United We Stand

I am still adjusting to My new environment.  I have a place to Work, which is great.  I am so thankful for what I already have, yet part of Me can’t help but want My own private room.

My friends have wondered why I don’t play the lottery, or use My Magical ability to Manifest all kinds of money.  The Universe really does conspire to Manifest every Dream I have, so I must be careful what I am as King of the Universe for.  If I am as King of the Universe for money, then I am also suggesting money is necessary and/or that it represents some kind of wealth – it does not.  How can I Seek to end that which I am as King of the Universe to Manifest?  The two Ideas are not in Harmony with each other, it is not possible.  I do not Manifest money, though I Will as King of the Universe for that which money can buy.

I have a perfect example in My microcosm.  I do not ever like to see another man struggle or suffer and the Universe knows this better than any man ever will.  Yet My desire for My own space is beyond My control, the Universe supports it and it I am quite sure My request has already been answered, though it will be at the expense of My roommate and I can’t help but feel at least partially responsible.  I was giving thanks for My improved living situation last night and hadn’t really met My roommate yet, so I just as King of the Universe that he would be easy to get along with and a moment later, he entered the room.  No chance he will last; he was clearly on speed, it’s an easy one to identify.  For Me, one of the worst things about the drug is that often those who are on it truly believe that no can tell they, and they lie about it.  I do not like being lied to and he insisted he was perfectly sober.  Magically, the director of classes for the program called in sick, so there was no one to see My roommate under the influence, which may also have been an answer to My prayers, as I really don’t want to see him removed from the program, but I don’t think he cares enough to stop and is foolish enough to believe no one will notice.  If the director had seen him for one moment today he’d have been asked for a urine sample.

I really do want to know what kind of programs exist for those who are struggling with addiction, though not enough to experience it first hand.  I really don’t think there is enough support but I don’t really know and others have said to Me that there is a ton of support, that the greatest issue is that most won’t acknowledge they have a problem or need help – My roommate gave Me an opportunity to see that this can be true.  I told him straight to his face that I knew he was high and he denied it.  Whatever…

This Post was meant to be about War King together.  This new program has introduced Me to an entirely new group of peers but the rules are always the same (the rules that are not Writ, that is):  You do not inform on Your Brother, You do not steal from Your Brother, You do not harm Your Brother, You Honour Your Brother.  If a man obeys these rules in virtually any social setting, I am quite sure he will prosper within that group.  Already, there are some social dynamics I am observing and it is natural for Me to be sought out as counsel.

One man is known for informing on his Brother’s, it is something he openly admits to.  Perhaps akin to a teacher’s pet, the man who keeps an eye on everyone else while the cat’s are away (so the mice can’t play).  Today, he was in a rage because he found the words, “Rat Goof!”, Writ on his locker.  For those who don’t know, those are about the two nastiest words a man can call another man in jail, they are words of war.  A ‘rat’ is a tattle-tale and a ‘goof’ is a pedophile, at least in jail speak.

Another man came to Me and said that he was very upset to see someone getting bullied like that – I agreed with him.  He as King of Me what should be done.  I said nothing and he seemed a little startled by My reply.  Perhaps he knows who Writ the words on the locker – I don’t know, it doesn’t matter, so I didn’t ask.  He as King of Me why he should do nothing.  I told him that he could offer to comfort the man and tell him the words mean nothing unless he gives them that power, but beyond that, there is nothing to do, the Universe will remedy the situation in it’s own way.

In a situation like this, both parties are getting exactly what they are as King of the Universe for.  One man may not see informing on his Brother as an attack, but it is.  A man only does a thing like that when they are insecure themselves, looking for praise, unhappy to see happiness in others, regardless how it is achieved.

“See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.”

It is basically means Mind Your business.  Take care of You.  Do not worry about what Your Brother is doing.  I explained to My friend that both men had broken a certain code of Brotherhood among men, they have both offended God and what We are bearing witness to is God’s Will, however We may perceive it.  Many of the men on the floor are angry that there is one man they can’t trust, it is a breach of solidarity and unity between men, and someone chose to take action.  The man who chose to take action is also breaking the code because he is making false claims and trespassing on the man’s property.  To call the man a rat might be tolerated because he openly admits to informing on any man who breaks the rules but that doesn’t make it okay for another man to break the code.  It’s that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’, kind of thing…

Anyway, I hadn’t really anticipated tall King about all of this so much, I wanted to Write a little about what I have been reading lately, which happens to be the book of Matthew, thanks to the Gift Presented Me courtesy of King Chris.  The original title of this Post was “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”, but I have decided I Will break it into two entries, and Will continue with “Divided We Fall” tomorrow.

Thank You once again for all My new followers across all social media platforms, I appreciate every single one of You.  Thanks especially to those who take the time to ‘like’ a Post now and then.

Love and Blessings, may this day find You well…  And so it is.

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