A Friday for Informing of Fraud

Friday was a busy day for Me.  I made a trip to the Ministry of Community and Social Services to deliver a letter to a ‘social services CASE worker’, Orsolya Vanscody.

This is the part that’s difficult for Me.  I really am a very kind man and it is not fun for Me to intimidate people.  The truth is, I really don’t want to have to take anyone into court but I Will if the Ministries of the Canadian government do not very quickly learn how to deal with the documents I have already filed with them – it’s that simple.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services does not have any legal right to be administrating any wealth in My name.  I placed an Order with the Attorney General demanding that all accounts created in My name by the Canadian government without My informed consent be closed.  There has been no reply and to the best of My knowledge, all accounts created in My name for commercial purposes still exist against My Will.  At best, every cheque issued to Me by the Ministry of Community and Social Services after January 19th, 2017, is evidence of fraud, admissible in a court of law.  At worst, the Ministries continue to presume that participation (in Canadian government) is not optional and citizenship becomes prima-facie evidence of slave contracts, compelling a man to contract and participate in a commercial and social system against his Will.  Needless to say, both are pretty serious charges and absolutely constitute a violation of man’s rights.

When I first met Orsi Vanscody, I explained all of this to her as best I could.  I gave her copies of all the documents I have sent to the Attorney General, Registrar General, Toronto Crown and Vital Statistics to place on the record [for the Ministry of Community and Social Services].  I advised her that continuing to presume she has legal right and authority to administrate wealth in My name would be willful participation in a constructive fraud and/or aiding and abetting a contract of slavery and bondage.  I also informed her that I know this information is likely unfamiliar to her and somewhat overwhelming, and that I am sensitive to that fact, recommending she ensure that My documents reach her superiors or legal department if she does not fully understand their content.  That’s about as clear as I can be with anyone.  Today, I finally delivered My second letter to Orsi Vanscody:

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2017-12-15 21.57.24.jpg
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2017-12-15 21.58.43.jpg
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And, just to be sure there is no mistake about it being received:


I Will be following up on this letter next week.

Love and Blessings,


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