Volume XCVI: The Terrific Tuesday Edition; The King Finally Castles

Hello every One, welcome to 2020, the year of Perfected Vision and placing the Purpose of One’s Life in Focus.  There were several Tuesday’s in a row when I’d had at least two topics I Wished to be tall King about, which seemed serendipitously fitting for a 2’s day.  This is not one of them.  Today’s Tuesday relevance to two is about balance, the yin and yang, the Alpha [bet] and the Omega, the Nothing that is Everything.

“Keep on as King, and it Will be Given…” – MATTHEW 7:7

The world of 2020 is very interesting in Deed, the level of collective consciousness is considerably higher than it was ten years ago.  Matthew 7:7 is Virtually an accepted Spiritual ‘fact’ now, the ‘Secret’ of Manifesting One’s Dreams is to Imagine it is already done.  The evolution of consciousness gains momentum over time and is sometimes Called the ‘Quickening’ because as We become more collectively conscious, Our Karma Will Come more Quickly.

I Will also be more Focused on Writing and My Art this year, and I had personally planned to start sooner than now, but the Universe had other things in store for Me for the start of this year, and it was exactly what I was as King of God to Gift Me; a Key to a Castle.

It was officially Gifted Me today (Tuesday).  The reason I say the Universe had other things in store for Me for the start of the year, is that I’ve been losing My internet connection anytime I sit down to Write, so My absence hasn’t been entirely Willful, though I have been very preoccupied securing this apartment.  When the Universe doesn’t ‘cooperate’ with My intention to Write, I presume it is not meant to be.  Having said that, I sincerely believe the Universe Wishes for Me to share this Good News with You despite the fact that I got booted from the internet in the midst of this Post, too, which is why it is now the ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Terrific Tuesday Edition.

I presume the last interruption was only to remind Me that these Good Tidings (Living in King-Ship with One another) did in fact come to Me on a ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, and not just any ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, but Christ-Mass Consciousness ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  The lease of tenancy also legally begins on a ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, which also happened to be the first day of 2020, January 1st.

Honestly, I am almost never as King of the Universe/God for anything, but I Truly believe I need My own space to continue My Artwork and Writing in private.  I was as King of God to please make sure I am in My own place to start 2020 at the latest…   I was first as King of God for this in June.  And I had also mentioned it would be the perfect Christ Mass Gift to celebrate the three year anniversary of the Creation of My Cestui Que Vie Trust.  On Christ Mass Consciousness eve, I wasn’t even really as King of God for it, it was more like I was as King of God ‘So… what Gives, I thought We were war King on a new apartment to start the New Year?’

I’m not joking about any of this, either, though I suppose I should be clear that I’m also not really ‘speaking’ out loud, this is just how I contemplate things like this as I drift off to sleep; not so random, random thoughts.  I was as King with a jovial attitude, not disdain because I figure the Universe/God always knows what its doing, so I was more curious to know what ‘other’ perfect time the Universe might have in Mind for Me, that’s all.  I was not expecting to get a text on Christmas day telling Me that if I want My own one bedroom apartment I’d better take a look right away and stake My claim.  Not really how I had planned to spend My Christmas day, but I wasn’t going to argue with the Universe after that little chat, either.

I also said that Tuesday’s significance to 2’s day is the Yin and the Yang, the Magic of two is about balance, the two sides of every equation.  One of the most difficult examples of real world Magic for Me to explain is the balance between Good and evil.  Each must exist to know the other.  The masters of Magic in Man’s current world understand this principle better than I could ever hope to articulate.  So it is True that major world wars are initiated on specific calendar days and Given special names to Title the Sacrifice and announce it to the Universe.  For every ounce of evil that enters the Universe, there is an equal measure of Goodness to counter and maintain the balance.  The same is True in reverse.  This is very Good News for Me, but at what cost?

Keep in Mind, this ‘new’ apartment Will be paid for by the city of Ottawa, and I am receiving the Good News on Christmas day.  How many government offices are open over the Christmas Holy days?  I have to Give an answer to the landlord right away, or I Will lose the apartment.  And, just to make things even more complicated, because I’m getting the news so late in the month and have to commit to a tenancy beginning January first, I Will not receive My last month rent deposit from the room I’m renting now because I am leaving on such short notice.  That also means that in order to make this move happen, I Will have to be as King the city to pay for rent at two addresses for the same month.  If One were thing King it unlikely My chances could be more bleak, One would be correct, except the final ‘Trump’ card, is that the rent for both addresses Will be paid to the same individual acting as property manager for both landlords.  Honestly, couldn’t make this stuff up.

The property manager means well but is extremely insistent and relentless, wanting Me to Give her an answer right away and thing King that if I just tell ‘the city’ I want the apartment, they Will Magically make it happen, regardless how unreasonable the request.  She was as King of Me to at least email someone, even though I knew every One was on vacation and not checking email until January 3rd.  I promised her I would, and kept My Word, I emailed Dan and told him what was going on.  I got a text from him telling Me he was outside My apartment fifteen minutes later – it was boxing day!  Twenty minutes later he was sitting across a table from Me in a Tim Horton’s telling Me that if I want the apartment he Will make sure the city says yes.  I wasn’t even as King of him to make that promise, I was just as King of him to tell this lady why it was impossible to move in for January first.

Dan made Me that promise and said he’d take care of all the paperwork and the deposit the very first day ‘the city’ returns from vacation (January 6th).  I received a text from Wendy, one of Dan’s colleagues on Monday (the 6th) afternoon telling Me the lease had been approved, first and last month’s rent would be paid to the landlord on Tuesday, and I should have the Keys by Tuesday afternoon.  It is done.  If You are wondering why Wendy messaged Me to Give Me the Good News, so am I.

Dan is on emergency leave for personal reasons, and I’m deeply concerned because I feel it has something to do with the stress of making all of this happen.  I just finished telling You he met Me on boxing day when he wasn’t even supposed to be checking email.  He has never missed an appointment with Me or failed to respond to a message, much less stand Me up without any notice.  We were supposed to meet Monday morning and I had no Idea what happened to him until I got the email from Wendy later that day.

Long story short, I am so Grateful to be moving into My own space because I do desperately need it.  Having said that, would I Wish to have it if having it is responsible for whatever might have happened to Dan?  The answer is no.

So My ‘two for’ Tuesday today, is to be as King of the Universe to please also take care of Dan.  Thank You.

Love and Blessings,







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