Volume CXXXIV: The Super Natural Short Stories Son Day Edition; Don’t Make Me Angry…

You wouldn’t like Me when I’m angry!’ – David Banner

Hello every One and welcome to the Son Day Edition and it is the ‘Son’ Day Edition because You are the Light of the world, God’s ‘Sun’ shining Your brilliance on the world. Well, We’re not always brilliant, sometimes We get angry. Yes, I get angry. And believe Me, “You Wouldn’t Like Me when I’m Angry”, is today’s Son Day short story. Thank King You for being here.

You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

This short Story is one I Wish to tell because it is very recent; in fact, it is current. It is about My father’s Estate and how My brother and sister made Me angry. On one hand, it could be said that I can get ‘angry’ rather easily, which is True. Hearing about how Trudeau spent the last billion dollars might make Me ‘angry’ but I’ll take a couple of deep breaths, shake My head and I’m onto whatever else there might be going on in the world to be angry about – like the number of homeless People living in shelters in Canada’s nation’s capital, how dis-Grace-Full. Yes, that is for You, Mr. Watson. At this point, I’m not sure he deserves the title ‘Mr.’, but I digress.

Real anger does not come so easily to Me. My Mind moves on to other things too quickly to be angry about any one thing for any unreasonable amount of time. But My Spiritual beliefs are My Life. I Live for God in a Way most People could not even begin to comprehend. So initially, I was perfectly okay with passing My torch to My little brother and letting him manage Our father’s estate. This is the first time My family (My siblings) have had to deal with an estate, so none of Us really knew what to expect. In the beginning, it also seemed as though no One was particularly interested in the value of the property or what was to be gained, only who should be contacted, what debts he may have left behind, and who it was owed to. I think most of Us suspected My father would have more debt than wealth, so there wasn’t even a question of who would be acting as ‘trustee’, We were just war King it out. I told My brother to find out how much he owed and to who, and I would do what I could to at least take care of that part.

My brother insisted he was fine and happy to take on the responsibility. I stressed and even joked that it was My belief that My father would probably Wish for Me to be stuck with the debts, and My brother and sister to be left with the wealth. I did also promise My father that if he died without a Will, I would make sure his debts were paid, regardless the differences between Us. I don’t know if My brother and sister know how many times My father had that conversation with Me over the course of My Life, either. It wasn’t like he was offering Me a Gift or an inheritance, he was telling Me I had a Duty to Honour My father’s name by making sure his debts are paid.

Well, after a Man’s father dies, the Man begins to start thing King about the Promises One has made to One’s father. Every time I would consider My Promise to My father, the Words “Honour thy Father and Mother” would ring through My Mind. I was as King to My brother again if he could please just forward Me the contact information for My father’s creditors, or any other information he has. He refused.

It didn’t feel like a refusal right away, I was made more to feel as though My brother didn’t Wish to burden Me with anything. There was some thirty-something year old stripper in the picture (Tiffany, stereotypical but true) claiming she had a Will to My father’s estate and half his property. I told My brother it would never stand in court and if she files a claim against My father’s estate, I Will take care of it. Again, I implored My brother to let Me take over, or at least deal with Tiffany and the creditors – again he said he was fine.

None of this was really bothering Me. Initially, My brother had said My sister Wished for nothing to do with it, so I legitimately thought it was just Me and My brother. Because I hadn’t had the opportunity to help with anything and had no information, I was fully under the impression My brother was taking care of it and managing fine. He wasn’t. I asked him once again to just give Me a phone number to My father’s creditors and I Will get things moving. He claimed he had no information, and this is now roughly two months after My father’s death.

Then My brother tells Me that he’s going to just let Tanja (My sister) handle everything, am I okay with that? Initially I said yes but I didn’t really know what I was saying yes to. I thought My brother was acting as Trustee for the estate, so why is My sister now taking over? It wasn’t until I received an email as King for My consent to act as trustee that I realized My sister had hired lawyers. I’d offered to help My brother with paperwork or whatever needed to be done and I thought We had been doing fine without lawyers. Turns out I only thought that because I really had no Idea. What do We need lawyers for?

So that’s where the anger started because I reconsidered My sister Acting as estate trustee. I thought My brother was asking because he thought she was capable, not because she would hire a lawyer – I could have walked My sister through the whole process if she had been as King to Me. Then I asked My brother why We are filing an application to administrate Our rightful inheritance. At that point, I felt if I changed My Mind they would think I was being difficult or confrontational, so I just told My brother that I would not need a lawyer to help Me do any of this, so I am not going to consent to Tanja’s legal fees. If she’s not capable without a lawyer, she pays the legal fees herself and it does not come out of the estate. My brother said that was fine. However, no mention of it was on the consent form that was sent to Me, so I Writ My own with My conditional consent and agreed to meet with My sister’s lawyer to give it to her. She refused to accept and asked Me to Sign the same paperwork sent to Me without the condition.

Truth be told, I was just going to let it go. The lawyer left without any consent form at all, and I resolved that if My sister (even with lawyers) was awarded certificate of appointment as estate trustee without My consent, I Will resolve it is the Universal design and God’s Will. My belief was that the application would never be approved without My consent as the rightful heir with the supreme interest. Then My sister swore an affidavit of lies to defame My Character that she submit with her application with intent to influence the Justice. And this is where I got angry!!! Hulk mode.

I told My brother to revoke his consent to My sister’s application and I told My sister to withdraw hers or neither one of them Will like what I do. I meant it. They didn’t. Then My brother made Me really angry – he threatened Me. I do not take kindly to threats.

He said I should just let it go because if My consent is needed for Tanja’s application, then his consent Will be required for mine and he Will not Give it, so all of Us Will lose out because they Will foreclose on the property.

