Volume CLIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Spells War King Their Magic

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here.

Well, it is kind of funny to Me just how ‘Lucky’ Wednesday’s happen to be. I Cast My last Spelling of Magic on Friday and received email confirmation informing Me I could expect to receive a reply by the 25th. I was kind of expecting they would wait as long as possible so did not anticipate that I would hear anything until at least tomorrow or perhaps even later in the week thing King they might use ‘covid’ as an excuse for late reply.

I spent a Good portion of My morning updating Pages of My Blog with the thread of emails from Orsi that led to this complaint. Whenever I Publish something here on My Blog I also Give email Notice to any individuals it pertains to – People have a right to know that their ‘Acts’ are Published on the Public Record (even if I have advised them in advance that they Will be). I received a reply from Kristine Haines-Chiarello shortly thereafter informing Me that she had received My email and My formal complaint filed with the city.

That is really Good News because at least I know things are under Way. This is the email I received:


The purpose of this email acknowledge that we have received your complaint.

To support the review of your complaint, we would like to connect with you to discuss further.

Please let us know the best time to connect with you.



I don’t really find the People at Ontario Works to be very articulate but I’m sure they feel the same about Me and My unusual use of capital letters, terms like ‘thing King’ or ‘as King’ but I am confident they are able to comprehend them. In most cases, the same is True on My end with the exception of Anne Charette’s email which I shared with My audience last week.

For example, ‘the purpose of this email [is to] acknowledge that we have received your complaint’ suggests the email was rushed and not reviewed before sending, though I make plenty of typos, too so that’s kind of a nothing. But the next line I don’t understand at all. ‘To support the review of your complaint, we would like to connect with you to discuss further.’? What does she mean ‘to support the review of My complaint’? Does My complaint require support in order to be reviewed? That’s what it sounds like but I presume she just means to address (and review) My complaint. ‘We would like to connect with you to discuss further?’. I don’t like it when People use ‘We’ without defining who ‘We’ is. Is there someone there with her as she authors this email?

The other thing that perturbs Me a little is ‘please let us know the best time to connect with you’. Is she not connecting with Me by sending this email? If she means a phone call or zoom meeting or something of that sort it would be nice if she were to clarify. I feel that My complaint was clear enough that it should not require any further explanation, what I would like is for Kristine to address the Issues mentioned in My complaint and respond to each point in turn.

Because today was all about updating My Blog with the correspondence which led to the complaint filed with the city of Ottawa last Friday, I figure I may as well share My response to Kristine with You today, too. I don’t really Wish to ‘discuss’ My complaint with Kristine, My Wish is for a resolution. If I were Kristine, I would have started off by stating that I had received the complaint and immediately discussed the Issues I am able to immediately remedy. At any rate, here is My reply:

Hi Kristine,

I am only interested in discussing this Matter by Way of Written correspondence so that there is a Record of all communications.  You are free to address every Issue stated in My complaint and My emails to Orsi, Anne Charette and Your Self whenever You are prepared to do so.  I would like You to formally address every Issue in My complaint and emails to Your office and state why You believe You do not have any legal duty or obligation to ensure the protection of My inherent (God Given) rights, contractually (legally protected) in Canada.  It is My presumption that We ALL have a duty and obligation to ensure the protection of Our inherent rights, and I am most interested in knowing why You believe You have no duty or obligation to follow up with the superior offices of the Canadian government to which I have sent My Public Notices.

The above link was provided to You so that a Record of all emails and Issues I Wish for You to address can be conveniently accessed on a single Page.

If You Wish to discuss this Matter over the phone, You Will need to provide for those costs as that is an additional expense to Me not covered by Ontario Works and no provisions have been made that allow Me to freely dispose of My natural wealth to foreign obligations as per My legally protected right in Canada.

I look forward to Your reply.

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.
If You require clarification on any points discussed in the email correspondence the link provides for, please do not hesitate to contact Me.

[This is a link to the email referenced above which was sent in the previous email]

I really do Wish to have Kristine address every single point of My complaint and after a few minutes of further consideration, I decided that if I really Wish to see this Matter resolved appropriately, as King Kristine to address every point is not enough. My previous experiences with Ontario Works and the incompetence they have demonstrated in their lacking ability to respond appropriately to emails and the points I am as King them to respond to reminded Me that I need to be absolutely explicit in what I Wish to have resolved. So I followed up with another email titled ‘Details of My Complaint’.

