Volume CLVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday; A War-lock’s Wisdom

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here! I am excited today because it has been an exceedingly Lucky Wednesday and Wednesday’s are only ‘Lucky’ because We decided they should be. It was just this last Magical Monday Motivate Sean Edition that I was tall King about Will’s Wisdom so it seemed timely that I should share a Warlock’s Wisdom this Wednesday and the Lucky is Part of that Wisdom. We determine Our reality, We are bending the Universe to Our Will, We are Wizard, the Witch or the Warlock We Wish, We are the Living Ex-Press-Ion of God on Earth. On Earth as in Heaven.

“When I say it’s Done, it’s Done! Now We just gotta wait for Y’all to see.”

Will Smith

Have I not said that before? Rhetorical. I have said it many times. It’s why Writing One’s Dreams on Paper is so Powerful. It is taking an Idea and making it physical, which is the True Nature of every Idea in the first place – it seeks permanence in the Universe; Foundation, or for Me, ‘Found A Sean’. You gotta admit, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’ is a pretty Good name for a Trust.

That really is also the reason they Call it Spelling. An ‘Ex-Press-Ion’ of the Spell, the Idea One is Casting into the Universe. Start thing King about every Word You Write or thing King this Way and You Will begin to Notice more Magic immediately. That’s the other reason Words Writ are so Powerful; it’s constant. The Spirit is ex-Pelling Energy and im-Pressing (I’m pressing) it on the paper. Ex-Press-Ion. Removing something from the Spirit World (ex), and Pressing that Ion of Energy onto paper.

It can be hard for the aspiring Mystic who first discovers the Power of the Magic her thoughts have on the Universe to immediately control them and stop thing King about bad one’s. The young apprentice in Magic may find his Mind thing King, ‘no, I can’t do that.’… Then One hears One’s Self lie!

‘That’s not True. You can do anything; You can Manifest whatever You Wish. I am simply not choosing to Manifest that Spell.’

Ah, now that is a satisfying thought! That’s how a trained Mind starts thing King. In time, ‘No I can’t’ Will not even propagate in the Man’s Mind; it has never taken root and the Mind Will abandon attempting to propagate the Idea by Way of Natural selection. If the Good thoughts are encouraged, nurtured and tended to Care fully, the Mind Will propagate more Good Ideas because they are proving successful. Natural selection applies to all things, the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things. On Earth as in Heaven.

So today was particularly ‘Lucky’. Rather than losing a dietary benefit I had been helpless to do anything to change, it was restored to Me for another month and I received an additional $35 to pay for the Birth Certificate Ontario Works is compelling Me to file for under economic duress. So My ‘Lucky’ Wednesday began with the first deposit to their bank account for which I’ve been Given custodial care of a card, and it is the largest deposit that’s been made to the account in over a year.

I immediately took care of all the extra Magical business I Wished to tend to with My new ability to instantly take care of bills online. I have a very Special, Magical Sir Prize to share with You soon and the very next Spell I Cast into Man’s Macrocosm Will Trump all the others I’ve Cast so far. In fact, it Will be a culmination of all previous Spells and they work much like compounding Interest in economics because that’s precisely what it is. My ‘Interest’ in re-Solving these Issues is compounding exponentially (well, actually it’s increasing at the rate of Fibonacci, I’m just using the familiar ex-Press-Ion so We all can relate).

I also have some very exciting new Magic I Will be Casting into My Microcosm and sharing with You here, and I am hereby cordially inviting You to join Me on My Quest. I am starting a List again. I am taking the challenge to make One room in My apart-Ment (apart/separated-Mind) as inviting and inspiring as possible. I’m also starting with the largest room and the one I spend the most time in.

But I am also making an effort to improve the ‘traits’ of My own Character. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month and this April’s Fool Will begin war King out again. For Me, it is also the beginning of a new thirty day challenge and the beginning of a new Magical Demonstrate Sean.

Because Words and Ideas compound like Interest the more they are expressed into the Universe, the more Powerful each Blog Post becomes. If I Write every day, it is just like war King out every day. The more successfully I am able to consistently Write for consecutive days, the more traffic I tend to generate. I always seem to break some new streak by missing a day which can quickly turn into two. The Writing becomes more erratic and the results One receives are what One would expect. Reader Ship Will continue to consistently decline the longer One abandons their Writing.

So I am hoping to get a Post Published every day and I am hoping to accomplish My longest consistent streak ever. I am also hoping to reflect this effort in My new workout routine which I Will be starting tomorrow; I’ve had two days of carb loading now to prepare.

I also have a new podcast on the Way and the hope Will be to Keep this effort going, too. I somewhat abandoned the last project but mostly because I prefer to Write if I’m communicating My own thoughts and I haven’t really had any interesting guests to bring on My Show. This podcast I Will be starting thanks to a new cosmic Friend whom I Will introduce more formally on Our first Show which Will be exactly one week this Wednesday (today).

I have also maintained My Latin lessons since I first started back two weeks ago today! I didn’t do that on purpose (start on a Wednesday), I only realized that now. But I’m really enjoying it and would like to encourage You to take on something to improve Your Self for thirty days this month, too.

I only have four minutes to publish this Post before I break My current Blog streak (it did happen another time last week but that was only due to Universal forces beyond My control of server Issues with My provider for about four hours because of a storm). This Will be all on Me and an erratic sleeping schedule over the last week so I Wish to get this Published.

I’ll be back tomorrow for the Thursday Thing King Edition.

Love and Blessings,

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