Volume CLXIII: The Witches Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; The Spell is Cast, the Spirit of the Letter is on its Way

Hello every One, and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. It is a ‘Lucky’ Wednesday in Deed because I got a Good Deed done. My Last Letter finally got mailed to Canada’s acting Registrar General (also the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation) and Honourable Member of Parliament, Francois-Philippe Champagne. I also decided to get ‘proof of Service’ which is today’s feature photo.

The Last Letter

So this is kind of a big deal for Me because the hope is that it Will be the Last Letter. It Will absolutely be My last Letter Given to any of Canada’s elected officials. Although I have not received a reply to My last letter to the Minister’s office, the threats I’ve been receiving from city of Ottawa service providers for failing to ‘identify’ with the artificial person and legal name created by the state have been among the most read Blog Posts of the last week, only bested by the original Letter to the Minister’s office. And most of those views are coming from Canada – but that’s probably just a coincidence, right?

The first Letter is short, sweet, to the point, but it isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy. The Registrar General Will absolutely know the difference between the artificial person created by the state and the Living Man it is alleged to identify and would never try to suggest they are one and the same because if that is true, then the ‘Birth Certificate’ is proof of bondage according to their own legal fiction, legal definitions, linguistics and terminology database.

It’s one thing for Me to share this information with You here but try to Imagine what it might be like if You were in politics and were to receive one of My Letters for the first time without having any real clue how Canada’s economic and [commercial] legal processes operate.

One would likely have to double check the link to make sure the definition is actually coming from an official government website, not some clever hoax. No, it’s real, a name Styled in all capital Letters is defined in Canadian law to represent a bonded slave and/or prisoner of war. Every single Birth Certificate People are Given as a foundation document for other forms of ‘identification’ are Styled (Spelled Magically) in all capital letters! Too difficult to believe, so most just dismiss that it can’t be true because it would mean every One using a Birth Certificate as a foundation document for other forms of identification ‘holds’ the legal status of slave or prisoner of war.

One of My favourite proverbs regarding Truth is that, “Truth is like a lion, it does not need to be defended. Let it loose, it Will defend it Self.”

Of course most politicians don’t Write Me back, what are they going to say? Plausible deniability is all they have to go on because they have no clue what is going on once it’s made known to them – that’s why Canada borrows money while simultaneously trying to assert its independence. Canada’s government has no Idea what a Sovereign economy is, much less how to govern one! It was not done to enslave the People, it was done to expose the incompetence of government who might think to take advantage of the People’s wealth they have been Trusted to protect on Her Majesty’s Honour.

So these are just some of the reasons this Wednesday feels very ‘Lucky’ for Me. A Letter I Imagined wouldn’t take more than an hour or two at most once I sat down to Write it, ended up taking almost two days! Now, after two days of war King on it I feel I can say it was only thirteen pages long, despite that being twice what I’d anticipated it would be. This Last Letter also represents the most important Pages (Characters, ‘Paiges from the Tarot’) of the Last Chapter of My Story.

The registration of One’s birth is the ‘Genesis’ of Our commercial world for every single One of Us. It is in fact legally defined as the ‘Matrix’.

Matrix, definition: an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.”free choices become the matrix of human life”

The ‘artificial person’ cannot exist without a birth registration which is believed to evidence [the Value of] a Living Man (regardless which kind/sex). The Man is Issued the Birth Certificate, the proof of Life (Cestui Que Vie/registration of Live birth) remains ‘ in ‘Trust’ with the state. ‘Remains’ because it represents a corpus, a body a dead thing. The remains of the person remain with the state. The state has a claim on the corporate body, We are supposed to Give it back! And We are (technically) supposed to use the Birth Certificate to do it and why they are very particular about making sure only the intended individual receives one. A ‘Certificate’ is a statement of ‘facts’.

Certificate, definition: an official document attesting a certain fact.

I don’t Wish to go off too much here but this is also why the artificial person is a statutory creation; like a statue, it is frozen in time. The artificial person can’t do anything, it has no life, only the individual does. This is why where and when a ‘person’ was born is so important. The date on the Birth Certificate never changes, it is fixed in time. The child that was born, grows up.

The individual can only request a Birth Certificate for Self if they are of ‘legal’ age, otherwise it must be ordered by a parent or guardian and remains in their custodial care until the child is of legal age.

It is not meant to identify the individual, it is meant to Show that the individual is mature enough to take control of his own Life. That doesn’t mean the individual is compelled to do so.

What We end up doing (and the commercial world that was created to accommodate for it) is using this Certificate to Show the world We are all grown up but not yet ready to claim [responsibility for] Our own Life yet. The Certificate is proof that the Value of a Man’s Life was placed in Trust with the state – that’s the long and skinny of it. The registration of live birth is (allegedly) proof of One’s birthright, Our inheritance, the Gift of Life We were Given by God. We are supposed to lay Claim to it on Our name day (coming of legal age) – none of Us do.

Instead, an entire system was set up for a world of People legally old enough to be responsible for their own lives who choose not to be (for whatever reason), and rely on government to manage the Value of their Life for them.

For example, the People who say there is no need to have a license to drive a car are correct, but most People are not mature enough to know how to do so without a few rules and some Will choose to break the rules even if they are made. Police make a lot of money because People break the rules.

I didn’t really mean to get off on a tangent which is also why the Letter was so hard to Write because I’m trying summarize four years worth of effort outside of Canada’s courts (at least regarding this Matter) in One, Last Letter.

What I’m really trying to say is that One of the reasons it is so hard for some People to grasp the Ideas I am tall King about is because it is the ‘6 is 9 and 9 is 6’, in Man’s Macrocosm; once it’s made known to One it is plain as day obvious but it is also somewhat insulting. In fact, it can seem so simple and obvious the Idea is entirely rejected.

The Birth Certificate is in fact One’s ‘birth-right’ in this commercial world. It is also a commercial instrument and Bill of Exchange because it evidences proof of a Man’s Life registered (placed in Trust) with One’s government. That was not done by the One Holding the Certificate, the bearer of the Certificate is the Holder of the birthright registered by his or her parents. The Certificate is to be exchanged for the Record of Live Birth, proof of Life, today’s modern version of the Cestui Que Vie.

At any rate, the Magical Spells of My Last Letter were officially Cast into the Universe today and I anticipate it Will be well received one Way or another. The photos of the Letter and My Proposal are already uploaded and ready to go, too. I Will be Writing an email with some links to accompany My Last Letter and Will Publish the Letter here on the Free Lance Friday Edition which is the same time I believe the Honourable Member of Parliament Will be receiving the Genuine Article.

Magic is happening People, I can feel it!

Love and Blessings,

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