The Good News Journal, Volume V: The Magnificent Monday Edition

Well, happy Magnificent Monday, everyone.  Magnificent sounds Magical but I guess it really just means to magnify one hundred times.  Magnify-Cent.  So I guess a Magnificent Monday could make it a hundred times worse if One’s perspective of Monday is not so positive.  I’m here to remind You that Life is a Game, it’s meant to be Fun and that’s why this is a Magnificent Monday; because I am going to amplify that frequency, make it Magnificent.

This philosophy is also evident in My Letters.  It is possible to have Fun while Writing serious Letters, today I am reviewing My Letter to dis-Honourable Member of Parlour Mind (Parliament), Lloyd Longfield, representative for the city of Guelph in the House of Commons.

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Realistically, Lloyd Longfield is in more hot water than any elected official I have Writ.  I have as King of him to answer specific Quest Ion’s related to the Live Birth Record, disclosure of any and all contracts created from that Record, and expressed that if he does not assist Me in resolving these matters he Will be perceived as Willfully participating in a constructive fraud.  At the moment, he is guilty on all counts.  Ignoring a problem does not make it go away, it only gets worse.  Breach of public trust Will be the least of Lloyd Longfield’s problems.  I have a special envelope for Lloyd Longfield that contains everything received by his office, all hand delivered with wet ink signatures.  He won’t be able to claim he didn’t get the memo.

A friend said to Me that some of My Letters sound like I’m a Father scolding a child, and I suppose that’s what I’m doing to some extent, though that was never the intention.  I don’t hold any resentment for any of these individuals, I just want them to do what I am as King of them to do!  When I look through all My files, I real eyes just how much effort I have made to be responsible and that’s why I’m not worried about ending up in a courtroom.  I honestly don’t know what more I could do to be responsible with respect to following up on My documents and it is rather shameful that these elected officials don’t know how to respond.  I think this was the third Letter to Lloyd Longfield’s office and that was after two e-mail’s requesting to speak with him off the record about this (in the event he didn’t know how to do what I was as King of him to do) and I have a record of everything I have done and I Imagine One day those Letters Will become a legacy for My future family, something to pass down to My children.

Wow, I’ve never even thought about children before (having them, I mean)!  Honestly, I wouldn’t even have thoughts like that if I wasn’t close to accomplishing My task.  I’m still Imagining how I might dazzle My Secret Sweetheart, children are a long Way off!  But kind of cool I can even consider it.

I don’t really think there is too much more to say about this Letter, though if anyone reading My material has any specific Quest Ion’s about anything I am doing, do please feel free to leave a comment and I Will do My best to respond.

What I Will share is a couple of pages from a book a friend shared with Me today because the Words reminded him of the Way I am always tall King about the Universe.



So this is the effect I have on those in My microcosm and the effect they have on Me is reflected above; My friends become the Voice of the Universe, My teachings are almost always reflected by other sources for those who are ready to see.  Not a coincidence that it speaks of the Voice of the Universe, learning to List in (listen) to what it is Gifting You in every moment.  I Writ that I would end up at the Chateau Laurier and advertisements for the hotel begin Showing up everywhere, the Universe conspiring with Me, whispering to Me, ‘yes, this is where You should go’.  The advertisement itself reads ‘A New Perspective of Ottawa’, which is exactly what I am hoping to Create, a change in perspective.  People ask Me where I Will go when I leave here and I tell them I am going to the Chateau Laurier –  and no one sounds surprised.  It actually happens to be a castle, too, no coincidences. 😉

I am very excited about the next chapter of My Life but I also know how fast the next week Will pass.  I have made some Good friends and I care very deeply for many of the people I have come to know here.  When I leave, I don’t really want to take any more with Me than the most basic essentials.  I’m already Visualizing everything in My Mind.

This is also the beginning of Five consecutive weeks of Writing daily!  That is a serious accomplishment for Me and it seems to be getting easier.  Truth is, I still haven’t committed to it which makes it a little easier for Me because it removes the pressure.  I don’t feel like I have to, I do it because I want to.

It’s also been very interesting for Me to project My Ideas into the future, Writing one or two days ahead of the scheduled publishing date.  It really does feel like I’m Creating My own reality in a whole new Way.  When April 1st rolls around, I Will be far more likely to be Posting and Publishing in the moment, as events are happening.  I believe there Will be that much to tell!

Oh, I should probably mention, the book pictured above is ‘You Can Have it All’ by Arnold M. Patent.  The author deserves credit and it’s not a coincidence his book found its Way to Me.

I hope You Will all have a Magnificent, Magical Monday.

Love and Blessings,






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