Volume CLI: The Super Natural Son Day Re-View; The Good Guys (All Ways) Win in the End

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Super ‘Natural’ Son Day Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I really do have a great Edition for You today as I re-View the events of the last week and there have been a lot of developments for the ‘little guy’ or underdogs of the world recently.

I’m also sharing a slew of videos with You today, three in total. I am often tall King about paying attention to the Signs We see and I mentioned recently that I enjoy watching Tucker Carlson because he is often tall King about things that are on My Mind with the same cynicism I feel but with a more satirical approach. I’ve also cautioned My readers that although Fox News is currently the ‘opposition’ to the mainstream narrative offering an alternative perspective, it IS just a different form of the same disinformation – so please be Mindful of that. Do not think that just because I enjoy the entertainment that I am endorsing the opinions expressed.

Standing Up For What’s Right

If You watch the video You Will notice that after the short introduction, Words appear on the screen for the duration of the Show that read, “Standing Up For What’s Right”. This is no small strategy, it is highly intentional. The intent is to make People who are watching Tucker feel Good about what they Will hear – even if the majority of the Show is criticizing (or even demonizing) the democrats in U.S. congress. I discussed this psychological tactic when analyzing a speech delivered by Ben Shapiro to UCLA students in California where he begins to tell his audience what ‘American’s Love about a challenge’, postulating him Self as an expert on American’s and what they Love while alienating any American’s who do not share his sentiments. It is a very clever strategy and highly effective so be wary of it – mainstream media uses it frequently.

However, some of the things I was tall King about the last time I posted a Tucker Carlson video (which was removed shortly afterward by the Way) have already proven themselves to be True and I have said the greatest Power I have is that My Words Magically Manifest. They really do. The greatest testimony to that fact is My Book which was Writ roughly ten years ago (maybe longer) and now virtually everything I suggested would happen is happening almost exactly as I predicted it would. The only thing I’m never certain of is how or when. I figured there would be some catastrophic natural disaster that would bankrupt the global economy and force Us to collectively work together to reinvent the world, a ‘global reset’. Now Our leaders are preparing for the ‘Great Reset’ as it was presented to the World Economic Forum who’s Key-note speaker was Xi Jinping and that took place just last week.

In Tucker’s video he is tall King about how the democrats are literally passing a bill for domestic terrorism suggesting that all Trump supporters are a more dangerous threat to the U.S. government than any other terrorist organization foreign or domestic. The alternative social media platform Parlor was shut down altogether because they cannot be censored by big tech. These are alarming times in Deed! Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has suggested that ALL republicans should resign or be forcibly removed from congress for supporting Trump! I could not make this stuff up and the worst part is, People are actually listening to this rhetoric, it really is Mind numbing.

This is important, too because I have advocated for some of Ocasio Cortez’s policies. I mentioned that I support her ‘New Green Deal’ and that is a much bigger part of all of this than People might imagine. The problem is, Ocasio Cortez’s Ideas are not her own, she is a puppet, too and one that was placed in congress with intent to table these controversial policies. Now We are beginning to see that these new policies Will come to fruition whether it be by consent or by force. That’s what this is really about. It’s what ALL of this is really about. I was tall King about a minimum basic income for everyone on earth before I’d ever heard any One tall King about it in the World Economic Forum and I enthusiastically shared those videos when I did – that’s in My Book, too, though I don’t call it a ‘minimum basic income’, I just profess that every One on earth deserves equal access to the world’s resources, including health care, public services and whatever else. We really are all equal in dignity and rights. I mentioned that the immigration policies are just warming the world up to the Idea that nationalism is coming to a close. No One has the right to determine where a Man (of either sex) can choose to Live, and the birthplace of an individual does not determine their rights. These are reasonably self evident Truths but not ones most of the world Will be Willing to openly embrace.

Tucker mentions that there is now barbed wire fencing all around the White House and strong military presence. He also mentions it is to Keep the People inside ‘safe’ from the radical Trump supporters who may try to storm the capitol again. That’s the disinformation. Tucker doesn’t know why the fence is there, he’s just guessing. He doesn’t know why the military are there, he’s just guessing. But did You notice the feature photo of today’s Post? Yeah, it’s rather interesting, isn’t it. A picture of Biden and Pelosi in handcuffs being escorted by police.

Just after the last Tucker Carlson video I Writ about was removed, the same Image was promoting virtually every single Fox News broadcast with a caption reading ‘BREAKING’, implying there was some kind of news related to this image. There isn’t. I watched a total of four videos all posting the same Image (and all by Fox News) but none had a Word to say related to that Image. Interesting. Click bait is what I think they call it but I’m here to suggest it is more than that.

