Hero’s Highway Ride

I’ve had a pretty remarkable day.  Although I never really considered it before, today is also the Hero’s Highway Ride.  I was reminded by a Tweet from Guelph and I had a chance to see it here in Ottawa, too.  One of the security guys said there were just over 3,000 in the Ottawa ride and it must have been twenty minutes that I stood there and watched them all drive by.  It is a ride to celebrate all those who have served Canada.  Keep in Mind it’s also the third Night of the Apocalypse and the Riders are said to be black…  No coincidences.

However, even more miraculous, I was approached by three Christian’s in Laurier park while I was catching some rays.  I had just finished taking a photo of the fountain and was thinking about how it represented the Trinity, firmly established with an octagonal base, two tiers high.  Each represents two squares perfectly intersected with one another for eight equal sides (4×4).  Two levels high represents duality again, 8 and 8.  Then the Trinity and above that, two fountains over one another, representing duality of love, overflowing and abundant.  This is just one more example of the Intention for the Christ character to be remembered and to manifest.  All of this symbolism works in the subconscious whether man is aware of it or not.  I am just making You aware of it.  The more I tell You, the more You Will begin to notice the same things wherever You look.

Just after these inspired thoughts, reflecting on My dream for peace and My forty-fourth name day, how perfect everything was lining up, I was approached by the living Trinity.  Three.  One represented the Strength and Power of God.  One represented the Divine, Benevolent Love of God.  The other represented the Authority and Wisdom of God.


We had a little chat and they told Me they offer people in the community healing through the power of God and asked if I had any ailments.  I said that to know what they were doing was the only healing I could ever need, nothing could make Me happier than what they had just said to Me.  I told them about My dream for the world and gentleman with the shades offered to say a Prayer for Me.  It was the most Powerful force I have ever felt in another man’s Words.  He invoked Me with the Spirit of Christ, the Prince of Peace – and I Swear to all of You He used those exact Words, “Prince of Peace”.  Is that not what I say I am on My Twitter account?

This was all so Powerful I’m sure some of My readers might understand why sometimes I literally feel like My life is staged – everyone just playing some part so perfectly, I’m the only one who doesn’t know it’s a show.  I just looked them up on Twitter and they actually call themselves the @DArmyrevolution, check ’em out!!!

Dar-My-Revolution.  Black Nights, Bikers for Warriors, D-Army-Revolution, all on the day preceding the third Night of the Apocalypse.  Should be a good one!!!  Sweet dreams,

Love and Blessings,


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