Hello, World!!!

Today is ‘lucky’ Wednesday for those who know Me and it has been a wonderful day of reflection.  I did a little Writing this morning and was reminded how much I love it.  I feel it’s important to share and disclose everything I am doing and have done with respect to law because I am still learning, too.  I also know that law and politics can seem very dry and complicated (which is why I try to make all of My Writing a little more entertaining with free-Style Word play), though I do feel I have a responsibility to share what I’m doing with all of My readers.  This is My Way of leading by example, being the change I dream to know.  I’m not just spitting philosophies and theory, I apply everything I teach to My own life so I can be a living example of My own teaching, rather than a hypocrite.  In some Way, I’ve done this My whole life (though admittedly less competently than now) and this Blog is a wonderful reflection of that.  This is the greatest Living Work I have (thus far) Created.

After Writing this morning, I really just kind of wanted to sit back and read My Blog from the beginning, just to observe My own Spiritual growth.  For many years it is fair to say that there has always been an internal struggle, a knowing of who and what I was (and what man is) that I could not express in Words, much less the physical Universe.  In fact, it might even be fair to say that I did not believe there was an example of what I know I am in man’s world, despite having spent many years ‘preaching’ that We are all Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens.  I can’t tell You how many times I might have said that without noticing any connection between My Words and the Crown society We live in (or none that I felt could ever be of any use to Me).  Microcosm reflects the macrocosm, always.

Now, here I am, a man who is ‘legally’ a King in a ‘Crown’ society.  I believe I can accomplish anything, yet if this Me were able to tell the Me I was ten years ago that I would hold this position in man’s world now, it would have been very difficult for Me to believe.  As excited as I am about getting back to My Art, I want to Honour My own Work here today because this is My true passion.  Even My Mother imagined that one day I would become a great Writer or Lawyer – turns out the two go hand in hand.  All the issues and concerns that I have ever spoken of here, have been the driving force behind everything I have now accomplished.

The world seems far more interested in what I am doing here than anything else, including My Art.  However, My Art is also an extension of all of My knowledge of Magic and I already know that My next exhibition Will make everything I am Writing here physical in man’s world.  To Speak of Magic, I am taking the Power of “Thought, Word, Deed,” (Neale Donald Walsh) to its Highest degree.  An Idea about man and self that was first a philosophy expressed on My Blog has become physical by Way of My Cestui Que Vie.  Now the Ideas I have about the world have been made physical by Way of letters that actually exist in the physical Universe.  Although I may still Write of dis-Honourable politicians and other characters, I am not just ranting into a sea of anonymous consciousness, I am making My Voice heard on the physical realm, touching the Minds of the people who presume to govern Our world.  Believe Me when I tell You, My name is beginning to make some important people very uncomfortable.  Lloyd Longfield probably hopes he never hears or sees My name ever again.  He Will be disappointed.  One day a pitcher of water Will be poured on his head for breaking his Oath to the people of Canada and for dis-Honour to the title of Crown in a Crown society.  That is only one of the glorious moments I have yet to look forward to.

When I first started this Blog, the Idea was that My Ideas would one day infect the world.  Words are the expression of thought, a masculine energy, penetrating the Abyss, the womb of the world, the feminine energy.  Nothing is the abyss that allows for all of life, the womb of man.  So how could one say the Word man without it including the womb man came from?

Now My Blog has had readers from eighty different countries!!!  There was a time when I would not have believed that was possible.  What fascinates Me the most, is that although I imagine most of My readers would not really be interested reading My adventures in Law, it is the Posts that speak of Law that get the most readership, save My most popular Post of all time, “Becoming a Student of the Universe“.

Going to court as a criminal lawyer is a big deal, though for people who know Me well, it is not in any Way unexpected or radical, it was expected that one day I would stand in a court of law, despite how much I generally dislike the reputation lawyers and attorneys have earned for themselves.  As of yesterday, I am on the Court record as a legal defence lawyer…  I am that, I am.  😉  My Blog got more attention than usual yesterday and today is the same.  I had more hits than yesterday within a couple of hours after Writing My Post this morning.

These are the little things that only I can know and observe.  Much of the Writing I do Will only appeal to a relatively small minority of individuals who are reasonably well read.  Most of My material is beyond what My family can grasp, so to know that there is an audience out there that can grasp My material and have found their Way to My site is flattering on a personal level, letting Me know that the Universe is still Working its Magic, too.

This is a Living Work which Will continue to live long after I am gone from here.  I thought I had been Writing this Blog for about ten years but its only been a little more than eight.  My first Post was September 25, 2009, and I remember thing King that it should be called “Hello, World!”, though I must have changed My Mind.  However, I found it interesting that the link reads “Hello, World.”  No coincidences.

My numbers Will likely seem laughable to some, but already today I’ve had 23 views from four different countries; 19 from Canada, 2 from United States, 1 from Philippines and 1 from United Kingdom.  It is only Me that finds it incredible that I can sit at a window to the world where My thoughts can touch the Mind of man from four countries without My physical body having to go anywhere?

What I Writ this morning was huge, too.  I’m not just placing Executive Orders into the Superior Court for the Guelph Police (which is massive in its own right), I am following up on My Order, standing on My Order and tall King about it here.  My Order legally and lawfully stands until it is disputed.  I know nobody has any legal or lawful right and/or authority to dispute My Order and anyone well versed enough in Law Will know the same.  Everything is cause and effect.  Although the effect of what I have done may not be seen yet, the Magic of it grows stronger every day.

Even now I am still doing research most days I have a computer in front of Me.  Today I was looking up Lloyd Longfield’s Ottawa office phone number and address.  I have told My readers that I have used a ‘secret’ mail system to send some letters and, even though I have never received a reply, I know they find their mark.  I have also told people that if You Write the anyone in the government, You don’t need a stamp, it is paid for.  Few people believe Me.  There are a couple of things that stood out for Me immediately when I saw the website (click sentence to visit the site); the first is that You Will notice it reads on the bottom, “Mail may be sent postage free to any member of parliament.”, and secondly, the seating plan for the House of Commons. I never bothered to research the mail thing, I just somehow knew or remembered from grade school that You could Write the government without postage.  The seating plan was interesting for Me to see from a bird’s eye view because You Will notice it looks like a Key.  No coincidences.  Somehow, I need to end up in the House of Commons, it is another Key to the Kingdom.

A bird’s eye view of the Vatican looks like a Key, too – no coincidences.  I see things differently than most.  I know and understand things I can’t always explain.  My Words Magically Manifest.  And I’ve Writ so much now.  The Highest Ideas I have Writ about here are now touching the physical world and infecting it with the same Magic…  The Hand of God is scratching the earth…

I am thankful for everyone who finds these Words, I love You.  I mean it.  And I am going to make this world a better place for everyone.  Thanks for being here, I couldn’t do it without You.

Another one of My favourite songs of the moment…

Love and Blessings,




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