Hi Kristine,
Although I do NOT feel it should be necessary for Me to send You any further correspondence to clarify the Nature of My complaint, I am doing so anyway so that there is no excuse or uncertainty in regards to the Matters I Wish to see addressed.  I am reviewing the emails from the link provided to You (https://vondehnvisuals.com/new-offences-by-ontario-works/ontario-works-the-saga-continue-emails-to-orsi/), and stating each Issue in point form for You to address in turn as follows.

  1. In regards to the email sent to Me by Orsi Vancsody, January 15th, 2021, 8:34 AM, who is responsible for authoring that correspondence?  Did Orsi author that email by her own free Will, or was she instructed to request the information by one of her superiors, (and if so, who)?
  2. That email is in response to My reply to a requisition by Orsi to have a form Signed providing consent to access My private medical records in Order to continue to receive special dietary allowance necessary for My health and well being.  I cannot Give consent ‘freely and voluntarily’ so long as there is a threat of harm to My health attached to the request by Way of revocation of the provision [necessary for My health].  Orsi makes no mention of My protest to Your request in response to this threat, she only states that I Will continue to receive the benefit until the end of March.  So to clarify this point of protest, how can I ‘freely’ Give consent to access My private medical records if You are threatening to cause Me harm for failing to do so?
  3. [Orsi] asking Me to have a form Signed by a doctor when she has Signed a Mandamus acknowledging that I have Supreme authority over My health care needs and that no expense shall be spared determined necessary for My health and well being is a breach of her contractual agreement with Me and Ontario Works as a ‘Commissioner of Oaths’ for Your organization.  I maintain the original Mandamus and wet ink Signature provided by Orsi and her stamp Showing it has been received by Your office.  This is a violation of a contractual agreement made in Good faith and a breach of Trust.  I asked why she is requesting a doctor’s Signature when she has agreed that I am the authority regarding My health care needs.  No answer was provided in her email.  I have instructed that she include a copy of the Mandamus she has Signed and place it on My file in lieu of the form she has requested I have Signed by a doctor, she stated she did not maintain a copy when I know absolutely that one was left with her to place on My file.  To remedy this, I sent her a duplicate copy of the Mandamus she has Signed for My records.  Why is this contractual obligation not being Honoured (trespass upon My right of self determination which You Your Self stated in a phone call to Me You Wish to ensure is Honoured)?
  4. Copies of My Public Notices to Canada’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Registrar General for Vital Statistics and Crown Attorney were Given at the time of My application for Ontario Works along with My Cestui Que Vie in lieu of government issued ‘identification’, at which time I explained to Orsi that I am only applying for Ontario Works ‘under duress’ as a result of the incompetence of the [superior] offices of Canada’s government in Honouring My request to close all commercial accounts created in My name and without My informed consent, repay My portion of Canada’s debt, and restore the Value of those commercial contracts to Me.  Orsi suggested to Me she did not retain copies of any of those documents which I believe to be a criminal offence or at the very least another breach of Trust as she assured Me she did, and I have referenced these documents and the negligence of those superior offices in many personal meetings with her and asked for her assistance in addressing the outstanding Issues presented in those documents on numerous occasions.  Either Orsi has been lying to Me for the last three years, or she is lying to Me now – I’d like to know which of the two it is.
  5. I was Willing to ‘overlook’ Orsi’s claim that she does not have any of the documents referenced above [4.] and sent duplicate copies to her in a separate email titled ‘For Your Records’ so that she could not claim ignorance of these notices in the future and requested that she follow up with these offices so that I no longer have to be subject to the mental duress of continually explaining My Self to her or other representatives from Your office, especially as it relates to My health care and medical needs.  I would like to know why this has not been done as My belief is that having knowledge of these Notices published with the superior offices of Canada’s government and failing to follow up with them to resolve these Issues so I may enjoy My right of self determination and freely dispose of My natural wealth to foreign obligations without prejudice, is to [Willfully] aid and abet the criminal negligence of those offices.  My question here is how do You feel that You are NOT aiding and abetting the criminal negligence of those offices by failing to follow up with them?  Are You not ‘neglecting’ My right of self determination and to freely dispose of My natural wealth by failing to do so as a representative agency of Canada’s government?  The Notices do not read ‘Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent, Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal’ for nothing.
  6. After forwarding these notices to Orsi in an email titled ‘For Your Records’ and as King of Orsi to follow up with these offices, she claimed she is unable to do so because she does not communicate with those offices and does not have their contact information.  Although I perceived this to be a very lame excuse, I took the time to provide another email to Orsi with the contact information for each of the respective government offices to which My Public Notices have been sent and asked her to ‘cc’ Me her correspondence so that I know she has followed up with these offices as per My request.  Why has this not been done?
  7. Anne Charette sent Me the next email titled ‘Recall:  Contact Information; Vital Statistics (Registrar General), Attorney General and Minister of Justice’ along with some ‘cryptic’ message about how if I Wish to add information to My file it must come through a ‘personal device by accessing technology’ and suggested I contact Center 454 for assistance.  As far as I’m concerned, My laptop is a personal device, I am clearly accessing technology by providing the information in an email and do not understand why Anne would be as King of Me to ‘recall’ contact information that exists on the public domain.  I responded to Anne as King to her for clarification on these points and as per usual, received no reply.  I Writ her at least four times as King that she clarify this email to Me and explain what she means, apparently she is incapable of doing so.  I have complained to You about Anne’s inability to respond to emails in the past, it is ignorant, immature behaviour and demonstrates her incompetence as a ‘team lead’.  I would like to know why Anne did not reply to Me because it is extremely RUDE if nothing else and YOU assured Me that You have spoken to her regarding this Issue and that it would never happen again.  I would like an explanation (and still  Wish for clarification on her email as I still have no Idea what she is implying or requesting I do) AND I would like to know what disciplinary measures are being taken to ensure she learns to treat People with dignity and respect.  I sent her a final email stating that as disappointed as I am that Orsi is claiming to have no record of any documents she has Signed or received by Me, at least she has the courtesy to respond to both My emails and phone calls in a timely fashion.  Why is she a team lead and what kind of example do You think she is setting for others?  How is her example any kind of ‘leadership’?
  8. In addition to having Given copies of all Public Notices I have filed with Canada’s superior offices to Orsi for My file, I have also requested on several occasions that if she is unable to resolve My Issues or send an email to those superior offices, surely she must have resources I can exploit that allow Me to interact with society as a Spiritual, non-commercial entity.  Of course, no such resources have been provided and Orsi suggested I must file taxes if I Wish to continue to receive housing subsidy.  Again, I am NOT a commercial entity except under duress and have NO obligation to file taxes for a corporate entity OWNED by the Canadian government.  The incorporated person is government property.  I have advised Orsi I Will be returning the tax form to Ontario Works and You can file taxes for Your incorporated business Your Self.
  9. Finally, I have taken the time to show ALL of You at Ontario Works the legal and lawful foundation for every argument expressed in this email.  The U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms has been shared with You numerous times, so You cannot claim ignorance of Your legal obligations to Me as a representative of Canada’s government in any capacity.  I would like You to explain to Me why You feel You have no Duty or obligation to obey Canadian and international law as it is provided in the following link, and the first two sections of the Covenant in particular.  I would like You to explain to Me if there is anything about the Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms You do not understand, and/or why You feel You have no duty or obligation to afford for the protection of My inherent rights.  My belief is that if You do NOT afford for these rights and contact the superior offices of Canada’s government to resolve these outstanding Issues to protect My inherent rights while having knowledge of Canada’s contractual obligations, YOU become criminally liable and responsible for aiding and abetting the criminal negligence of Canada’s superior offices.  I’d like to know what Your opinion is in that regard and why You believe it is ‘okay’ to continually trespass upon My rights when Article 1. Section 2 clearly states “In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.”  I’d genuinely like to know, is there something about the covenant You don’t understand, or are You Willfully trespassing upon My inherent rights?


