Losing Your Self

Jim Carrey – “There is no meaning to this.  So I just wanted to find the most meaningless thing I could come to and join.  And, uh, and, uh, and here I am.  You have to admit, it’s pretty meaningless.”

Interviewer – “They say they are celebrating icons inside, do You believe in icons?”

Jim Carrey – (Laughs), “Celebrating icons!  Boy, that is just the lowest aiming, You know, possibility that We could come up with…”

Not typically what most of Us would expect to hear from one most would consider to BE an icon.  But what is an icon?  I-con.  The Word itself implies that one is tricking their Self.  A con is a deception, so what is an I-con but a trick or con We Play on Our Self, a false Idea.  And the con comes after the Word ‘I’, so perhaps the perception of Self as the individual is the true con.

When I first ‘published’ My papers (My letters to the Attorney General and other authorities within the Canadian government), I did a Talkshoe interview to discuss My perception of the world We live in and the laws that govern it.  I suggested that all of man is in this situation [of control and excessive, sometimes unnecessary laws] because We developed an ego, a sense of ‘Self’ that determines Our right to access the abundance of resources God has provided for Us, and, ultimately, allows one man to believe he deserves his luxury while another deserves his poverty and suffering.  We developed this Idea that one man is more or less entitled than another, and money was created as a ‘measure’ of that perceived value.  In short, We chose to compete with each other, rather than see the man beside Us as an extension of Our [collective] Self. – “Though Shall not Covet”

We hoard, We amass wealth, We acquire status, We compete with one another in every conceivable way.  We are here to complement one another, not compete with each other.  We built this Kingdom together, if We share the common wealth We have created together, then We can have Our United Kingdom.

United We stand, divided We fall.

Love and Blessings,








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