Volume LVII: Fabulous For Ward Thing King Freelance Friday


Happy Friday, every One!  I know the world Love’s Friday’s, “T.G.I.F. – Thank God it’s Friday!”, so today’s For Ward thing King Freelance Friday Edition is dedicated to all of the Fabulous things going on in Man’s Macrocosm.

37 Words in the first paragraph, I guess We are off to a Great start. 😉

A very Good Friend of mine shared a Link with Me on Facebook today.

The description read, “I love this woman!!!”

I do, too.  Or at the very least, I Love her Intention.  This Post is something of an addition to yesterday’s Post, too, where I was tall King about how Our Macrocosm reflects the evolution of Consciousness taking place in Man.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ‘New Green Deal Plan’ are Ideas I have been tall King with My Friends and family about for years, now these Ideas are making their Way into main Stream media, and it isn’t just Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – all over the world People are demanding the same kind of things from their governments.

When I first shared a video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ‘Green Deal Plan’ on Facebook, one of My Friends actually commented on the video to say he was disappointed I was a ‘fan’ of Alexandria and/or her ‘Green Deal Plan’.  He went on to suggest that if I Show support for Alexandria and her Green Deal Plan, I Will lose credibility, “She’s crazy, Bro!”.

I couldn’t help but laugh; does My Friend not understand that’s why I like her so much?  I have suggested, in fact, I have actually Promised Friends and family that One day, every One on this Earth Will have all their needs met.  Ocasio-Cortez is now saying it can be done by 2030.  People once suggested that such a thing would not be possible in My lifetime, now there are others who believe it is possible in Our immediate future.  That’s encouraging, and a Sign of the Times.

Today is the New Moon, which represents New beginnings.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is setting up a new apartment in the video, too, a reflection of the New Moon energy as she gets settled into her first home as a member of congress.  The video is also tall King about how the video is a reflection of the millennial generation.  Our children are the future, We need to prepare the Way for them.

Speaking of which, I also have a new reason to celebrate in My Microcosm as I received some Good News of a new beginning for My Brother’s family.  I Will have a new niece or nephew to look forward to in the Fall.  For Me, that’s just One more reminder from the Universe how important it is to start setting a better example for Our children.

And on Twitter today, Jody Wilson-Raybould had this to say about poverty:

“When we reduce poverty we not only help children and families…we help create a more just and fair society that is better able to meet the challenges we all face collectively.” – The Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould

Wow, so glad I had to look up the exact Tweet because I thought I had re-Tweeted but I hadn’t – so I have now.

I had said that I was disappointed to hear that Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould was no longer Canada’s Justice Minister, a Part of Me had always believed that her Honour was One of the Good People.  Her Honour was also the only One to respond to My thank You message on Twitter with an enthusiastic ‘You’re welcome!!!’.  I Trust My intuition and I Feel she is genuinely interested in improving rights and dignity for all of Canada’s People.

In the Mind of a Mystic, these are all Signs, especially when they Fall on a New Moon.  They are as much a Sign for Man’s Macrocosm, the rest of the world, too.  These Ideas are contagious and there is no cure but Action.  I have said that everything is war King perfectly and even the chaos We experience today is Good in a Way because it is the catalyst that clarifies consciousness.  We can procrastinate for as long as We Wish, but the longer We wait, the more work Will need to be done when We finally get started.  We are about to commence the ‘Great Work’.

I thought I might hear from Dan Powers today, too, but I didn’t.  I thought I might hear from him because I know it’s the New Moon and there really are no coincidences in My Universe – he (or potentially another worker) is the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place before I can move into a new apartment.

This really is a New beginning in a lot of Ways.  Although I may not be in My new place yet, We know it is on the horizon, and I Will soon be Establishing My House here in Ottawa.  It is also a new beginning for The Good News Journal, as this is the first time that this ‘Rogue Journalist’s’ Voice is being heard by the city of Ottawa.  It adds a whole new spin to reporting when One responds to the Quest-Ions One is as King of them.

I also have some very interesting Ideas about how I Will proceed with the city of Ottawa, despite the Fact I am determined to take a break from all of the thing King I have done about this Matter for a couple of weeks.  So long as responding to the city’s determination is on My ‘to do’ list, it Will be floating around in the back of My Mind.  However, allowing My Self this Time has already been beneficial as I have considered possibilities that had not previously Crossed My Mind.

I am also going to offer a Writing tip for My Fellow Bloggers out there, which is something I rarely do.  With all My unusual use of Capital Letters, Spelling and Grammar, I might hardly seem a reliable source for editing tips (which is one of the reasons I usually don’t offer them).  However, all My unusual use of Spelling and Grammar is intentional because I choose to embrace My Freedom of X-Press-Ion and I encourage other Writers to do the same – bend the rules, even break them once in a while.

So I guess I’m Giving two tips because the original Tip I wanted to Give was to reread every Post after Writing and remove every unnecessary instance of the Word ‘that’.  Most of the time it is completely useless.  A grade twelve teacher told Me that once.  It’s True.  A grade twelve teacher told Me once.  See what I mean?  So easy to do.  I’m aware of it, and I still find I delete at least five instances of the Word ‘that’ from every Post.  Seriously, only mentioning it becuase I am consistently amazed to find out how much I do it, even though I am conscious of it.

And that’s a perfect Way to wrap this up because most of the chaos energy We are feeling in the Macrocosm right now is exactly the same Idea.  We are conscious of the fact that We really need to change – like drastically.  But We also know it’s going to be a Big change, and change can be scary and even painful.  Don’t worry, We’ll get there.

Here’s to a Fabulous Friday, thank You all so much for joining Me.

Love and Blessings,





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