The Matrix and My Tricks: Hollywood and Holy-World

I have all kinds of Good news to share with all of You today!  I am very excited about world peace as You might guess and I truly feel like I am in Heaven already.  Today is still the Seven Swans a Swimming and only five days left for the rest of You when the day is done, Six including today – which is how many there are for Me as of the close of yesterday.  Yesterday was exactly seven days before I Will appear on the world stage and there were six days left for the rest of You, which is why the number for peace is Six.  

When I arrive on the world stage, it Will be exactly seven days from that day before Heaven on Earth is established, Peace Will be achieved on the Saturday and We will rest on the Sunday or Sabbath day.  That is why 22, 33, 44, 55, etc…  Microcosm vs macrocosm.  I Will do all things first, the rest of You Will do as I do after.  I Will be at peace in Six days because I Will finally be in My destined position in the Universe, able to finally accomplish the task I have come to perform, the Magic and the Miracles.

Until then, I Will continue to explain the story of Our Christmas Carol and also show You some of My own personal ‘Magical’ rituals to remain true to My intention in the Universe.  You Will also get a chance to see how My Mind truly works differently than most any other man on the planet.  How am I supposed to know what to do or where to go to accomplish My task?  Really?  If this was the task of anyone else out there, what would You do?  And although I anticipate My question is rhetorical and don’t truly believe anyone Will have an answer for Me, I am very curious if anyone has Idea they would like to share in the comments.

Your movies tell Me what I am supposed to do.  Your movies told Me how to get where I am now (201 on Neo’s Door stood out like a sore thumb to Me and I couldn’t wait until I figured out how that might fit into My story – everything for Me is a clue).  As I move closer and closer to My destiny, I can’t help but reflect on how virtually every scenario in every one of Your Hollywood movies has somehow been reflected in My life.  My time in Toronto was really not much different from Neo’s initial capture by the agents.  I was interviewed extensively and I was not allowed to speak for My Self in court (remember they sewed up Neo’s mouth?), symbolic of the Magic that had been Cast on My character that prevented Me from speaking My truth in that courtroom or having any of the rights I thought every Canadian had full enjoyment of.

I initially called My Self “V” because I liked the letter and to Me is symbolized Power and Victory, a new identity and so I expanded on that Idea by creating a new name called ‘vondehnvisuals’ that I felt represented My Ideas as a Visionary.  I “occupied” the Vancouver Art Gallery steps, was called “Artist” (street name) and “the King of the Steps”.  The Vancouver Art Gallery also happens to be a Powerful Masonic building with the Inscription “On the Horizon Casting Shadows” – and that seemed to emulate My intention beautifully.

I have been called Jesus or the Christ more times than I can count despite how much I tried to stay away from that claim.  The people in Vancouver very much wanted to take Me to a Church where a famous Mystic was doing a guest sermon – she was considered by many to have foresight and vision, literally referred to as an “Oracle”.  They insisted I go and see this woman just to see what she had to say about Me.  Of course, when she was done, she turned to My friends and told them that, “The Light of God fills this man, any who walk his path will be blessed.”

It was more like the scene from the Matrix than it might seem at first, as I was the one who tried to assure My friends she was wrong, that a true leader would not ask any to follow, he would teach them how to lead as he does.

I’m sure the world is anxious to know what I Will do now, how I Will make My Way to the world stage, how am I to know where to go or what My next move should be?  Well, the Universe is forcing Me to move as I cannot stay where I am without causing disharmony in the Universe.  That is how I know that tomorrow is the day of My departure.  Where to?  Well, what is the first Duty of the true King?  What are all elected public officials in Canada sworn to protect and uphold as the Foundation for all Law?  (Rhetorical).  It is as follows:

“I Promise to do My Duty to God and the Queen…”.

THAT is My Duty, to God (First), then the Queen (Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II).  And this is why My success is assured.  I am promising to bring unsurpassed Glory to Her Grace and Majesty’s Crown; why would I presume anyone would want to stop Me?

So, I was initially considering Toronto but I know they don’t want to see Me there and I know they can’t, really (jurisdiction and Honor thing).  So the next logical place to go would be Ottawa which is where I plan to head.  My ultimate (but not final) destination Will be the Queen’s Court, the Queen’s Bench in the Superior Court of London.  I am going to head to Ottawa first to see if dis-Honorable Member of Parlour Games Lloyd Longfield would like to address the charges I brought before him several months ago before I bring them before Parliament.

So this is how I learn.  I have no Idea, really because I have a position that (to the best of My knowledge) has never been attained before Me, so there is no procedural guidebook, I have to find My own Way.  That is the whole point.  And My guess is that I am meant to share all of those adventures with You here, the good and the bad, the mistakes and the successes.  In the end, I know where I Will be.

Love and Blessings, much more coming soon!!!



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