The Good News Journal, Volume IV: The Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello and happy Thursday, everyone.  I hope You are all enjoying the first couple of days of spring, it’s so nice to have the warmth of the sun return.  Today’s Post Will be a little lighter than My typical Posts to reflect the warmth and light of the sun returning to the northern hemisphere.

Warm weather inspires Me.  The sun is streaming through My window even as I type this paragraph.  The sun makes it difficult for Me to be indoors.  The start of spring excites Me, it brings warmth, positive energy, and it inspires Me to be more active in My microcosm.

It’s lucky Wednesday in My Universe as I Write this Post and I am just now recovering from My first experience with what I believe was food poisoning, though there is also rumour of a serious virus going around.  Rare that these things ever ‘get Me’ but it has taken every bit of My energy just to maintain this public a’ Sean over the last couple of days.  I didn’t even have the energy to go to class and I haven’t been able to eat for a couple of days.

Even something like this is something I perceive to be a Sign from the Universe.  My immune system is not what it should be and a great deal of that is the result of the conditions I have been subject to since I arrived in Ottawa. I may be a King but I’m not living like one yet – ‘a true leader would never take more than the least of his people’.  I could not enjoy a life of luxury while others suffer.  What I am, the world Will become.  Only when I am truly ready to accept My own wealth Will I be able to share it with the world. 6:37

As soon as I recorded that it was 6:37 and hit enter to start the next paragraph, it was 6:38.  May sound strange to some, but this is how the Universe communicates with Me.  I need to take care of Me so I can take care of the world and the Universe is pleased that I’m sharing this with You.  After developing the first few pieces in chess, the smart thing to do is Castle to safety to protect the King; that’s what I Will be doing on the first of April.  How beautiful that it happens to be April Fool’s as well as Easter.  I Wonder if they Will be thing King it is a joke.

I also realized that My Book is actually getting pretty exciting.  I always try and Imagine how things would seem from a stranger’s perspective, what My audience might be thing King.  I guess I still haven’t fully explained what exactly it is I Will do on April 1st, but I can tell You I have come up with a solid plan.  I don’t actually plan to Write about it until April 1st as the intention is that The Good News Journal Will be a daily publication until I accomplish My task.  That’s how confident I am that I Will succeed reasonably soon.  I plan to publish more often as I move toward My goal, journaling ‘in the moment’.

I did not receive the letters I addressed to My Self but I did call the Post Office to see if I could find out why and discovered that ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ Will only work for government mail or private business (as lieutenant governor) but is not for personal, non-commercial use (which makes perfect sense).  I also decided to enquire about where I could inform the post master general of My Sovereign nation so it can be recognized in the international postal system and was Given the nearest Ottawa address where I can fill out a form.  Again, as ‘ridiculous’ as some of these Ideas might sound, when One is tall King with someone who knows about these things, there is nothing ridiculous about it.  The lady on the phone knew exactly what I was tall King about when I as King of her these Quest Ions.  😉

The Good News about the mail and One of the reasons I mailed the last two letters to My Self was to determine whether or not the service was available to anyone.  As I had previously suggested, I have done nothing that any other common man could not also do.  I suppose One could argue that My thumbprint is recognized by the Queen and that’s why My Letters arrived, but it is more reasonable to presume that the Service exists to protect the common law and that it may be used by any man to Write a business and inform them of offences to the common law.  As such, One becomes recognized in the Post all system as a representative of the Queen, or Lieutenant Governor because they are Acting in that Capacity.

Although I won’t disclose the full details of My plan for April 1st, I am foreshadowing some of the strategies I Will be using and grow more excited about the day I can share them with You.  I promise April 1st is going to be the beginning a very exciting chapter in My Book.

I hope this Thursday finds You well,

Love and Blessings,



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