I hope that clarifies everything for You.  I would like You to respond to each of these points as they are numbered here, does that help to clarify the nature of this complaint for You?

I look forward to Your reply and again, all correspondence Will be published on the Public Record at www.vondehnvisuals.com.


King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

Well, if You include the content of these emails this Post it is growing exceedingly long so I’m going to Sign off but I am feeling very Good about that email and this complaint. One of the other reasons I placed each of My concerns into a numbered list is so that if I am compelled to file an official lawsuit I can just copy and paste most of My claim. I also Will not take any chances next time, it Will not be Hand Writ (though I still advocate that One has the right to do so I know they Will use any excuse to dismiss My claim as ‘frivolous and vexatious’ so I’m going to be sure not to Give them one).

The only Quest-Ion I didn’t ask and Wish I had, was who is providing oversight of this complaint. I know the complaint is not received directly by Ontario Works, it is received by an individual at the City of Ottawa and forwarded to the appropriate respondent (Kristine as manager of Ontario Works). I’d like to know who is tasked with ensuring she provides an appropriate resolution.

Aside from that very small detail (which I can always ask at a later date), I am feeling very ‘Lucky’ and fortunate this Wednesday as wheels are finally in motion. I’ll Keep You ‘Posted’ (pun intended).

Love and Blessings,

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