Volume LI: De-Coding Matrix, Part IV

Hello everyone and welcome to the Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition, De-Coding Matrix IV.  Thanks so much for being here, I am having a lot of Fun sharing My interpret A’Sean of this film with You.  For Parts I, II, and III, just click on the respective link and I Will continue where We left off last week.

Morpheus had just told Neo what the Matrix is, and offered to Show Neo.  Neo is Given the choice (Free Will) between a Red or blue pill.  The Red pill Promises to let Neo See (Sea) the ‘Truth’ Him Self, the blue pill allows him to return to the illusion of Neo’s previous reality.  Of course, Our Hero takes the Red pill, and soon Neo begins to ‘die’ as was foretold to him by Cypher in the opening Scene,

“We’re going to kill him.  You know that, right?” – Cypher to Trinity, opening Scene

Pretty soon after taking the pill, Neo begins ‘tripping’, hallucinating as he Views his reflection in the mirror while Morpheus begins as King Neo if he has ever had a Dream that was so convincing it was impossible to distinguish the Dream world from reality.  He, is as King of Neo what it might be like if One could never wake up from that Dream –  Neo begins to go into cardiac arrest and the crew members struggle to secure a connection to bring Neo into their world.  Cypher also makes a comment,

“Buckle Your seatbelt, Dorothy – ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye!”

The crew secures a connection just in time, and Neo really wakes up for the first time in the film to find he is in a large ‘womb-like’ capsule.  This Scene is very much like it might be for an infant entering Our world.

Neo’s been sleeping in a Cell surrounded by Life sustaining fluid.  He awakens ready to greet the new world and is approached by some kind of drone, shining a light in his face – much like a doctor might in the delivery room before using forecepts to grab the child and pull her free.  After the machine ‘unplugs’ Neo, the water ‘breaks’ and Neo is expelled from the mechanical womb, is flushed out with the fluid, and ends up thrashing about helplessly in a pool of water before Trinity and Morpheus pick him up (much like One’s parents would after the birth of their child).

Trinity and Morpheus represent the Mother and Father of Man.  The water Neo first finds himself thrashing about in, represent the ‘Holy Sea’ of Commercial Admiralty waters that Man has collectively been drowning in ever since the ‘Great Flood’ that wiped out Man’s kind.  It is also worth mentioning that black usually represents darkness and/or evil in film and television and all of the Hero’s in Our Story are almost always dressed in black (just like the Judges and Justices of Our current world).  This is yet another example of how Our perception of things is flawed – Black is Good this Time.

Water is also a powerful symbol in Christian theology.  Water represents Baptism, Christening, and is believed to purify, cleanse and nurture the Earth.  This is Neo’s Baptismal rebirth, he is now Living a Conscious Life with growing awareness of his duties and responsibilities to his crewmembers, especially Morpheus and Trinity (Honour thy Father and Mother) and the rest of Man’s kind.  The fact that Neo ends up becoming romantically involved with Trinity does not negate the theory, either, as this Idea simply reflects other philosophies mirrored in Man’s mythology, (and therefor, pre-Sent in Man’s psyche), particularly the Story of Oedipus Rexthe King who was destined to marry his Mother.

The Matrix doesn’t miss a single detail.  Even the first person Neo sees is Morpheus, the Father.  Trinity is there, but she’s in the background and Neo doesn’t get to meet her until the next time he wakes up.  Again, this is similar to birth because the Father would likely be the first person the child sees before being placed into the loving arms of Mother.  Then Morpheus says,

“We’ve done it Trinity, We’ve found him.”  Neo is their Life’s work, their ‘Pride and Joy’.

backlit clouds dawn dusk
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The next Key thing that is said to Neo is when he is as King of Morpheus “what happened to Me?”

“More important than what, is when.  You believe it’s the year 1999, when in fact it’s probably closer to 2199.  I can’t tell You exactly what year it is because We honestly don’t know.” – Morpheus, (the Father/Teacher)

Photo by Lukasz Dziegel on Pexels.com

Do We really think it’s 2019 right now?  The Jewish calendar would say that today is the 14th of Adar I, 5776 A.M., or Anno Mundi (the Year of the World).  Anyone who believes it is 2019 A.D., is Living in Biblical Times, a Character Cast (like a Spell) into ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told”, or Anno Domini, (Year of Dominion).  These are not coincidences, Lords and Ladies, Trust Me.

The next thing Neo learns is the Name of Morpheus’s Ship, the Nebuchadnezzar, named after the longest reigning King of the Babylonian Empire.  Babylon represents the Courts of man’s world, where most People say Words they don’t fully comprehend, and therefor ‘Babble-on’ in front of Justices and Judges who are tall King in another language (legalese).

person signing contract paper
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

In the next Scene, Neo enters the Matrix for the first time.  Morpheus is the Father, the Teacher, the Trainer.  What Morpheus describes to Neo can’t be explained much better than he does in the Scene, which is literally how Our Spirit (Life Force Energy) animates Our Living, breathing, Bodies in what We call ‘real’ Life.  To Our Spirit, Our reality is no more ‘real’ than Neo’s experience in the Matrix.  Death only removes One from the Matrix and allows One to choose a new program (relative to the skills developed in Our current reality/Matrix).  Trying to fully explain this concept is a Book on it’s own, but there is some suggested reading on the topic presented for You in the beginning of the film, “Simulacra and Simulation”.  Neo is realizing that the Ideas presented in the Book are factual.

Morpheus concludes his first lesson with,

“You’ve been living in a Dream world Neo.”

curtain wall buildinsg near water at golden hour
Photo by Adi kavazovic on Pexels.com

And that’s where I’ll finish My lesson.  (1037 Words – not a coincidence).

If You want to learn more about the Matrix, before My next Tuesday Tell A Vision Re-View, look up the number 37 and find out why it’s ‘My’ number.

Love and Blessings, hope You enjoyed the Show.

















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