I was as King My brother to reconsider. He said no. I told him that Tanja’s perjury had made it so I could not file an objection without exposing her crime and potentially placing her in jail or at the very least leaving her with a criminal record. My sister was foolish enough to think her perjury was no big deal. This infuriated Me on a whole new level because I am a formidable adversary in law and I can and Will be ruthless with My Words if necessary – but as vicious as I may seem, I am not vicious enough to subject My sister to a criminal record or potential jail time. I was legitimately shocked to see what lengths she had gone to discredit My Character. Her lawyers had even been as King of Justice Susan J. Woodley to prevent Me from placing an objection to the application into the court, from filing for an application for appointment My Self (which I wouldn’t do anyway but that’s not the point), and as King of the Justice to Order Me to pay her legal fees after it had initially been My only objection to her application – and that’s on top of defaming My character with libel in a Sworn affidavit. Thankfully, Justice Susan J. Woodley did not grant any of the discretional powers My sister’s lawyers were requesting she invoke.

My Super Natural Power is that My Word is My Bond and My Word Manifests. I was so angry, I told My brother that I Will not file an application to the court, I Will stake My claim of right upon My father’s estate as the first born son and rightful heir. I told My brother My Claim is superior even to that of the state’s and that if he does not rescind his application, I Will take the estate from both My brother and My sister, and they Will get nothing. My brother said, “I don’t believe You can do that without mine or Tanja’s consent.”

They have been My family My whole Life, One would be thing King they should know Me better. If there are two things You do not say to Me it’s, “You can’t…”

The moment My brother said those Words to Me, I knew that I would. I also said some Words of My own that I can’t take back.

“I can because no Justice Will dispute My Claim and My Claim is Superior to Yours and Tanja’s. If You do not tell Me that You Will Trust Me and that You would Give Your consent if I were to file an application, I Will take the estate from both of You, leave You with nothing, and own My first piece of ‘Crown’ land under the House of von Dehn – just to show You I can and teach both of You a lesson!”

So, should I feel guilty now? My anger was motivated by My determination to Honour My Father. Those were the Words that were running through My Mind as I was having that conversation with My brother. It feels like this was My father’s Plan all along. I’ll care the least and win the most because I am motivated by My determination to Honour My Father. As above, so below.

It does not Matter if My earthly father was a Good father or a bad father. It does not Matter if he left no Writ of his Will. I am My father’s Living Will. I am the House of von Dehn. It is My Duty to Honour My father’s House, and that is something that neither My brother or sister have done. In fact, Claiming the House of von Dehn also Honours My father by placing Our family’s House in proper Order (King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand (Will) of Stephen, Kingdom of God). The other Way to Honour One’s House is to be like the Lannister’s.

“The House of Lannister always pays its debts.”

Game of Thrones

I honestly believe My father somehow knew it would work out this Way. It is never a Good Idea to make Me angry, it is even more unwise to suggest I can’t do something I have told One I Will do. God does not prove God Self to God Self, please don’t make Me prove My God Self to You. God Will Manipulate the Universe to make Miracles happen. Trust in God. Even anger can be a Blessing. 😉

Before I close this Post, I Wish to finish this little Story about My recent family feud by letting You know that I’m trying not to be a sore winner. I am telling the Story here because it is one of the most important developments in My family Life and dealing with this estate caused tremendous disharmony between Us. I’m hoping there is something positive to be taken away from this Story.

I’m also telling this Story because it brought the ‘ugly’ out of Me. I never had any intention to take anything ‘away’ from My brother or sister. What came out of all the ‘ugly’ was that I was initially offended My brother and sister didn’t know I was the obvious choice. What I discovered along the Way, is that it did not have anything to do with My family not believing I was competent enough to Act as Trustee, they were afraid because I am competent in Law that I would just take it all and Keep it to My Self. They were trying to Keep the information from Me so they could maintain control.

I didn’t even realize that until it was all over and I was wondering if I should pay the debt and sell the land, or pay the debt and Keep the land under House of von Dehn. And if I Keep the land, how do I Honour My Promise to My brother and Give each an equal share?

For now, I’ve decided I Wish to pay the debt and Keep the land. I’ll officially have My own 2.5 acre country. Come on, that’s pretty exciting!

As far as My brother and sister are concerned, they really do have enough wealth, so I feel the offer I made them is fair. They can buy the debt from Me at face Value, pay the debt, sell the land and split any profits between them if they Wish. If they do, they stand to gain roughly $50k – 75k each, I Will receive just over $50k (the amount of the discharge statment).

The irony for Me, the moral of the Story and the real reason I believe it is worth telling, is because everything that is in front of Me now, is in front of Me now exclusively because I Trusted God’s guidance. God told Me to stand aside and let My sister file her application. That (the application) was what made Me angry – and You wouldn’t like Me when I’m angry.

What is the irony of the situation? As far as My brother and sister are concerned, I am the state. If they Wish for a piece of My Father’s estate, it is with Me that they must file their application. It is with Me that they must produce a bond (prove they have funds to secure the contract). It is with Me that they must stake their claim of right upon My father’s estate, and it is Me that gets to decide if they should receive. I have become their court. I am now certain that My brother and sister kept information regarding the estate and My father’s creditors from Me in hopes of Keeping Me from being in exactly the position of Power over the Trust I am in now.

I have until the 17th of November to pay the debt in full before the property goes up for power of sale. My Plan is to pay the debt in full on November 5th, and I plan to be as King of the lawyers if they Will be so kind as to prepare a new statement with amended interest payable to that day. Remember, remember, the 5th of November.

I’m confident they (creditors) Will be happy to oblige Me.

Love and Blessings,

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