A few months before the election I very confidently stated that Biden had no chance of winning the election. Why? Because ‘Magically’ Biden is ‘Bi-Den’. Bi means two and den is a type of House. A House divided against it Self cannot stand. Though it appears I was wrong. Believe Me, things are not what they seem. When the crimes of the democratic party are known to the world, We Will discover that the barb wire fence is not to Keep terrorists OUT of the White House, it Will be to detain the prisoners inside. And they Will not even see it coming, they Will just show up for work believing they are untouchable and discover they are actually on their Way to Gitmo. 😉

The next video I Posted expands on this Idea. Although I didn’t recently Write about the incompetence of Canada’s Governor General on My Blog, I have mentioned it many times in the past – and not just of Canada’s most recent Governor General but of all Governor General’s who have allowed bills to pass through the House of Commons that trespass upon the inherent rights of Canada’s People. That is the PRIMARY responsibility and role of Canada’s Governor General, perhaps the most important role of any elected official because the ‘Idea’ is that the Governor General represents the Queen her Self. The Governor General of Canada is one of the few People in Canada with a direct line to Her Majesty 24/7. The reason for that is if the Governor General is unsure about anything related to the Sovereignty of Canada’s People, he or she can pick up the phone and contact Her Majesty any time. Better than presuming to speak for Her Majesty and getting it wrong… Like Julie Payette.

‘Coincidentally’ Julie Payette’s resignation came just a couple of days after I had Writ Ontario Works and told them that Canada’s current Governor General was incompetent and the only reason there were so many ‘Acts’ passed into legislation that trespass upon the inherent rights of Canada’s People, including the ‘Ontario Works Act’. Now that statement has proven True.

I’ve also frequently suggested that Trudeau needs to be fired and (if We were to apply Canada’s laws to him) jailed for treason against Canada’s People for allowing foreign, non-government corporations to dictate Canada’s social and economic policy. A Sovereign country is free from external influences and Trudeau has catered to everything he has been told to do by the WHO which has zero authority to dictate any health or social policy for ANY of the world’s countries. Now it might not be treasonous if Canada were to consider the policies and investigate the WHO and their affiliates, but if Trudeau doesn’t know that they are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates [to Hell] Foundation who are the ones dictating the WHO’s policies for mandatory vaccines, he most certainly should because it is a serious conflict of interest. Bill and Melinda Gates Will make billions (perhaps trillions) of dollars by a globally mandated vaccine policy. It doesn’t take more than five minutes of research to discover these facts, either, it is clearly posted on the WHO’s public domain.

So when the Toronto Sun and Brian Lilley Post a YouTube video with the hashtag #FireTrudeau in the title, it is no small thing. Trudeau paid the media some $600 million dollars to reflect him favourably and candidly admits this to a reporter when asked why the media is not more critical of his ethics and policies, “because I paid them half a billion dollars not to.”

So when the Toronto Sun decides to take a stab at Trudeau anyway, it suggests his time may well be limited – even a half billion dollars is not enough to avoid some accountability. However, if One watches the video, Lilley states that Canada’s constitution doesn’t provide for the firing of a Prime Minister, he must be voted out by the House of Commons and it must be a majority. So if the opposition are just ‘parties’ to his crimes, “We are stuck with him”.

Remind Me again what the difference is between a constitutional democratic Monarchy where the People are allegedly the authority of government and a fascist dictatorship? If the People can’t remove their elected official for breaching their Trust, then what is the difference?

I know some of the crimes being perpetrated by Canada’s government and the democratic party in the U.S. seem unbelievable but hang in there. Remember when I said that none of this is happening by coincidence, that these individuals Will eventually be held accountable for their crimes against the world’s People? Trust Me, they Will. My belief is that they are Willfully and deliberately paying out these representatives in government with bribes they simply cannot resist because they are absolutely corrupt to the core. It is not being done with the intent to cause harm to the People (although I know it is causing some harm to People right now), it is a global sting operation to expose the corruption of ‘Trusted’ leaders. They do believe they are untouchable and they believe it to a fault. They are careless and they are leaving a massive trail of criminal actions that trespass upon the inherent rights of the world’s People.

Judgement day is coming for them soon. Trust Me. The Image shown and not talked about is not a coincidence, it is how they like to ‘foreshadow’ events.

Love and Blessings,

Oh, I almost forgot My final video but it’s not one You necessarily need to watch, it’s just the video promoted by My feature photo to prove the photo has nothing to do with the content of the video – click bait and foreshadowing purposes only. 😉

Oh, and now it’s gone. What a surprise! (NOT). This is what they do when I get too close to the Truth. 😉

Love and Blessings,


  1. When you are present , you are open to the infinite spaciousness within you and without you . You are open to wider scope of perception to learn , remember and relearn …
    This is why it is said that having pure awareness and an open mind  detached from preconceived and biased ideas allows us to see more clearly and impartially things and reality as they really are …

  2. https://authorjoannereed.net/i-am-right-you-are-wrong/
    See this article has a similar message and broad outlook about media and the censorship of the media even in the so claimed liberal western world .
    As humans , we have great inner power of unleashed , can possibly , be the change for the better we seek in the world . Being ready to listen to the broader perspective and the larger picture allow us to be more informed and enlightened both individually and collectively…

      1. Listen to this video by Aaron Doughty of trusting the universe and allowing things to unfold naturally and freely with acceptance and faith …

  3. “All is one and One is all ”
    In light and love ,  we can recall ,
    Peace and  joy are  our goal ,
    Easy to flow , with life we scroll,
    We share the view of such a call ,
    Never too big but never too small , everyone could call all in all ,
    With people like you ,
    We ‘re beyond control …
    With God , we become complete and whole …
    Say once again, stars never would  fall …

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