Volume CLXI: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; God Wins!

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me. It has been a Magical, Motivational Monday for Me and I hope for You too. I started a thirty day challenge on April Fool’s day and have managed to maintain My goal to resume a workout routine. Today, only nineteen days later I am officially twice as strong as I was on the first day (or at least capable of doing twice as many repetitions). So once again I encourage You to start a thirty day challenge because I sincerely feel amazing and wonder why it took Me so long to get back to it.

There are a couple of other reasons this Monday is feeling so Magical. The weather was beautiful in Ottawa once again today, and I was out for probably a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine. I even soaked up some rays on a park bench for a little while. While that may seem like a perfectly natural thing to do on a gorgeous, sunny, spring day, it is unlawfully forbidden in the city of Ottawa right now – in fact, it’s forbidden in the entire province! The Magical element to this is that the Ottawa Police service have refused to enforce this ridiculous trespass upon the freedom of Canadians and I am very pleased about that. Even more encouraging, is that the city appeared to be almost perfectly ‘normal’; it seems I’m not the only one who feels there is a moral duty and obligation to civilly disobey this ridiculous new order as there were tons of People out and about and most appeared to be out for no other reason than to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Twitter has also been chirping about how disgraceful Ford’s new policy is and most municipal police across the province are refusing to enforce the order. There are always exceptions of course and the Ontario Provincial Police need to be charged with criminal assault for their response to Ford’s policies. This is the big, tough, O.P.P. bullying a twelve year old child who dared to visit a park on a beautiful, spring day.

Honestly, how mentally deranged must an individual be to push a twelve year old boy around? Seriously, this is sociopathic behaviour; no moral conscience. I am PROUD to share this Tweet here because I Wish to make sure this child’s parents see what the police are up to. My mum gets nervous when she sees police officers and My mum is one of the most angelic People You Will ever meet. What happened to the Idea of police presence making People feel safe and secure? I don’t have an answer but I can tell You those days are long gone and it Will be a very long time before Canadians ever regain trust in police, provincial and RCMP especially. And the ‘RCMP’ actually have ‘Royal’ as part of their title – how disgraceful is that to Her Majesty’s Crown they are allegedly sworn to Honour?

I digress, I do need to vent sometimes but there is still more Good News to share. Was it not just yesterday that I told You I am aware of a lawsuit taking place for fraud against the CDC for failing to produce any proof of a Sars-CoV2 sample? That was rhetorical, I did.

See, I’ve had a ‘hunch’ this whole thing is a scam, a fraud. I figured I don’t really know much about viruses, would I know the difference if they showed Me some digital figure of a ball with a bunch of spikes sticking out of it and called it Sars-CoV2? No, I would presume (much like everyone else) that I was looking at whatever the ‘experts’ were claiming it is. If they had shown a picture of an influenza virus would I be able to discern the difference? No, of course not. That’s why being able to ‘Trust’ the experts is critical. That’s also where Trust can become a massive vulnerability of the People waiting to be exploited by those who do know the difference – especially if someone stands to make twenty trillion dollars selling vaccines to ‘cure’ this non-existent virus.

Now, I’m sure it’s a scam. The biggest fraud ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public, a global scheme and conspiracy against Man’s kind by sociopathic billionaires with far too much influence in every conceivable Way. And mentioning this recently on My Blog for the first time, a Friend shared a video of a Man and two labs who are suing the CDC for fraud for failing to have a legitimate Sars-CoV2 sample when asked for One to compare it with over 1,500 positive test results that showed zero signs of ‘coronavirus’ – only influenza a and b. Hmmm. And ‘coincidentally’ common flu deaths and the common cold virtually disappeared from the face of the earth the same time covid appeared.

“There is no such thing as coincidence, only the illusion of coincidence.” – V, V for Vendetta

Well, today it gets even better. This Good News is so new, it was delivered to Me after I started writing this Post. In fact, My Wish was to get this Writ before it gets too late in the day so I still have most of the video left to watch. But I saw enough to know where the ‘Good lawyer’ is going with this. When I say ‘Good lawyer’, I mean a lawyer like Rocco Galati; a lawyer who fights the ‘Good’ fight, takes on corrupt businesses and banks with multi-million dollar lawsuits.

I’m going to watch the rest of the video right now so that I can share more of My thoughts on it with You tomorrow and I’m also going to be daring enough to share the link here. That may prove to be unwise as I imagine (seeing as it is Posted on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is part of this whole conspiracy) it Will be removed. But I don’t care because it is available in German on various other platforms and this Man Will not be easy to silence. This is the kind of Man who Will likely sue facebook for millions of dollars if they do remove his video which is probably why he chose to share it there. (Nothing like poking a bear to get a reaction).

International Lawsuit for Covid?

Yeah, as the title indicates, ‘Crimes Against Humanity’. And I sincerely hope Bill and Melinda Gates and their gates to hell foundation are two of the first People indicted.

That’s the Magical “Good News” for this Monday. Remember People, every single detail of the Bible Will Play out because that is the timeline and Story We were collectively, Magically, Cast into. Read it if You need some comfort in these difficult times because You Will be keenly reminded that in the end – God Wins!!!

Love and Blessings,

Post Script and International Public Notice to Canada’s Elected Officials responsible for the unlawful legislation of lock downs, masks and social distancing in response to ‘covid’:

I strongly encourage You to review the video and consider the facts that are surfacing regarding this fraud. This lawyer is Giving You an opportunity to do the right thing now before it’s too late. Any government official supporting this fraudulent, non-scientific response to covid which has proven to be more harmful to the nation’s People than the virus itself, Will be held criminally liable and responsible. This is Your Notice of Criminal Liability – what is Your degree of lie ability?

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