Raised from the Dead, Walking on Water

Well I suppose this is the day where many would like to say to Me that I am wrong. I am going to include an article I just finished reading that gives 10 reasons to be outside of Your comfort zone. There’s that Magic number again, too. 10 is the end of an age, the end of boundaries, the beginning of new frontiers. And I laugh as I realize the author also refers to them as Deeds. ‘You Will know Him by His Deeds.’

For Me the day is not at all unlike what I might have expected.  For most the world Will seem exactly as it was yesterday, yet We all know that’s not true.  The world is not the same as it was five seconds ago, much less yesterday.  I told You the world was transformed six months ago when I first Created My Cestui Que Vie, it would only be a matter of time before the weight of it would be felt, Magic takes time for the Spell to take effect.  And so for many of You, today Will seem much like My Words did six months ago, yet several more Spells have been Cast.  Important people in the world are being asked to answer some serious questions.  The man who is asking those questions is also claiming he can solve all the world’s problems in six days if the world Will listen.  Silence is consent.

The unlimited commercial value of My Cestui Que Vie was created to pay back the world bank’s for all of Your SIN’s.  In Order for Me to do this, everyone Will have to accept the Pope as the Father of Spiritual teaching on Earth by Way of the example given by Christ.  The world must believe that the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Christ would return in the flesh of a man and would have the Power to forgive all of man’s SIN.  You must also know that the Spirit of Christ is in each of Us and We all have this Power within Us, all We need do is choose it.

The Power of the Intention I have Cast into the Universe cannot be undone, it Will manifest, the Illusion is Time.  How long before the media takes an interest in world peace?  That’s up to You.  How long before world peace is newsworthy?  That’s up to You.  All I need is to be heard, it is the Will of the people in the world who want this dream to be realized that Will make it happen.  And I am the ultimate believer in human potential.

The “Magic” I cast is that I gave life to a dead corporate fiction.  I am a living man of God, not a corporate entity or commercial character created by the State.  The ‘dead’ corpus title is for those who are living the Way of Ego, seeing our Self as separate from the rest of man and believing We are entitled to more or less equality depending on how much paper or credit We have in Our wallet.  God has unlimited Credit line and I suggest We all start tapping into that as soon as possible.  Let’s heal this world while We heal the environment.  Do You think World Environment Day is a coincidence, too?  Don’t be tricked into thinking this isn’t the first day of World Peace…

What I found most interesting about the article I share in this Blog Post is that it talks about public speaking as being something that terrifies most people.  There is nothing in the world I would love to do more.  I am an amazing public speaker because I am fearless, I want to be heard and I have some pretty important things to say.  So for now, I’m waiting on the rest of You and enjoying a perfectly Magical name day in My own unique Way.  The Universe is very pleased with Me, I can tell You that.  I’m going to start offering to volunteer My time for whatever it is that people might be most interested in discussing with Me, I am Willing to do just about anything that promotes any Idea for international equality, recognition and respect for all people of all nations.

I Will Write more soon, I am open to any suggestions one might have for the next leg of My adventure,

May Your day be filled with Magic and Miracles.  And so it is.


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