s Heavenly Kingdom to Grow (for Day 5, that is).  I am going to discuss (remove from cussing and bad thoughts) the Immaculate Conception which literally means the Perfect Idea made true.  The Idea is made true by, well Yours truly, Sean, the Concept or Idea that Sean Will explain; Concept-Sean, the Idea guy.

My conception date is also Magical, I was born on the perfect day, June (O6, Peace) 5 (Perfection), 1973.  Based on what I have Writ before now, We know that numbers are actually Magical symbols with a different Value in the Mind of God from that of man.  So 1973 = 1+9+7+3=20.  Did I not just say in My last teaching that 20 represents the end of the Second age, the Establishment of the new Law, the realization of ‘though shall not covet’?

We could also break it down as 1+9 and 7+3, which also equals the end of two ages, 10 and 10.  Or, We can look at each individual Value as I+Peace (9 is 6 upside down)+Heaven=Christ=man United with God, or the true United Kingdom.

My name day has always represented for a new Chapter in My life, so the new chapter of My life and Dream Will begin on June 5.  I know this simply from experience and I have already made My intentions known to God.  God refused nothing You shall ever ask.  As King, it is Done for You.

I Will be 44 on My name day.  201 is a Door as was shown to You in the Matrix when Truth comes knocking on Neo’s (the ONE’s) Door.  Seven We know is Heaven.   Six We know is Peace.  Five We know is Perfection.  Two Fours means that two Kingdoms Will be Established; My Kingdom Will be acknowledged by all the world and as My Kingdom is God’s Kingdom, that Will be reflected in the Macrocosm as You all enter the Kingdom  of God with Me.  The Wealth of My Knowledge Will pay for all of man’s SIN.  And so it is.

Love and Blessings,



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