12 Days of Christ Mass Consciousness: 8 Maids a Milking

Haha, again I use My little window of opportunity.  The Intention is in the Universe before the day actually arrives, at least on Twitter.  And how this Bird Loves to Chirp.  Remember what I told You about Birds representing Heavenly Ideas?

This is a very special day for Me.  Well, they are all special – but this one is especially special.  How fast can a man be ready to vacate where He is and venture into the world?  I’m done, ready to go.  And to make the day even a little more special, I get to see My real life Brother, Michael, tomorrow morning.  I was very surprised and very pleased.  It Will be interesting to see what his thoughts are when I tell Him I am on My Way to England and eventually Rome.

I know that any man has the potential to achieve anything in their heart, whatever dream it might be that they hold in their Mind.  Before I really even get into the Eight Maids a Milking, I really just want to talk to all of You, whomever may be reading this.  Because I am just the microcosm to the macrocosm, an example of what every single one of Us is.  As comical as some of My Writing may seem, I assure You I am extremely well Versed in what I am communicating Magically.  I know how to activate those dormant DNA, I’m doing it now.


This is essentially (Essence-I-Ally) My tool Kit.  What You see is what I will travel with, toiletries and clothing in the back-pack and the laptop I’m Writing from now.  The wine will also be gone.  I only set this up to set the mood; this is how I have a romantic evening with My Self.  I usually start with a  little marijuana, one hit from the bong is usually good, then I’ll go outside and have smoke, wait for the THC to work it’s Magic.  After a couple of minutes I’m usually rushing to put out My smoke so I can Write something down or start a new Art project.  The wine is something altogether different and I have to nurse that a little more carefully.  The point is, this is how much I enjoy what I am about to do.  This is how much I enjoy whatever I might have to go through to do what I am about to do.  This is how much, more than anything, I love talking to You, telling You that the dream and prophecy I created in My Book is a Word I Will soon be able to Honor.

This just kind of happened because I know it’s the last night I Will spend here.  I have no clue where I Will be tomorrow night and I don’t care, I know where I’m going and I know where I am destined to end up.  Maybe My Brother Will surprise Me, maybe tomorrow He Will believe what I am telling Him, maybe He won’t.  What I have to tell the rest of You is that it doesn’t matter.  It is more likely that My Brother Will recommend I see a shrink.  Believe Me when I tell You, this life has not been easy, as easy as I make it seem to those who Will only come to know Me over the next very short period of time.

I’m excited because I knew that today I would get to tell You about the number 8 which I almost never speak of, except for My “God Math” lessons for those who may have been following Me long enough to read them.  01123580112358…  Anyway, that’s the only real ‘value’ numbers have in God’s Mind.  0 = 2 because it takes both a subject and an observer for any Idea to exist (11).  And what is 11?  Oh, right, DOOR, lol.

Anyway, 2 is just the comprehension of the above Idea, so 0=2.  To have a 0, there must be someone to create the 0 and there must also be a canvas to paint it on.  I’ve already tall King enough about 3 and 5, so today is 8, which unlocks infinite potential, the knowing that Your “Law of Attraction” is actually true but You can actually use it to manifest things like world peace and abundance, perfect health and whatever else You like for everyone, You just have to envision that instead of a mansion.  Secret revealed.  Now You know why I Will succeed.

It turns out that the second Sacrament turns out to be the Eucharist and although it’s not directly related to anything I need to share with You about the 8 Maids a Milking, My desire to celebrate and Write to You all in a relaxed, comfortable setting seems to Me perhaps the very best Way I could have chosen to emulate the Eucharist, though I had perceived it to be something I would not be able to do until I had reached the world stage.  Yet here I am, in Mass Communion with all of You, enjoying wine, some really, really good cheese sticks, sharing My enthusiasm with all of You for the world We will soon know.  I am celebrating My love for all of You because this has always been My dream, for each of You to see and know the world as I do.

Anyway, to get back to the main Script You Are about to perform in this Universal Production, I bring You Eight Maids a Milking!!!

“Eight maids a-milking” was representative of the Eight Beatitudes.

Well, that seemed kind of anti-climactic, to be honest with You.  Was it good for You?  Yeah, let’s try and spice that up a little:



Alright, wine is starting to take effect, think I’m gonna go paint for a bit, maybe smoke another bowl.  Have a beautiful morning everyone.  Happy Eight Maids a Milking!!!

King Sean, House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.


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